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Updated Nov. 12, 2014

2014 WBC Report   

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Mike Wallschlaeger, NY

2014 Champion


Event History
1992    Kenneth Shunk    30
1993    James Endness    18
1994    Jim Fleckenstein    30
1995    Greg Mayer    49
1996    Michael Hart    24
1997    Lauren Hickok    47
1998    Dan Schulman    32
1999    Tim Miller    31
2000    Susan Ellsworth    19
2001    John Ellsworth    25
2002    Jim Fleckenstein    29
2003    Robert Paul    33
2004    Tom Agostino    42
2005    Bill Place    21
2006    Stephen Cuyler    33
2007     Kelly Czyryca    43
2008    Bryan Eshleman    36
2009     Jim Fleckenstein    30
2010     Frank Mestre    26
2011     David L. Anderson    25
2013    Ben Collinson Sr    36
2014    Mike Wallschlaeger    26


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Bill Place         PA    14     54
  2.  Jim Fleckenstein SrVA    14     53
  3.  Ben Collinson Sr   MD    13     42
  4.  Robert Paul        AZ    10     38
  5.  Bryan Eshleman     NC    08     30
  6.  Kelly Czyryca      MD    07     30
  7.  Stephen Cuyler     NY    06     30
  8.  Tom Agostino       de    04     30
  9.  Susan Ellsworth    IL    00     30
 10.  Rob Brode          MD    13     27
 11.  David Brooks       TN    14     26
 12.  John Ellsworth     IL    01     26
 13.  Roy Pettis         VA    01     24
 14.  Mike Wallschlaeger NY    14     20
 15.  David L. Anderson  MI    11     20
 16.  Frank Mestre       NY    10     20
 17.  Chad Gormly        MA    09     20
 18.  Dale Long          NJ    09     20
 19.  Tim Miller         GA    99     20
 20.  John Speck         MD    08     18
 21.  Nathan Trent       VA    07     18
 22.  Patrick Mirk       FL    06     18
 23.  Matt Bacho         MD    03     18
 24.  Ken Good           OH    00     18
 25.  Mikaela Kumlander  fi    14     15
 26.  Greg Wilson        NJ    07     15
 27.  Matt Evinger       PA    07     13
 28.  Bob Hahn           NY    04     13
 29.  Dacey Collinson    MD    13     12
 30.  Brian Goodwin      VA    11     12
 31.  Tim Effinger       PA    10     12
 32.  Jimmy Fleckenstein VA    08     12
 33.  Michael Confoy     VA    06     12
 34.  Jonathan Lockwood  VA    05     12
 35.  Josh Campbell      NY    03     12
 36.  Luke Warren        DC    02     12
 37.  Jim Bell           MD    99     12
 38.  Tim Evinger        PA    01     11
 39.  James Kramer       PA    11     10
 40.  Daniel Pappas      MD    06      9
 41.  Mike Destro        NJ    03      9
 42.  Martin Swenson     VA    00      9
 43.  Tim Swartz         MD    02      8
 44.  Cliff Ackman       PA    99      8
 45.  Scott Beall        OR    13      6
 46.  Mike Ussery        MD    09      6
 47.  Ruth Evinger       PA    08      6
 48.  James Pei          VA    05      6
 49.  Greg Crowe         VA    04      6
 50.  Ann Cornett        FL    03      6
 51.  Sean Conroy        VA    02      6
 52.  Rob Kircher        MA    99      6
 53.  Mike Dwyer         FL    14      4
 54.  Doug Richards      on    11      4
 55.  Michael Mitchell   GA    09      4
 56.  Alan Arvold        IL    09      4
 57.  Steve Scott        CA    02      4
 58.  Scott Fenn         MD    08      3
 59.  Barry Shutt        PA    06      3
 60.  Bruce Monnin       OH    04      3
 61.  Richard Moyer      MN    03      3
 62.  Ben Knight         MD    02      2
 63.  Ken Rothstein      NY    01      2

2014 Laurelists
Repeating Laurelists:

Bill Place, PA

David Brooks, TN

Mikaela Kumlander, fi

Michael Dwyer, FL

James Fleckenstein, VA

Past Winners

Kenneth Shunk, on

Jim Fleckenstein,VA
1994, 2002, 2009

Greg Mayer, MO

Michael Hart, MD

Lauren Hickok, PA

Dan Schulman, MD

Tim Miller, GA

Susan Ellsworth, IL

John Ellsworth, IL

Robert Paul, AZ

Tom Agostino, Germany

Bill Place, PA

Stephen Cuyler, NY

Kelly Czyryca, MD

Bryan Eshleman, NC

Frank Mestre, NY

David L. Anderson, MI

Ben Collinson Sr, MD

Mike Wallschlaeger, NY

2013 finalist Dacey Collinson attempts to recapture old glory against Scott Fenn.

Ben Collinson, David Brooks and newest Board member Stuart Tucker trade broadsides.
leader off the starboard bow ...

Naval War had 26 fleet commanders taking part. Game assignments for the initial round dictated four games, two 6-players and two 7-players. The four preliminary winners and the two highest scoring runners-up would get to advance. Preliminary tables were assigned using random draws of standard playing cards.

SPADES: This 6-player table included two former champions; Jim Fleckenstein and Bill Place. Jim scored well in the 5-round contest, but the victory went to the other former champion, Bill Place. SCORES: Place 94, Fleckenstein 84, James Mason and Thomas Johnston 68 each, Larry York 66 and Sean Druelinger 52.

CLUBS: Another former champion, Frank Mestre, anchored this 6-player game. The victor here in four rounds was 2013 finalist, the camera shy lady from Finland, Mikaela Kumlander. SCORES: Kumlander 92, Rejean Tremblay 72, Dacey Collinson 64, Frank Mestre 63, Ken Nied 59 and Scott Fenn 51.

DIAMONDS: This 7-player gam went four rounds. After Round 1, veteran Matt Evinger led with 52. An early lead is not really where one wants to be in this game. Matt, of course, lost 10 points in Round 2. The round also saw consecutive air strikes by Tony Newton and Dave Dentel, that sank each other's 9 point battleships (Yamato and Musashi). Other airstrikes, including four in a row by four different players, were less effective. Eventually Mike Dwyer emerged victorious. SCORES: Dwyer 83, Brian Goodwin 76, John Spinello 70, Tony Newton 63, Dave Dentel 62, Evinger and Jeffery Hacker 57.

HEARTS: The other 7-player table included GM Jim Kramer Jr., Assistant GM Jonathan Lockwood and defending champion Ben Collinson Sr. After five spirited rounds, two players, David Brooks and Mike Wallschlaeger, stood tied for the lead at 85 points. Collinson was right behind them with 83. Mike was the benefactor of the GM's decision, in Round 5, to shoot at Mike's destroyer squadron instead of playing smoke. When the destroyers survived, Mike promptly sank enough of Jim's ships to earn the tie. The rules specify another round should be played. However, the time allotted for the round was expired. GM Jim Kramer Jr., on the advice of assistant GM Jonathan Lockwood, decided that both David and Mike would advance. By their scores, one of them would meet the best runner-up criteria. My apologies to Ben, as this decision ended his chance to repeat. SCORES: Brooks and Wallschlaeger 85, Collinson 83, Alan Arnold 62, Stuart Tucker 54, Kramer 51, Lockwood 36.

So the six finalists were: Winners: Bill Place - 94 points, Mikaela Kumlander - 92 points, Michael Dwyer - 83 points, David Brooks and Mike Wallschlaeger (tied) - 85 points and best runner-up Jim Fleckenstein - 84 points. The players selected cards again to determine seating order in the next round. Seat position 1 would deal to begin the round. The deal for subsequent rounds would proceed clockwise around the table.

ROUND 1: Preliminary red card play saw Mikaela receive two additional ships and a 2-point minefield, David got an additional ship and a 1-point minefield, Jim and Bill each got an additional ship and Mike Dwyer got a 2-point minefield. Mikaela, in seat #1, led off sinking a 4-point ship. Salvos are scattered as no one wants to create kill opportunities for the others. Eventually David scores big, sinking Bismarck (8 points). Michael plays a destroyer squadron, but it is quickly sunk. Jim has been collecting additional ships, forming a nine-ship fleet. Mikaela's plea for mercy sees David attack and eliminate Michael. At the end of the round, David gets the second destroyer through and eliminates Bill, netting six ships for 30 points. SCORES: David 50, Jim 17, Mike 14, Mikaela 7, Bill 5, Michael (-7).

ROUND 2: In preliminary red card play, Jim's sub sinks Musashi for 9 points. Early play sees Jim and Michael add ships on consecutive turns, with the leader David quickly eliminated. In second place, Jim's fleet of low value ships takes light damage, but runs into two one-point minefields. Jim places smoke in defense. An airstrike by Michael sinks the BIismarck (8 points). Bill puts an additional 2-point minefield on Jim, eliminating his fleet for 26 points. Bill's next play is a destroyer squadron. Fire at the destroyers causes three points of damage, but Michael gets an additional ship and cannot fire to sink it. The destroyer roll for Bill is a 1 sinking Yamato for 9 points. Bill's fleet takes additional hits and with five cards to play he deploys the second destroyer card. Before he can use the destroyers, his last two ships are sunk and the round ends. Even with elimination, David maintains his lead, and Bill scores big. SCORES: David 40, Bill 35, Mike 35, Mikaela 28, Michael 27, Jim 22.

ROUND 3: Preliminary red card play sees Mike add a second carrier and Bill adds a battleship. Jim starts with a fleet of five (15 inch) battleships. Mike leads with two ineffective airstrikes. Jim sinks a pocket battleship (game snack) for three points. As the leader, David is again under attack to limit his score. Mike again takes two airstrikes, sinking the New Jersey (7 points). Now his airstrike option makes him a target. Jim adds a 14 inch battleship to his fleet. Michael. deploys the first destroyer card. Mike uses two airstrikes again, sinking Bismarck (8 points). Michael. targets Mikaela with the destroyers sinking four ships for 22 points. Mikaela only has a carrier left, her airstrike fails. Mike again makes two airstrikes but rolls boxcars. Mikaela loses her carrier and is eliminated. Mike has been reduced to a carrier, which sinks a 6-point ship before being sunk. Jim plays the second destroyer squadron. Only David has no smoke to deploy. Jim takes out David gaining 9 points. Jim, Michael and Bill are now left to fight it out. Bill's receives a 1-point minefield. Bill gets a sub and sinks Littorio for 6 points. Bill saves the damaged Maryland twice with repairs and then sweeps the mines away. Jim gets the Conte di Cavour (12.6 inch, 4 points) for his fleet, but Bill promptly sinks it. A salvo from Mike ends Maryland's charmed life. The round ends with three additional ships in a row. SCORES: Bill 70, Michael 61, Jim 48, Mike 46, David 38, Mikaela 32.

ROUND 4: Opening red card play gives minefields to Michael (2 points), and Jim and Bill (1 point each). Bill's torpedo boat sinks Musashi (9 points) and Mikaela's sub sinks Washington (6 points). Bill now has enough points to win. David, Bill and Mike each start with a carrier. Bill's first two plays are airstrikes by Ark Royal against Mikaela's Tirpitz, both miss. Mike also makes two consecutive airstrikes against Bill to no avail. Leader Bill takes losses but continues using his airstrike and finally sinks Tirpitz (8 points) on the third try. Seeing the win in Bill's grasp, the other players combine to eliminate him. The question now is, can anyone outscore him? David now has an eight-ship fleet. Michael plays smoke. Jim has 3 points of mines on his fleet which is slowly being eliminated. A torpedo boat for Mike misses. Michael plays smoke again. Jim, reduced to the battleship New Jersey, sweeps his mines away. Michael plays smoke for a third time and the table agrees, as the second place player, he must go which happens quickly. Jim, third at the start of the round, is the next target. Jim makes repairs to his only ship, but does not last long with Mikaela finishing him off. David draws another carrier and next turn uses his two airstrikes to sink Littorio for 6 points. His next pair of airstrikes nets a 5-point ship. Mike now plays the first destroyer squadron. David plays smoke, and the undefended Mikaela is eliminated (four ships for 19 points). Only David and Mike are left. Mike draws and deploys the second destroyer squadron. David's air strikes take out another 5-point ship. The destroyer attack on David nets Mike the three screening battleships (19 points). David only has two carriers left. He makes four consecutive airstrikes but only manages to sink one battleship for 5 points. Mike sinks one of the carriers. With two successful destroyer squadrons deployed this round, Mike who got in the Final on the GM's poor combat decision, scores 58 points for the round and outpoints Bill for the championship. FINAL SCORES: Mike 104, Bill 77, David 73, Mikaela 66, Mike 57, Jim 54.

Naval War GM Jim Kramer tries to make sailors out of the junior woodchucks.

Andrew has got a target lined up and he's itching to blast it out of the water.

 Naval War Junior

For the second year in a row James Kramer has tried to light a naval war fire under the WBC Juniors with a tepid response. Only 11 pint-sized admirals answered the call on Friday afternoon - again making it the smallest WBC Juniors event so we will be looking for more suitable fare for the kids next year. Maybe something wih rubber duckies ...

That shouldn't take anything away from 7-year old Andrew Freeman who proved to be the best shooter on the waves this year. He was followed in order by:

~ 2nd: Luke Morris, age 11

~ 3rd: Jay Schoenen, age 9

~ 4th: Aidan McNay, age 11

~5th: Alex Freeman, age 10

~ 6th: Nogel Haralan, age 10

 GM     James Kramer Jr  [2nd Year]  PO Box 457, Wiconisco, PA 17097   717-647-4062

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