Updated Nov. 12, 2014

2014 WBC Report  

 2015 Status: pending 2015 GM commitment

Meghan Friedmann, MA

2014 Champion


Event History
2007    Chris Johnson     82
2008    Andy Latto    131
2009    Brittany Bernard    139
2010    Steve LeWinter    131
2011    Marcy Morelli    138
2012    Joe Yaure    158
2013    Jeff Mullet    133
2014    Meghan Friedmann    100


 Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
   1.  Meghan Friedmann   MA    14     57
   2.  Joe Yaure          PA    14     50
   3.  Steven LeWinter    NC    11     42
   4.  Jeff Mullet        OH    13     30
   5.  Jamie Tang         MD    13     30
   6.  Marcy Morelli      PA    11     30
   7.  Brittany Bernard   PA    09     30
   8.  Andy Latto         MA    08     30
   9.  Bruce Reiff        OH    12     25
  10.  Rebecca Hebner     CO    14     23
  11.  Chris Johnson      CA    07     20
  12.  Luke Koleszar      VA    14     18
  13.  Jason Levine       NY    10     18
  14.  Matt Calkins       VA    09     18
  15.  Rob Winslow        NY    08     18
  16.  Peter Stein        OH    08     17
  17.  Daniel Eppolio     CA    09     16
  18.  Nick Avtges        MA    13     12
  19.  Katherine McCorry  VA    12     12
  20.  Ed Kendrick        uk    13      9
  21.  Shannon Keating    IN    11      9
  22.  Thomas Strock      PA    12      6
  23.  David Metzger      NY    13      6
  24.  Matt Craig         NC    12      6
  25.  Tom McCorry        VA    10      6
  26.  Eric Landes        OR    08      6
  27.  Roger Taylor       VA    07      6
  28.  Alyssa Mills       MD    14      3
  29.  Matt Charlap       NJ    13      3
  30.  Katie McCorry      VA    10      3
  31.  Jonathan Gemmell   MD    09      3
  32.  Michael Kaltman    PA    08      3
  33.  Carolyn Strock     PA    12      2
  34.  Tedd Mullally      NJ    07      2

2014 Laurelists
Repeating Laurelists: 0

Luke Koleszar, MA

Joe Yaure, PA

Rebecca Hebner, CO

Thomas Strock, PA

Alyssa Mills, MD

Past Champions

Chris Johnson, CA

Andy Latto, MA

Brittany Bernard, PA

Steven LeWinter, NC

Marcy Morelli, PA

Joe Yaure, PA

Jeff Mullet, OH

Meghan Friedmann, MA

Amy Rule and John Wobbeking are part of the 100-player field.

BPA's #2 and #17 ranked gamers try their hands at Ingenius.

The GM and his shrinking inventory of games.

Still drawing with three heats ...

Darth Meghan takes her throne!

I'll start with the mantra I have every year. BRING A COPY OF THE GAME TO THE TOURNAMENT. As usual I had to shoo away late arrivals from the Friday night heat. There's only so much I can do if I am short games. I can often sneak in a few last minute players, but if you don't bring a game and you get there right before the cutoff time, you're taking a chance. Even if you come in formal prom wear.

Once again, a nice mix of old fogeys and young 'uns shared a table to prove how ingenius they were. If you're looking for a game the whole family can play, go no further. The rulebook is a two-sided sheet with lots of pictures and the game takes under an hour.

This year the event dropped a heat but still managed triple digit attendance for the 7th straight year. Three heats meant fewer players which meant fewer games which meant fewer winners which means I have to do a rethink on the advancement rules. In a perfect world I'd love to have one win and you're in, but that would probably require a quarterfinal and permission for those are hard to come by. Timewise it wouldn't be too bad as it would still be done before noon on Sunday. I'm not sure the numbers would work though. That's something for me to work on over the summer.

This year's semifinals were manned by the usual suspects with one refreshing change: no CABS members! The survivors who reached the Final included 2012 champion Joe Yaure, two frequent laurelists in Meghan Friedmann and Rebecca Hebner, and Luke Koleszar representing the old guard. Or at least as old guard as it gets in Ingenious.

As usual, the Final was a defensive struggle with relatively low scores. Just like last year, yellow was the battleground and provided the low score for all four players. Rebecca was the first player to fall off the pace and, in the time honored tradition of Ingenious and most other multiplayer games, immediately blamed her failures on the person sitting to her right. That was Meghan and it was Rebecca who gave her the "Darth Meghan" title for repeatedly blocking Rebecca's potential plays. This of course is perfectly normal and expected play between experienced players and got zero sympathy from the GM or the other players.

In the end, both Joe and Luke had their chance to win but didn't have quite the right tile when they needed it. Meghan did and won her first Ingenious championship. Final scores were: Meghan 11, Luke 10/12, Joe 10/11, Rebecca 9.

Alyssa Mills is a victim of Jedi mindtracks from Darth Meghan.

GM Pete Stein and his real smart finalists.

Budding geniuses ... look out Ivy League - here they come.

When you're smart you don't need a GM.

 Ingenius Junior

Chris Yaure runs two events at WBC and still finds time to help out in the Juniors room. Or rather, gets his family to do so. Son Joe was tasked with much of this year's effort. As if that wasn't enough the GM provided extra non-plaque prizes for the young 'uns as well.

There were 26 potential Rhodes scholars in attendance on Wednesday morning vying to see who was the most ingenious. The top six were:

~ 1st: Aidan McNay, age 11

~ 2nd: Tessa Lytle, age 12, who won this event last year

~ 3rd: Luke Morris, age 11

~ 4th: Sarah Morgen, age 11

~ 5th: Zachary Morris, age 9

~ 6th: David DeAcereto, age 10

 GM     Pete Stein [8th Year]  NA   NA

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