Updated Nov. 16, 2015

2015 WBC Report

2016 Status: pending 2016 GM commitment

Steve Cuccaro, MD

2015 Champion

Event History

1991 Jim Fuqua 25
1992 Sean Cousins 20
1993 Jim Fuqua 49
1994 Caleb Cousins 42
1995 Sean Cousins 36
1996 Sean Cousins 20
1997 Tracy Graf 46
1998 Chris Geggus 46
1999 Bruce Glassco 38
2000 Tom McCorry 45
2001 David Buchholz 51
2002 Steve Cuccaro 50
2003 Llew Bardecki 56
2004 Steve Cuccaro 48
2005 Steve Cuccaro 40
2006 Pete Stein 39
2007 Pete Stein 33
2008 Lee Rodrigues 34
2009 Ewan McNay 37
2010 Pete Stein 41
2011 Bob Jamelli 41
2012 Dave Dentel 34
2013 John Keating 38
2014 Tom DeMarco 42
2015 Steve Cuccaro 43


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Steve Cuccaro      MD    15    193
  2.  Peter Stein        OH    14    134
  3.  Lee Rodrigues      VA    13     60
  4.  Nick Smith         uk    13     51
  5.  Tom DeMarco        NJ    14     48
  6.  Tom McCorry        VA    01     46
  7.  Peter Staab        PA    15     45
  8.  John Keating       IN    14     45
  9.  Dave Dentel        VA    14     42
 10.  Marc Houde         VA    14     41
 11.  Sean McCulloch     OH    12     40
 12.  Ewan McNay         CT    09     40
 13.  Llew Bardecki      nz    03     40
 14.  Bob Jamelli        PA    11     30
 15.  David Buchholz     MI    01     30
 16.  Bruce Glassco      NJ    99     30
 17.  Ray Stakenas II    MI    15     27
 18.  Charles Davis      WV    04     25
 19.  Jim Jordan         MD    07     24
 20.  Peter Pollard      TN    02     24
 21.  Bob Jamelli        PA    00     24
 22.  Richard Curtin     NY    11     18
 23.  Greg Crowe         MD    10     18
 24.  Chris Geggus       uk    06     18
 25.  Brian Carr         VA    05     18
 26.  Jason Wagner       NJ    00     16
 27.  Greg Tanner        AZ    09     14
 28.  Andrew Drummond    on    15     12
 29.  Brian Goodwin      VA    12     12
 30.  Jerry Ohlinger     NY    03     12
 31.  Ron Wuerth         VA    02     12
 32.  Sean Cousins       ME    01     12
 33.  James Hopkin       CA    00     12
 34.  Phillip Yaure      PA    13     10
 35.  Brandon Buchanan   NC    14      9
 36.  Andy Latto         MA    08      9
 37.  Joe Delaney        NY    06      9
 38.  Steve Cameron      PA    01      9
 39.  Roy Pettis         VA    07      8
 40.  Linda Pattison     MD    03      8
 41.  Ray Stakenas       MI    02      8
 42.  James Alexander    OH    15      6
 43.  John Pack          CO    13      6
 44.  Scott Beall        OR    11      6
 45.  Mike Stanley       OH    10      6
 46.  Jason O'Donnell    OH    99      6
 47.  Mark Mitchell      VA    15      5
 48.  Jeffrey Martin     CT    09      4
 49.  Barry Shoults      MI    03      4
 50.  David Rohde        MI    02      4
 51.  Elizabeth Lang     MA    00      4
 52.  Jason Arvey        VA    12      3
 53.  Nick Benedict      CA    08      3
 54.  Martin Davis       CT    06      3
 55.  Don Tatum          MD    04      3
 56.  Zach Fietsch       NC    01      3
 57.  Mark Neale         ME    99      3
2015 Laurelists Returning Laurelists: 0

Peter Staab, PA

Andrew Drummond, on

Ray Stakenas II, CA

James Alexander, OH

Marlk Mitchell, VA

Past Winners

Sean Cousins, ME
'92, '95-'96

Tracy Graf, MD

Chris Geggus, uk

Bruce Glassco, VA

Tom McCorry, PA

David Buchholz, MI

Steve Cuccaro, MD
2002, 2004-05, 2015

Llew Bardecki, nz

Pete Stein, OH
2006-07, 2010

Lee Rodrigues, VA

Ewan NcNay, NY

Bob Jamelli, PA

Dave Dentel, VA

John Keating, IN

Tom DeMarco, NJ

Kevin Youells and Mark Mitchell give partisan politics new meaning, second only to those of comrade Hilary.

Bob Wicks, Andrew Drummond, Frank McNally, Jason Wagner and Bob Jamelli comtemplate the next parade.

Phil Barcafer, Tom DeMarco and Rachel Hebner are destined for the gulag.

GM Steve Cuccaro with his fellow finalist Politburo members before pulling a Coussis.

Laughing at the Cold War ...

Victory to He who Bides his Time ...

2015 was an odd year for the Kremlin tournament. There was the heat where Nestor became party chief twice, or that Pete Staab won with just one point on the end-game Party Chief. That wasn't as odd as the heat where a) Viktor started the game as KGB head and no one put points on him because everyone was going to put points on him, and b) at the end of Turn 3, there were no active politicians in the Politburo and "highest active" was determined by die roll. (As of next year, that unusual case will be handled by picking the highest inactive politician. This year was random because the GM was playing and that rule would have given him control of the Party Chief. As it turned out, the die roll did that anyway.)

Oddest of all, there was the 4-player final won by the GM for the first time since becoming GM. This requires some explanation. There were eleven qualifiers and alternates for the 6-player Final game, the GM ranking second behind Pete Staab (who won two heats). Two of the top six informed the GM that they had other things to do at 6pm on Saturday—no problem, the GM made sure that the top two alternates were available. Then no one came. It looked like a political reunion following a purge. Lacking a better plan, as this was the first time this had ever happened, the GM assigned the top two no-shows to be ranked fifth and sixth, and sat down to play a 4-player Final.

On the first turn, Andrew sent Nestor to the cure, two candidates were purged, and then Andrew used an intrigue card to bring Nestor out to wave. The "KGB reveals dossier" card was played, forcing Ray to reveal five IP, which he did - four of them on Defense Minister Niewitko. Steve then revealed his control of Nestor and got the wave.

The second turn began with the traditional purge of Viktor, who was Foreign Minister. This failed, setting the tone for the game, which had very few purges. After Eatstumuch was Condemned to Siberia, the first roll of the health phase left Nestor untouched. Unfortunately for Steve, there was a Wrong Diagnosis, and Nestor was actually dead. The Funeral Commission put Niewitko in charge, and Ray shuffled the cabinet to put Nikotin as KGB head and Satin as Defense Minister. It turned out that Pete actually
controlled Niewitko, but he wasn't able to get a wave.

On Turn 3, Victor was again not purged. As this couldn't be allowed to stand, an Intrigue card play sent him to the People before the Spy Investigation phase could start. Pete got a wave at the end of this turn.

In turn 4, due to play of a First Purge card, the KGB head was not purged by the Ideology Chief, so we continued on to Spy Investigation, where Candidate Viktor was finally sent to Siberia. The only health roll of significance killed Strychnin, after which Shukratoff (Ray) blackmailed the Party Chief to be promoted; this made Shukratoff Defense Minister. Andrew then used Goferbrok to bring Viktor back to the People. Pete waved again.

Turn 5 began with a failed purge against the Party Chief. After the health phase failed to kill Niewitko, Ray broke Shukratoff to the ranks of the people, intending to force Niewitko to promote him and age. He failed to notice that he no longer controlled Shukratoff, but Andrew concurred with the plan so it still worked. Card play by Andrew then sent Niewitko to the sanitarium before the wave, but card play by Pete brought him back again. Unfortunately for Pete, the wave failed, and Niewitko immediately retired.

Steve revealed his control of Nikotin before the next Purge Phase, and failed to purge anyone. By the end of the turn, Goferbrok was Party Chief, Shukratoff was KGB head, Shootemdedsky Foreign Minister and Nikotin Defense Minister. Two failed elections in the Funeral Commission put Goferbrok into the Party Chiefdom, where he failed to wave for Andrew. At this point Pete took a short break, having nothing to do...

Goferbrok went to the cure at the start of Turn 7. To no one's surprise, the purge phase did nothing but age Schukrotoff three years. Also to no one's surprise, Andrew brought Goferbrok back to wave, and it worked. However, at this point Goferbrok was quite old and retired in the Cure Phase of the next turn.

Turn 8 saw the first successful Purge phase, with Schukratoff (at this point again controlled by Ray) purging four Candidates before being forced to retire. The health phase killed off Shootemdedsky and Nikotin, leaving four vacancies at the top of the Politburo for the Funeral Commission. Once the dust settled, Boremtodev was Party Chief, Eatstumuch KGB Head, Karrienko Foreign Minister, and Viktor Defense Minister (yes, he's back). Steve got the wave.

The last turn started with a single candidate purged. Boremtodev died in the health phase, though no one else even got the sniffles. In the funeral commission, a healthy Viktor was nominated for Party Chief and was actually elected, giving Steve his third wave and fourth Kremlin title.

GM Steve Cuccaro [10th Year] NA 410-294-3127

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