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2013 WBC Report  

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Mikko Raimi, fi

2012-13 Champion


Event History
2008    Chris Byrd     57
2009    John Emery     50
2010    George Young     50
2011    Richard Beyma     43
2012     Mikko Raimi     40
2013    Mikko Raimi     24


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Richard Beyma      VA    13     59
  2.  Mikko Raimi        fi    13     50
  3.  John Emery         SC    13     41
  4.  George Young       VT    10     39
  5.  Nathan Hill        MD    13     30
  6.  Chris Byrd         CT    08     30
  7.  Kevin Emery        SC    13     24
  8.  Brad Raszewski     MD    12     24
  9.  Allen Hill         MD    12     18
 10.  Bill O'Neal        NY    11     18
 11.  Aran Warszawski    il    10     18
 12.  John Miklos        GA    08     18
 13.  Jeff Paull         IN    09     12
 14.  Scott Moll         VA    08     12
 15.  Mark Giddings      NY    08      9
 16.  Greg Ottoman       VA    12      6
 17.  JR Tracy           NY    11      6
 18.  Bob Heinzmann      FL    11      6
 19.  Bryan Collars      SC    09      6
 20.  Marc Berenbach     MA    08      6
 21.  Michael Shea       MA    13      4
 22.  Dave Stiffler      VA    12      3
 23.  Bill Powers        VA    09      3

2013 Laurelists                                              Returning Laurelists:

Kevin Emery, SC

Richard Beyma, VA

Nathan Hill, MD

Michael Shea, CT

John Emery, SC

Past Champions

Chris Byrd, CT

John Emery, SC

George Young, VT

Richard Beyma, VA

Mikko Raimi, fi

Allen Hill vs Roy Gibson

Kevin Emery meets 2011 champ Richad Beyma in the semifinals.

Finns Again Take the Early Team Lead ...

A substantial downturn in attendance caused a drop in the number of rounds played. Consequently, the tournament consisted of three swiss rounds to advance the top eight to single elimination. The tie breaker was points based on countries played with the lesser played countries from 2012 worth more. Each player was only allowed to play each of eight different countries once throughout the tournament.

During the swiss rounds, we played in a pod where you played all three other players in your pod; this was done to move the rounds along quickly without having to wait for the slowest game to finish before starting the next. Two of the people who had been 2-1 managed to be included in the top eight. The countries played balanced out more as France and Russia were played 21 times, but only the US was played less than 13. Points for playing countries based on playing last year have changed things considerably. The W-L records for the countries in winning percentage order are Spain 5-1, Prussia 7-4, Ottoman Empire 6-4, France 5-4, Britain 6-5, Austria 6-6, Russia 1-10, and United States 0-2.

The single elimination rounds saw very strong competitors advance as four formr semifinalists and two former champions returned.

All four quarterfinals were British/French matchups with an even split between the two sides. The results were as follows:
Mikko Raimi's French defeated John Emery's British.
Kevin Emery's British defeated Brad Raszewski's French.
Richard Beyma's British defeated Allen Hill's French.
Nathan Hill's French defeated Mike Shea's British.

The four semifinalists have shown year in and year out to be strong in this tournament. Interestingly, three of the four are adult sons of long time gamers.

Defending champ Mikko's British defeated Nathan's Spanish to prevent Nathan from advancing to the last round for the third year in a row. Kevin's French bested Richard's Ottoman's.

The Final was just a one game match again. Kevin had the Russians, Spanish and US left to play. Mikko had the Russians, Ottomans, and US left to play. Neither wanted to play the US, so the die roll before the game even started was very important. Mikko won the roll and selected Russians so Kevin took the Spanish. After a long close fought battle night fell, the Spanish had managed to get five units into Russian territory while the Russians only had two units but they penetrated further behind the lines which resulted in a tied score of 7-7. The first tie breaker is losses and that was tied 1-1. The next tie breaker was reduced units which the Spanish had one. Therefore, Mikko's Russians won, making him the first two-time champion and confirming it was another trip from Finland.

The tie-breaker points for next year will be very different: 1-Spain; 2-Ottoman, Prussia; 3-Austria, Britian, France; 5-Russia; 7-US

Nathan Hill again falls in the semifinals to defending champ Mikko Raimi.

GM Andy Lewis watches champion Raimi turn back Kevin Emery in the Final.

 GM      Andy Lewis (6th Year)  NA   NA

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