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Updated Nov. 12, 2014

2014 WBC Report    

2015 Status: pending 2015 GM commitment

Vincent Sinigaglio, NJ

2014 Champion

Event History
2005    Chris Striker     45
2006    John Elliott     44
2007    Paul Weintraub     71
2008    Tom Pavy     58
2009    Ashley Collinson     57
2010    Brandon Bernard    100
2011    RJ Gleaton    101
2012    John Elliott    114
2013    Stefany Speck    121
2014    Vincent Sinigaglio    120


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  John Elliott       MD    12    80
  2.  Stefany Speck      MD    14    70
  3.  Tom Pavy           OH    08    69
  4.  Brandon Bernard    PA    13    68
  5.  Paul Weintraub     MD    07    51
  6.  Vincent Sinigaglio NJ    14    50
  7.  RJ Gleaton         SC    11    40
  8.  Chris Striker      PA    06    36
  9.  Jason Fisher       NC    12    32
 10.  Cliff Ackman       PA    12    30
 11.  Ashley Collinson   MD    09    30
 12.  Henry Pfeiffer     SC    09    27
 13.  Forrest Speck      MD    08    27
 14.  Ben Gardner        VA    13    24
 15.  Joshua Arndt       MD    11    24
 16.  Patrick Mirk       FL    10    24
 17.  John Wobbeking     MD    14    20
 18.  Barrett Straub     MD    13    20
 19.  Joe Collinson      MD    12    19
 20.  Beth Zhao          TX    09    18
 21.  Chris Gnech        PA    08    18
 22.  Lauren Vessey      VA    06    18
 23.  Carol Haney        CA    11    16
 24.  Charles Squibb     PA    10    16
 25.  Craig Reece        FL    14    15
 26.  Ben Collinson Sr   MD    13    12
 27.  Frank Mestre       NY    07    12
 28.  Jennifer Brown     DE    14    10
 29.  Jeff Pattison      MD    12    10
 30.  Bob Jamelli        PA    05     9
 31.  Katie Elliott      MD    11     8
 32.  Steve Scott        CA    10     8
 33.  James Bell         MD    09     6
 34.  John Ellsworth     IL    08     6
 35.  Greg Zegalia       PA    07     6
 36.  Angela Collinson   MD    14     5
 37.  Brendan Coomes     OH    12     5
 38.  Alyssa Gumkowski   PA    13     4
 39.  Jodi Folk          PA    11     4
 40.  Verity Hitchings   DE    09     3
 41.  Matt Evinger       PA    08     3
 42.  Alex Bell          MD    07     3
 43.  Ruth Evinger       PA    06     3
 44.  Stephen Fitchett   PA    05     3

2014 Laurelists
Repeating Laurelists:

Stefany Speck, MD

John Wobbeking, MD

Craig Reece, FL

Jennifer Brown, DE

Angela Collinson, MD

Past Winners

Chris Striker, PA

John Elliott, MD
2006, 2012

Paul Weintraub, MD

Tom Pavy, OH

Ashley Collinson, MD

Brandon Bernard, PA

RJ Gleaton, SC

Stefany Speck, MD

Vincent Sinigaglio, NJ

Cap'n Larry urges on Rolinda Collinson, Jeff Pattison, Vinny Sinigaglio, Lane Hess and Ron Fisher.

Danielle Zack and Barrett Straub have a friendly disagreement over the division of spoils.

John Wobbeking and Stefany Speck envy jason's "jewelry".

"Costume? What costume?" says Jennifer Brown.

Fond Farewell to Cap'n Larry ...

It was another glorious and blood curdling voyage around the 'Cove. Well, not everything went according to plan. I tried something new this year - singing. That's right, singing. It started out OK, but the novelty was lost after the second heat. Everybody standing around watching me be a fool. I got nervous when they started to huddle together and whispering about marooning ol' Cap'n Larry. You traitorous dogs were supposed to join in! Landlubbers! yo ho yo ho, a pirate's life fer meee [swaying]. What do you do with a drunken pirate... ah, well, forget it, ingrates.

We had a special plaque presentation for 1st mate Barrett Straub. He won five, yes 5, games in a row last year . a mighty endeavor indeed. Commodore John Elliott helped me with the presentation, as he is the highest ranking officer, so far. Then, we bestowed the lowliest of the low award to the most cowardly cur to ever set sail. None other than, the shameful Captain Jason Fisher [our chains of shame champion]. He did not let us down as he was the first one to mutiny this year, with his father right behind him.

I announced a medallion award to the most deadly gal and guy. Lots of sinkings resulted. After tabulating the sinks/stones, the wonderful wenches let out a roar so loud, I still cannot hear. The scurvy sea dogs averaged a paltry 5.87 sinks while the wenches wracked up 8.22!!!! I am so proud of all my beautiful lasses, I could cry. Huzzah gals.

Heat # 1 winners were: Doug Kolpien, Jon Gemmel, Josh Githens, John Wobbeking, Vnny Sinigaglio, Jonathan Winicki, who won a tiebreaker over Ben Collinson Sr, Paul Weintraub, Nora Tuke, Craig Reece, Bobbi Warczak, Robert Drozd, Missy Richards, Jonathan Barry, Jennifer Brown, and Angela Collinson who edged Andrew Doughan by tiebreaker.

Heat # 2 worthies were: Samantha Berk, Phillip Entwistle, Josh Githens, Ben Gardner, Sam Shambeda, Linda Pattison, Sarah Bauch by tiebreaker over Dale Long, Craig Reece, Jeff Pattison, Stefany Speck, Ben Collinson Sr, Mike Coomes, Rebecca Johnston, Commodore John Elliott, and Jennifer Brown again,

Heat # 3 swelled the crew with more winners: Faith Wobbeking, Gregbeard Zegalia, Jeff Pattison, Perrianne Lurie, Jonathan Winicki, Rebecca Melton, Brandon Bernard, Jennifer Brown [in the running for most ever wins],, Katherine Dougherty, Cynthia Lee, Frank Bragg, and Barrett Straub.

Heat # 4 was the last chance to establish your bonafides in 2014. The late qualifiers were: Danielle Zack, John Wobbeking, Sarah Bauch, Sam Shambeda,, Joseph Collinson and Bobbi Warczak. Haakon Monssen took on the flying dutchman alone with long john's parrot and sank it in one salvo, 5 hits! BUT, he still came in last. Bummer.

We had 48 games in the heats with 38 different winners. 20 were recorded by my wenches!! Jennifer Brown was a new crew member, and she won all three games she played. Five qualifiers did not show for the semis voyages and that let alternates Stefany Speck [the defending champ], Ben Gardner, Commodore John Elliott, Mike Coomes, and Ben Collinson Sr. sign on to the articles for Round 2.

Stefany Speck made good use of her second life and won her semifinal easily by 5 points. Vinny Sinigaglio muscled his way into the Final by 18 points. Craig Reece barely scraped by Joe Collinson to advance, while Jennifer Brown won her 4th game in a row to get invited to the big dance. Young John Wobbeking edged 2013 runner-up Ben Gardner by 1 point to grab the last seat at the table in Round 3.

The Final was memorable with only six points separating the five contenders. 2007 champ Paul Weintraub donated a fabulous dice roller for 5th place with a south seas motif. He is moving to a more southern latitude and will be sorely missed. Them he has sunk over the years sure won't miss him though. Jennifer Brown was looking for her fifth win in a row to tie Barrett Straub's record. I thought she might succeed until Craig Reece [4th place] got her in his sights with six sinks. Jen only had 3 this time and finished 5th with 30 points. Cabin boy John Wobbeking wrapped up third place with 34 points and 4 sinks. Not bad for a lad who needs to clib the rigging to get high enough to see over the side. Of note was the special 'hurricane' card that struck twice to augment the fray. That brings us to Stefany Speck and Vinny Sinigaglio. The defending champ and laurelless Vinny were tied at 36 points.. dun-de dum-dum! This calls for a duel to the death Stefany had the sail advantage for first shot with two guns. wiff! Vinny returns fire with three guns - Double Wiff. Hey people, you're supposed to use CANNON balls, not tennis balls. Eventually Vinny found the range and our beautiful pirette went down with her ship! A second win with commodore-ette rank vanishing beneath the waves. All hail the mighty Captain Vinny.

A special acknowledgement to me mates, Jason and Ron Fisher and Barrett Straub. Without them, I would've mutinied long ago.

The medallions for most deadly pirates went to John Wobbeking with 29 kills! including eight in one game. Ken Horan also sank eight, but only played once. Jodi[ manstopper] Folk had six in a game, but the lass with the most to no one's surprise was Jennifer Brown with 21 kills and a high of eight in one game. Ooutstanding! Jen was easily recognizable by her gorgeous wench outfit, complete with flask! What a crew! It's enough to bring a tear to the ol' Cap'n's eye, it tis.

It's been great fun but I'll be retiring to Tortuga and turning the fleet over to Jason Fisher who is well qualified to tend the helm, with his assistant's, Ron Fisher and Barrett Straub - as well tried a trio of cutthroats as ever set sail.

 Cap'n Larry on his farewell voyage.

 Heir apparent, Asst GM Jason Fisher, brings the finalists into port.

 Carol Haney, Rebecca Johnston and John Dextraze are among the 120-pirate field.

 GM     Larry Lingle [10th Year]  906 Robert St., Mechanicsburg, PA 17055
   Napoleonll@gmail.com  717-766-4269

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