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2014 WBC Report  

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Ron Draker, VA

2014 Champion

Event History
1993    Tom Scarborough    12
1994    Dave Durlacher     8
2000    Jeff Cornett    16
2001    George Seary    14
2002    Jeff Cornett    20
2003    Scott Cornett    17
2004    Jeff Cornett     8
2005    Scott Cornett    12
2006    Jim Miller     9
2013    Jeff Cornett    16
2014    Ron Draker    12


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Jeff Cornett       FL    14    114
  2.  Scott Cornett      FL    06     72
  3.  George Seary       NY    01     48
  4.  Tom Ruta           MA    01     32
  5.  Ron Draker         VA    14     24
  6.  Lane Newbury       TX    01     24
  7.  Matt Calkins       VA    02     21
  8.  Jim Miller         VA    13     16
  9.  Doug Bryant        PA    14     13
 10.  Phil Rennert       VA    05     12
 11.  Jonathan Price     NJ    00     12
 12.  Larry Felton       PA    01      9
 13.  David Norquist     DC    00      9
 14.  William Austin     VA    14      6
 15.  David Earles       PA    00      6
 16.  Fred Bauer         VA    14      4
 17.  Thomas Lee         NV    13      4
 18.  Brad Merrill       ME    05      4
 19.  Carl Willner       MD    04      4
 20.  Chris Byrd         CT    02      4
 21.  Walt MacEachern    MD    14      3
 22.  Daniel Broh-Kahn   MD    06      3
 23.  Forrest Atterberry VA    04      3
 24.  Bill Place         MA    03      3
 25.  Michael Sincavage  VA    01      3
 26.  Larry Lingle       PA    00      3
 27.  Sharon Bryant      PA    13      2
 28.  Charlie Kersten    OH    05      2
 29.  John Lynch         NY    02      2

2014 Laurelists
Returning Laurelists:

William Austin, VA

Fred Bauer, VA

Walt MacEachern, MD

Jeff Cornett, FL

Doug Bryant, PA

Past Winners

Dave Durlacher, IN

Jeff Cornett, FL
2000, 2002, 2004, 2013

George Seary, NY

Scott Cornett, FL
2003, 2005

James Miller, VA

Jim Mehl's PAA are no match for Ron Draker's French.

 Devon Draker's French cannot break Walter MacEachern's PAA.

Napoleon Returns, Triumphant Again

The second tournament of Napoleon 4th edition had 12 players vying for the wood. We played two rounds to determine best records and then advanced four players to a semifinal round. Players bid steps taken from their units for choice of side. William Austin won his first two rounds and paired up against Fred Bauer who won two games as the French with Austin advancing on a narrow victory. Walt MacEachern was new to the game but advanced to play Ron Draker who used the French steamroller strategy up the center, keeping the French army together as it pushed toward Brussels, to overcome the Allies.

The Final saw Draker use the same French strategy he employed to good effect in earlier games. This time, however, Austin did not wait for Draker to attack with the entire French army. He jumped one-third of the French army at Waterloo from Brussels with most of Anglo-Dutch army and Wavre with nearly two full Prussians corps. This was an excellent move, because Ron was out of position with only a third of his army in range to reinforce. The remaining French forces were sitting in Ligny, having pushed the Prussian corps there back. The French massed their artillery in the center and Austin reinforced his left flank. The battle raged on for several rounds with heavy English and Prussian pressure on the French right flank nearly breaking the French army. Only Draker's deployment of the Guard infantry and cavalry kept the flank from collapse. In the center, French artillery was effectively reducing Austin's forces to one step units. Draker made several attacks trying to break through, but they failed until late in the battle when he ordered one last desperate attack. Austin had five units at one step and only needed one of them to pass their morale check - a roll of 4 to 6. All five failed and the combined Allied army was routed.

It was a close run battle indeed, because the French right flank was nearly wiped out. Austin conceded after the battle having lost too many units to rout attrition.
Perhaps the most epic game, however, was between defending champ Jeff Cornett and Draker in the second game of the tournament. Ron bid two to play the French, taking two steps off of French units. Jeff played a brilliant game and managed to effectively use the night turns and screening forces to keep the French bottled up at Charleroi. With aggressive force marching, and some heavy losses, Jeff managed to combine the entire Prussian army at Ligny and nearly the entire Anglo-Dutch army at Quatre Bras. Ron attacked the Brits at Quatre Bras with eight blocks - mostly artillery and Napoleon - allowing two corps to start in the same battle board column. Ron deployed his grand battery on the left flank and proceeded to batter away at the Allies - inflicting one to two step losses every round while he brought in reinforcements from Charleroi - two blocks a battle round. Jeff organized a concentration of artillery, infantry and cavalry in the center and launched an attack on the French center mid-battle, hoping to break the French line. The French guard helped save the day again while Ron was reducing the Allied right flank to one-step units. Realizing that the Allies were going to lose the battle, Jeff managed to pull out of the battle without a complete rout, but his army was so dispersed and damaged that Ron was able to fight multiple successful skirmishes to defeat both Allied armies on the last turn. He also barely managed to occupy both Brussels and Ghent on the same turn. It was the most exciting game I have seen in dozens of games where the French took on practically the entire British and Prussian armies and won. Rolling lots of ones with long-range artillery fire helped.

William Austin's PAA forces stop Tom Drueding's French.

 GM     Ron Draker [1st Year]  NA   NA 

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