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Updated Nov. 16, 2015

2015 WBC Report

2016 Status: pending December 2015 Membership Trial Vote

Bryan Eshleman, NC

2015 Champion

Event History

1992 Kenneth Shunk 30
1993 James Endness 18
1994 Jim Fleckenstein 30
1995 Greg Mayer 49
1996 Michael Hart 24
1997 Lauren Hickok 47
1998 Dan Schulman 32
1999 Tim Miller 31
2000 Susan Ellsworth 19
2001 John Ellsworth 25
2002 Jim Fleckenstein 29
2003 Robert Paul 33
2004 Tom Agostino 42
2005 Bill Place 21
2006 Stephen Cuyler 33
2007 Kelly Czyryca 43
2008 Bryan Eshleman 36
2009 Jim Fleckenstein 30
2010 Frank Mestre 26
2011 David L. Anderson 25
2013 Ben Collinson Sr 36
2014 Mike Wallschlaeger 26
2015 Bryan Eshleman 36


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Bryan Eshleman     NC    15     60
  2.  Bill Place         PA    14     54
  3.  Jim Fleckenstein SrVA    14     53
  4.  Ben Collinson Sr   MD    13     42
  5.  Robert Paul        AZ    10     38
  6.  Kelly Czyryca      MD    07     30
  7.  Stephen Cuyler     NY    06     30
  8.  Tom Agostino       de    04     30
  9.  Susan Ellsworth    IL    00     30
 10.  Rob Brode          MD    13     27
 11.  David Brooks       TN    14     26
 12.  John Ellsworth     IL    01     26
 13.  Roy Pettis         VA    01     24
 14.  Mike Wallschlaeger NY    14     20
 15.  David L. Anderson  MI    11     20
 16.  Frank Mestre       NY    10     20
 17.  Chad Gormly        MA    09     20
 18.  Dale Long          NJ    09     20
 19.  Tim Miller         GA    99     20
 20.  Eandall MacInnis   GA    15     18
 21.  John Speck         MD    08     18
 22.  Nathan Trent       VA    07     18
 23.  Patrick Mirk       FL    06     18
 24.  Matt Bacho         MD    03     18
 25.  Ken Good           OH    00     18
 26.  Mikaela Kumlander  fi    14     15
 27.  Greg Wilson        NJ    07     15
 28.  Matt Evinger       PA    07     13
 29.  Bob Hahn           NY    04     13
 30.  David Cross        VA    15     12
 31.  Dacey Collinson    MD    13     12
 32.  Brian Goodwin      VA    11     12
 33.  Tim Effinger       PA    10     12
 34.  Jimmy Fleckenstein VA    08     12
 35.  Michael Confoy     VA    06     12
 36.  Jonathan Lockwood  VA    05     12
 37.  Josh Campbell      NY    03     12
 38.  Luke Warren        DC    02     12
 39.  Jim Bell           MD    99     12
 40.  Tim Evinger        PA    01     11
 41.  Alan Arvold        IL    15     10
 42.  James Kramer       PA    11     10
 43.  Mike Ussery        MD    15      9
 44.  Bob Hamel          CT    15      9
 45.  Daniel Pappas      MD    06      9
 46.  Mike Destro        NJ    03      9
 47.  Martin Swenson     VA    00      9
 48.  Tim Swartz         MD    02      8
 49.  Cliff Ackman       PA    99      8
 50.  Scott Beall        OR    13      6
 51.  Ruth Evinger       PA    08      6
 52.  James Pei          VA    05      6
 53.  Greg Crowe         VA    04      6
 54.  Ann Cornett        FL    03      6
 55.  Sean Conroy        VA    02      6
 56.  Rob Kircher        MA    99      6
 57.  Mike Dwyer         FL    14      4
 58.  Doug Richards      on    11      4
 59.  Michael Mitchell   GA    09      4
 60.  Steve Scott        CA    02      4
 61.  Scott Fenn         MD    08      3
 62.  Barry Shutt        PA    06      3
 63.  Bruce Monnin       OH    04      3
 64.  Richard Moyer      MN    03      3
 65.  Ben Knight         MD    02      2
 66.  Ken Rothstein      NY    01      2
2015 Laurelists Returning Laurelists: 0

Randall MacInnis, GA

Dave Cross, VA

Bob Hamel, CT

Alan Arvold, IL

Mike Ussery, MD

Past Winners

Kenneth Shunk, on

Jim Fleckenstein,VA
1994, 2002, 2009

Greg Mayer, MO

Michael Hart, MD

Lauren Hickok, PA

Dan Schulman, MD

Tim Miller, GA

Susan Ellsworth, IL

John Ellsworth, IL

Robert Paul, AZ

Tom Agostino, Germany

Bill Place, PA

Stephen Cuyler, NY

Kelly Czyryca, MD

Bryan Eshleman, NC
2008, 2015

Frank Mestre, NY

David L. Anderson, MI

Ben Collinson Sr, MD

Mike Wallschlaeger, NY

Eric Wrobel and Randy Needham avoid eye contact with the active shooter.

Michael Mitchell and Randy MacInnis eye a target of opportunity foolish enough to be in the lead.

Leader off the starboard bow ...

NAVAL WAR 2015 drew 36 fleet commanders. Game assignments were made for an initial round of six 6-player games, tables A thru F. The six preliminary winners would then advance to the Final.

TABLE A: Former champion and assistant GM Ben Collinson Sr. had a seat here, but could not revisit past glory. In this 4-round contest, two players exceeded the 75 point threshold, with Alan Arvold victorious. SCORES: Alan 82, Glenn Petroski 79, Ben Collinson Sr. 60, Dale Long 54, Andrew Buccheri 49 and Larry York 48.

TABLE B: During Round 4, Aidan McNay sank both 9-point battleships (YAMATO and MUSASHI) with airstrikes from AKAGI. Dave Cross was last after three rounds, but scored 56 points on the 4th hand to win the table. He sank 11 ships in the round and 18 in the game. SCORES: Dave 90, Stephen Squibb 77, Aidan McNay 61, Matt Evinger 59, Dacey Collinson 50 and Matt Bacho 45.

TABLE C: Ten of the 18 fleets in play suffered elimination during this 3-round game. Randall MacInnis reached the magic number of 75 to win the table in Round 3, even though he had lost his fleet in each of the previous two hands. Admiral Kimmel should have been so blessed.  SCORES: Randall 75, Eric Wrobel 67, Wade Fowble 60, Randy Needham 54, Jonathan Lockwood 36 and Michael Mitchell 32.

TABLE D: Two former champions, Frank Mestre and Bryan Eshleman, patrolled these waters. This was the most raucous table of the preliminaries, erupting frequently at some play or action. After four rounds three players had topped the 75-point threshold. Bryan Eshlemen took top honors. The only complaint heard from this table was, “We had to play with John!” That would be WBC veteran and all around good guy John Sharp. SCORES: Bryan 84, Frank 79, John 78, Jeff Lange 68, Tony Newton 55 and Robert Drozd 48.

TABLE E: 2014 finalist David Brooks was here and after three rounds was tied for second behind John Spinela who was five points shy of victory. This is not really where one wants to be in NAVAL WAR and that fact was borne out as John suffered a course correction to 69 points in Round 4. The table winner came from fifth place (27 points after Round 3)in the form of Bob Hamel who incidentally ended Round 1 with a score of -1. SCORES: Bob 80, John 69, Cory Morris 61, Tim Miller 58, Rod Davidson 52 and David 51.

TABLE F: The class of the last table was embodied in multi-year champion Jim Fleckenstein. In Round 1 Rick McGregor sank six ships with a destroyer squadron taking the early lead with 44 points. Brian Goodwin used his two carriers to sink both BISMARK and TIRPITZ (eight points each) in one airstrike play to provide the highlight to Round 2. Later, two more ships would fall to Brian’s CV’s. Michael Ussery managed to sink all three Pocket Battleships (three points each) AKA snacks, as they came into play. Rick was eliminated in Round 2, as expected, reducing his score to 37, and withdrew. At the end of Round 4, Nathan Wagner had 81 points, having repaired his only battleship three times during the round, to stay in the game. Alas, 81 points was not enough. Michael Ussery topped the table with 98 points. SCORES: Michael 98, Nathan 81, Brian 72, Jim Fleckenstein 71, James Kramer Jr. 31.

So the six finalists were set. The players drew cards again to determine seating order for the Final. Table positions were: (1) Bryan Eshleman, (2) Bob Hamel, (3) Randall MacInnis, (4) Mike Ussery, (5) Dave Cross and (6) Alan Arvold. Seat position 1 would deal to start play. The dealer for subsequent rounds would be the leader, per standard game rules.

ROUND 1: Preliminary red card play. Mike uses a PT boat to sink MUSASHI (nine points) and receives a 1-point minefield. Randall, with two carriers, has a 2-point minefield placed on him. Regular play starts slowly. Randall’s carriers draw first blood, sinking MISSOURI for seven points. Alan draws a sub and sinks YAMATO for nine points. Randall’s carrier threat makes him the initial target and he is quickly eliminated. Bob sinks a pocket battleship for a quick three points. Bryan now plays the first destroyer squadron early in the round. Bob draws a 2-point minefield and plays it on Mike eliminating the carrier he had. Bryan gets to use the destroyer sinking a 7- and an 8-point ship. Bob removes an annoying 1-point minefield. Alan draws a PT that misses but later uses a salvo to eliminate Mike. Dave gets the second destroyer late. He uses it before the round ends to sink three ships worth 17 points. SCORES: Bryan 33, Dave 31, Alan 26, Bob 18, Mike 14, Randall (-3).

ROUND 2: Initial red card play, Bryan adds FUSO, Bob receives LITTORIO. Bryan and Dave receive 1-point minefields, Bob gets a 2-pointer. Also four additional damage cards go in the discard pile. Bryan leads off sinking HARUNA (five points). Bob draws a sub and sinks MUSASHI (nine points). Dave now sinks VALIANT (four points). Leader Bryan has an additional 2-point minefield placed on him. His fleet of five 14 inch battleships only lasts once more around the table before elimination. Bob now plays a destroyer squadron. Dave defends with smoke. The other remaining players cooperate to sink the destroyer. Now, the airstrikes begin! Alan, with two carriers, launches strikes against YAMATO that miss. Dave finally getting usable salvo cards, sinks GRAF SPEE (three points) and KING GEORGE V (six points). Alan sends two more airstrikes against YAMATO, missing again. YAMATO continues to dodge carrier strikes, eight in all. In between airstrikes Bob deploys the second destroyer. It survives to sink Dave’s last two ships (14 points). The round ends with Bob drawing an additional ship. SCORES: Bob 46, Dave 44, Alan 37, Mike 35, Bryan 28, Randall 19.

ROUND 3: In preliminary red card play, Alan adds two battleships, Bob one. Three additional damage cards again go into the discard pile. Bryan and Randall each begin play with a carrier. Leader Bob starts off with a snack sinking the pocket battleship ADMIRAL SCHEER (three points). Randall uses ARK ROYAL to sink TIRPITZ (eight points). The YAMATO survives three consecutive airstrikes from Bryan and a PT shot from Bob. Mike protects his fleet with smoke. Bryan, drawing the other PT card, misses the shot rolling a 1. Fate equals out the next time around as Bryan’s fourth airstrike at YAMATO succeeds. Randall now draws a sub and sinks the MISSOURI (seven points). After placing a 2-point minefield on Bob, Dave is eliminated. Bryan resumes his carrier assault but misses on three consecutive airstrikes. Randall misses with the second sub. Bob is reduced to one ship by Alan. Mike now deploys the first destroyer squadron of the round. Bob hits the destroyer for a point but Alan, Bryan and Randall all have smoke cards to deploy. Mike now uses the destroyer strike to sink Bob’s last ship KONGO (five points). Bryan tries his eighth airstrike of the round, another miss. Mike gets an additional ship, the LUTZOW (three points). Alan gets to repair the damaged IOWA. Randall gets a new ship the CIAO DUILIO (four points). Fire from Mike sinks the VITTORIO VENETO (six points). Alan now deploys the second destroyer of the round. Bryan hits it first with a 3 damage salvo. Randall applies the additional salvo to finish it off. Bryan returns misses IOWA with the ninth air strike. Randall gets a new ship, the carrier AKAGI, giving him two. While Mike and Alan try to stay out of the line of fire, Bryan and Randall airstrike at will. Bryan has four additional airstrikes before the round ends, primarily at IOWA, but to no effect. Randall uses his two carriers for eight more airstrikes, missing IOWA several times, but sinking NEW JERSEY. The last play goes to Alan who sinks LUTZOW. SCORES: Alan 70, Mike 60, Randall 51, Bob 39, Bryan 37, Dave 34.

ROUND 4: Opening red card play gives additional ships to Randall (LUTZOW) and Dave (KING GEORGE V). Three additional damage cards are discarded. Bryan and Alan each start the round with a carrier. Alan begins play adding IOWA to his fleet. Bryan opens his play with an airstrike against the IOWA. It misses. Randall now draws KONGO in reinforcement. NEVADA (four points) is sunk by Dave. Alan takes out ADMIRAL SCHEER (three points). Bryan now plays the first destroyer card. No shots are taken at the destroyer with two players receiving red cards in the turn. Bryan attacks Alan sinking WASHINGTON, IOWA and WEST VIRGINIA for 18 points. Alan, reduced to MISSISSIPPI and AKAGI, airstrikes TIRPITZ, but misses. The weakened Alan is now eliminated with Randall sinking MISSISSIPPI (five points) and Dave sinking AKAGI (three points). Now in mid-round the carriers come out to play. Bryan’s carrier takes eight airstrikes, sinking ROMA (six points) with the first strike, and after six misses sinking TIRPITZ (eight points). Bob, reinforced with ARK ROYAL, now has two carriers. His two, double shot airstrikes, net no ships sunk. Likewise a PT card for Bob also misses. Randall has been reinforced with WARSPITE but a PT for him misses MISSOURI. Mike has been reduced to a 2-ship fleet while only managing to sink LUTZOW for three points. Mines placed on Mike are quickly swept away, but his 2-ship fleet is shortly sunk with Dave claiming one ship and Bryan, in a rare salvo shot this round, sinking FUSO (five points) ending Mike’s round. Dave, through all this action, had GRAF SPEE added to his fleet. He now deploys the second destroyer card. Bryan puts two damage points on the destroyer, but subsequent minefield cards for Bob (2 points) and Randall (1 point) both placed on Dave, leave the destroyer card in play. Dave now attacks Randall sinking NAGATO, VITTORIO VENETO and WARSPITE for 17 points. Randall has a sub miss MISSOURI. A round of salvos has Bryan, Randall and Dave each sinking a ship. Bryan returns to carrier striking but misses. Bob now attacks Dave sinking a 6-point battleship. Dave only has KING GEORGE V left. Bob is mined for a point. Bryan and Bob both airstrike and miss KING GEORGE V. Randall damages KING GEORGE V but Dave immediately repairs it. Two more consecutive carrier strikes by Bryan and Bob also miss. Dave now sinks VALIANT (five points). Finally Bryan’s carrier sinks KING GEORGE V, knocking out Dave. With three players remaining, the round ends with Bob taking three consecutive double carrier strikes that sink RODNEY and KIRISHIMA (11 points). Randall has a sub card that misses and defensive smoke. Bryan has two ineffective air strikes before drawing the final card to end the round. Coming from fifth place, leaning heavily on his carriers all game, Bryan Eshleman wins his second NAVAL WAR championship. FINAL SCORES: Bryan 84, Randall 73, Dave 69, Bob 66, Alan 63, Mike 53.

In closing, I cannot recall a game of NAVAL WAR with as many carrier strikes. The players were polled on two questions concerning possible tournament changes for 2016. Changes to the fleet elimination rules received little support. Changing to a heat driven tournament was overwhelmingly supported.

GM Jim Kramer with his six finalists.
GM James Kramer Jr [3rd Year] PO Box 457, Wiconisco, PA 17097 717-647-4062

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