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2015 WBC Report

2016 Status: pending
December 2015
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Harry Flawd, PA

2014-15 Champion

Event History

1993 Kurt Litscher 16
1994 Mark Potter 16
1995 Mark Potter 16
1996 Harry Flawd 19
1997 Harry Flawd 15
1998 John Ellmann 16
1999 Harry Flawd 20
2000 Harry Flawd 30
2001 Devin Flawd 20
2002 Bill O'Neal 28
2003 Harry Flawd 42
2004 Harry Flawd 38
2005 Devin Flawd 38
2006 Devin Flawd 41
2007 Devin Flawd 38
2008 Devin Flawd 40
2009 Bruno Passacantando 49
2010 Harry Flawd 46
2011 Jacob Hebner 52
2012 Mike James 43
2013 Jacob Hebner 46
2014 Harry Flawd 42
2015 Harry Flawd 40


Rank  Name               From  Last  Total
  1.  Harry Flawd         PA    15    282
  2.  Devin Flawd         PA    09    200
  3.  Jacob Hebner        CO    13     90
  4.  Bill O'Neal         NY    14     58
  5.  Bruno Passacantando CT    14     53
  6.  Derek Landel        NJ    14     46
  7.  Mike Destro         NJ    07     36
  8.  Chad Gormly         MA    13     33
  9.  Tim Dolan           NJ    15     30
 10.  Mike James          MD    12     30
 11.  Barry Shoults       MI    08     24
 12.  John Ellmann        MD    01     22
 13.  Dale Long           NJ    15     21
 14.  Jordan Flawd        PA    08     21
 15.  Joe Yaure           PA    15     18
 16.  Jeremy Billones     VA    10     18
 17.  David Tianen        WI    09     18
 18.  Dave Buchbinder     PA    03     18
 19.  Ray Stakenas II     MI    03     18
 20.  Dan Dolan Jr        NJ    05     15
 21.  Bill Place          PA    05     13
 22.  Jeff Finkeldey      OH    13     12
 23.  John Shaheen        VA    10     12
 24.  Mark Love           MD    10     12
 25.  Dan Overland        MI    15      9
 26.  Sean McCulloch      OH    14      9
 27.  Ron Pisarz          VA    12      9
 28.  Paul O'Neil         MD    06      9
 29.  Jason Levine        NY    03      9
 30.  Daniel Long         NJ    15      6
 31.  Scott Nerney        RI    14      6
 32.  Terry Coleman       CA    12      6
 33.  Brian Conlon        CT    11      6
 34.  Andy Lewis          DE    06      6
 35.  Pete Putnam         PA    04      6
 36.  Greg Berry          VA    01      6
 37.  Michael Cook        VA    01      4
 38.  Steve Scott         CA    11      3
 39.  Dennis Nicholson    NY    03      3
 40.  Bruce Reiff         OH    00      2
2015 Laurelists Returning Laurelists: 1

Tim Dolan, NJ

Dale Long, NJ

Dan Overland, MI

Joe Yaure, PA

Dan Long

Past Winners

Mark Potter, PA

Harry Flawd, PA
Nine Times—2015

John Ellmann, MD

Devin Flawd, PA
2001, 2005-08

Bill O'Neal, NY

Br Passacantando, CT

Jacob Henbner, CO
2011, 2013

Mike James, MD

Paul Bean vs Tom Bivens

The Ra GM vs the MMA GM in football

Barry Shoults vs Greg Courter in the second row get top billing in this photo.

Tim Dolan trades in his shoulder pads to coach vs the Vince Lombardi of Paydirt.

Harry Again & Again & By Default ...

There is a very good reason for the Paydirt recap to come out today. As GM, I had to wait to see if the Paydirt crown handed to the New England Patriots this year would stand up in court! Of course when all the lawyers fees were settled, payments to the arbiter of the “Deflate gate” were processed, and the last die fell into the dice tower… Tom Brady and the Pats were vindicated and once again the old guard holder Harry Flawd held off the challenge of a couple of veterans and a couple of stalwart youngsters to win both the AFC and NFC heats and take the Super Bowl Title by default—giving him a total of nine.

It was a strange and very intriguing AFC Heat on Wednesday, as we picked up four new players, including long time Paydirt player but WBC newbie, Dan Overland, who would lead his Steelers into the AFC title game. The opening round saw all but two of the games finish with both teems within hailing distance if only they could manage another TD. That included two OT games, where Dan’s Steelers nipped Paydirt veteran Bill Place’s Browns 27-21, and Derek Landel’s Broncos topped Sam Berk’s Bengals. Remaining on that nail biter theme, Round 2 saw only one game not finish within a single TD. It was a very competitive season! Big moments from Round 2 included Ryan Friedman getting a late FG to beat Paul Bean 37-35, Dan’s Steelers defeating Mark Love’s Jaguars 35-34, and Joe Yaure’s Jets topple Derek’s Broncos 41-38 using the point spread to his advantage. Joe continued his mastery of the spread with the Jets taking down 2002 champ Bill O’Neal 39-38 next, while Harry was getting all he could handle from Dale Long’s Broncos, trailing 11-0 late in the third quarter, before Brady tossed two late TDs to win 14-11, and Dan’s Steelers finally steamrollered Ryan’s Ravens 42-9. Joe finally ran out of steam against Dan 45-44 in an amazing game with many players watching and hanging on the back and forth tussle until the very end. In the other game, Harry once again had a rough go with his Patriots, playing Dan Dolan’s Dolphins tight throughout the game until a late Dolphin pick.

The AFC Championship was predicted to be a high scoring, but tight game. Well, one out of two ain’t bad. NE picked off Pitt on the first play of the game and scored two plays later. Another quick score made it a 14-3 lead. Pitt had trouble holding onto the ball, as they climbed back to 14-10 and held NE for a punt, but the return man could not hold onto it for a fumble and NE once again capitalized for a TD. The dagger came with NE leading 28-10 but Pitt on the NE 5 with :30 left in the half….and again NE picked off the pass to end the threat, coasting to a 48-25 win.

Over in the NFC Heat, we celebrated the return to Friday from Thursday, as 24 players took the field, up eight from last year. Lesson learned. Harry did not bid on any teams, instead just waiting to see what team would be left to keep it even numbered. What was left was Tampa Bay—the worst team in the set. So we figured we would play the spread and hope for the best. Round 1 again produced many exciting games with Joe Betz and the Eagles topping Versek D and his Packers 50-45, Chris Palermo taking out chart designer Ron Pisarz and his Giants 44-42, and Geoffrey P’s Redskins defeating Paul Bean’s Seahawks 35-33. Tourney favorite Detroit coached by Ray Stakenas II was taken down by Doug Gallulo’s Falcons 28-7, while the other Lion team of Steve Vance moved on by taking out Derek’s Cards. The games in Round 2 were much closer, with Harry and the Bucs going OT to beat the Redskins 27-21, Tim Dolan’s Dallas beating Steve’s Lions 29-26, Dan Long’s GB holding off Sam Berk’s Eagles 30-27, and Joe Betz holding off Greg Coulter’s Vikings 30-21. Only Doug’s Falcon’s 37-0 whitewash of the Panthers was a laugher.

Round 3 was easier on the nerves, as Tim Dolan (Dallas), Dan Long (GB), and Harry (TB) all won by 10 or more. That set up two of the greatest games in recent history. Tim Dolan took the bye with Dallas, so Harry and Dan set up to play GB vs TB. On paper, the Pack was a heavy 28 point favorite and came out playing like it. By halftime, Rogers had thrown three TD passes to bring the Packers to within 28-21. TB squeaked in a FG before the half ended to slow the onslaught, but it was now only 31-21 at the break. TB used a masterful ground game to keep zeros on the board in the third quarter. GB scored a TD but TB countered with a FG to make it 34-28 with a little over eight minutes left. Dan then scored on a breakaway run to make it 35-34 Pack with six minutes left. TB turned it over on downs and it looked bleak for the Bucs. but with 3:50 left and GB on the 35, a 3rd and 4 GB 5-yard run, was nullified by a holding penalty! GB punted, and TB drove to the GB 35 yard line, where Patrick Murray calmly nailed it thru the uprights for the win!

The NFC title game was more drama, as the spread this time was a mere 19 points! TB held the Cowboys to zero thru the first quarter, and looked in prime shape to play the spread into a win. Tim had other thoughts, as Dallas quickly scored ten points to cut the lead to 19-10 late in the half. Dallas drove to the TB 8, but on 4th down missed the FG to close the gap. TB then countered with a FG scoring drive of their own to make it 22-10 at the break. The only scoring in the 3rd quarter came via a Dallas FG, so it was now 22-13 entering the 4th. TB scored a TD early in the 4th, but Dallas countered with a score of their own to make it 29-20 with 6:50 left. Tim had the ball on the TB 35, threw the Long Pass…rolled a 15….and got picked off! TB drove for a FG, and Romo then followed that with a TD pass of 45 yards, but when the Onside Kick was coddled in by TB, the upset stood: 32-27 TB!

Another great year and everyone sends their kudos for the excellent detail and accuracy in making the charts to Ron Pisarz. Anyone who wants to get a leg up on the competition….contact Ron and get the charts early when they come out in April 2016!

GM Harry Flawd [21st Year] NA 717-575-4547

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