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2014 WBC Report   

 2015 Status: pending 2015 GM commitment

Tom DeMarco, NJ

2014 Champion


Event History
1991    Jim Fuqua    25
1992    Sean Cousins    20
1993    Jim Fuqua    49
1994    Caleb Cousins    42
1995    Sean Cousins    36
1996    Sean Cousins    20
1997    Tracy Graf    46
1998    Chris Geggus    46
1999    Bruce Glassco     38
2000    Tom McCorry    45
2001    David Buchholz    51
2002    Steve Cuccaro    50
2003    Llew Bardecki    56
2004    Steve Cuccaro    48
2005     Steve Cuccaro    40
2006     Pete Stein    39
2007     Pete Stein    33
2008    Lee Rodrigues    34
2009     Ewan McNay    37
2010    Pete Stein    41
2011    Bob Jamelli    41
2012    Dave Dentel    34
2013    John Keating    38
2014    Tom DeMarco    42


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Steve Cuccaro      MD    11    163
  2.  Peter Stein        OH    14    134
  3.  Lee Rodrigues      VA    13     60
  4.  Nick Smith         uk    13     51
  5.  Tom DeMarco        NJ    14     48
  6.  Tom McCorry        VA    01     46
  7.  John Keating       IN    14     45
  8.  Dave Dentel        VA    14     42
  9.  Marc Houde         VA    14     41
 10.  Sean McCulloch     OH    12     40
 11.  Ewan McNay         CT    09     40
 12.  Llew Bardecki      on    03     40
 13.  Bob Jamelli        PA    11     30
 14.  David Buchholz     MI    01     30
 15.  Bruce Glassco      NJ    99     30
 16.  Peter Staab        PA    10     27
 17.  Charles Davis      WV    04     25
 18.  Jim Jordan         MD    07     24
 19.  Peter Pollard      TN    02     24
 20.  Bob Jamelli        PA    00     24
 21.  Ray Stakenas II    MI    13     18
 22.  Richard Curtin     NY    11     18
 23.  Greg Crowe         MD    10     18
 24.  Chris Geggus       uk    06     18
 25.  Brian Carr         VA    05     18
 26.  Jason Wagner       NJ    00     16
 27.  Greg Tanner        AZ    09     14
 28.  Brian Goodwin      VA    12     12
 29.  Jerry Ohlinger     NY    03     12
 30.  Ron Wuerth         VA    02     12
 31.  Sean Cousins       ME    01     12
 32.  James Hopkin       CA    00     12
 33.  Phillip Yaure      PA    13     10
 34.  Brandon Buchanan   NC    14      9
 35.  Andy Latto         MA    08      9
 36.  Joe Delaney        NY    06      9
 37.  Steve Cameron      PA    01      9
 38.  Roy Pettis         VA    07      8
 39.  Linda Pattison     MD    03      8
 40.  Ray Stakenas       MI    02      8
 41.  John Pack          CO    13      6
 42.  Scott Beall        OR    11      6
 43.  Mike Stanley       OH    10      6
 44.  Jason O'Donnell    OH    99      6
 45.  Jeffrey Martin     CT    09      4
 46.  Barry Shoults      MI    03      4
 47.  David Rohde        MI    02      4
 48.  Elizabeth Lang     MA    00      4
 49.  Jason Arvey        VA    12      3
 50.  Nick Benedict      CA    08      3
 51.  Martin Davis       CT    06      3
 52.  Don Tatum          MD    04      3
 53.  Zach Fietsch       NC    01      3
 54.  Mark Neale         ME    99      3
 55.  Mark Mitchell      VA    09      2

2014 Laurelists
Repeating Laurelists:

Peter Stein, OH

Dave Dentel, VA

Brandon Buchanan, NC

Marc Houde, VA

John Keating, IN

Past Winners

Sean Cousins, ME
'92, '95-'96

Tracy Graf, MD

Chris Geggus, uk

Bruce Glassco, VA

Tom McCorry, PA

David Buchholz, MI

Steve Cuccaro, MD
2002, 2004-05

Llew Bardecki, on

Pete Stein, OH
2006-07, 2010

Lee Rodrigues, VA

Ewan NcNay, NY

Bob Jamelli, PA

Dave Dentel, VA

John Keating, IN

Tom DeMarco, NJ

Brian Goodwin, Steve Cuccaro, James Alexander, Marc Houde and Tom McCorry plot in the second heat with Houde triumphant.

 Sean McCulloch and Nick Benedict plot in vain as they must settle for an all expenses paid trip to the gulag during Heat 2.

Laughing at the Cold War ...

Victory to He who Bides his Time ...

This year's tournament was typical: a first-time player made it to the Final along with several repeat champions and usual suspects, and none of the former champions won. Of the top six contenders, Pete Stein secured his seat with two wins in his first and third heats; the other finalists each won their first heat with three waves, and were ranked equally according to the HWM/G criteria - no random tiebreaker needed, as all the alternates had fewer waves.

The Purge Phase for Turn 1 set the tone for the Final, with the first purge attempt a failure despite help from a First Purge card modifier. Marc took an early lead by wresting control of Nestor from the pack and managing a wave despite Nestor's ill health. Sadly, Nestor passed on in the next Health Phase. The new party chief (Satin) was chosen from the second tier based on his exceptional qualifications: double-sick and being investigated. Defending champ John Keating appeared to be in charge, but soon was constrained from Politburo rearrangement as the Defense Minister (Krakemheds) blackmailed him to remain in place. Newcomer Brandon Buchanan revealed his control at the last minute, but Satin wasn't able to make it through the Parade, and was purged by John's KGB head (Nikotin) on the next turn (this time the second purge failed).

In the Funeral Commission that followed, Dave Dentel's Foreign Minister nominated Nikotin (healthy and "controlled" by John) for Party Chief. The election succeeded, at which point John, Dave and Brandon all revealed eight influence on Nikotin. The tie was broken in Dave's favor by high die roll, and Dave got his (only) wave at the end of the turn, only to lose control during Add Influence to Brandon. The health dice made little impact on Turn 4, and Brandon used the respite to put Bungaloff into the KGB Head slot and to get his only wave. In contrast, thanks to a particularly virulent flu on Turn 5, pretty much the entire Politburo got clobbered, with double-sicks on both Nikotin and Bungaloff and the death of Krakemheds (now Foreign Minister and revealed to be under Pete's control). Nikotin failed to wave due to illness.

At the start of Turn 6, Brandon sent Nikotin to the Cure, but was forced to return him for a needed Innocent vote when he was put on trial. Nikotin, Bungaloff and the Defense Chief (Karrienko) were all killed in the Health phase, so Pete (again in control of Foreign Minister Purgemoff) chose Shootemdedsky from the second level. On his ascending to Party Chief, both Tom DeMarco and Pete revealed ten points on him. Pete "won" the die roll and his only Parade wave, only to lose control to Tom's 10+ after Add Influence. Tom seemed to be OK with the way Pete had organized the Politburo, with the only change being the replacement of KGB head Purgemoff after his death in the Health Phase. A healthy Shootemdedsky gave Tom his only wave at the end of the turn. Sadly, he did not make it through Turn 8, after a successful trial by Palavrian put him in Siberia. In turn, Palavrian was broken to the People before the Funeral Commission, and KGB Head Boremtodev as the only allowed nominee won election and control for Pete. The Politburo was rearranged more to Pete's liking, but the Party Chief wasn't able to wave.

Turn 9 saw the only successful Purge Phase in the game (while there were only two purges, one was of Wasolin, so therefore successful). Boremtodev passed on in the Health Phase, and Strychnin (still Pete's guy) was elected. Once Strychnin completed his rearrangement of the Politburo and announced progress-by-age, Dave broke the Foreign Minster to the people; the result was that Doberman, who was supposed to go to Defense, ended up as Foreign Minister, and Shootemdedsky (back from Siberia on a previous turn) ascended from the second level to Defense. Strychnin failed to wave, so Turn 10 began with the realization that the game would not be won on waves.

An attempt was made to purge Strychnin, which as usual failed. However, he died in the Health Phase anyway. Doberman (controlled by Tom) made a nomination which was rejected by all other Politburo members. A nomination of Talksalott (a 10+, so an obvious attempt to manipulate the election) was foiled by play of the assassin card; both Talksalott and Manjak (the target) were killed, so only three choices were left. The election still failed, leaving Doberman in charge. He failed to wave, so turn 10.5 began with Tom in charge of the Party Chief and very little anyone could do about it other than hope Doberman died in the Health Phase. He didn't and Tom emerged as the new champ.

GM Steve Cuccaro convenes his 9th Poltburo Final.

 GM     Steve Cuccaro [9th Year]  NA   NA 

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