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Updated Nov. 12, 2014

2014 WBC Report  

 2015 Status: pending 2015 GM commitment

Tom Strock, PA

2014 Champion

Event History
2002    Buddy Sinigaglio    61
2003    Larry Lingle    59
2004    Brian Sutton    43
2005    Karl Henning    51
2006    Larry Lingle    48
2007    William Sparks    54
2008     Nick Page    55
2009     Brian Sutton    41
2010     Larry Lingle    43
2011    Bill Morse    46
2012    John Schoose    44
2013    David Gubbay    45
2014    Tom Strock    38


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Larry Lingle       PA    11    118
  2.  Brian Sutton       MD    14    117
  3.  Karl Henning       CT    13     66
  4.  John Schoose       IL    14     54
  5.  Bill Morse         VA    11     54
  6.  Thomas Strock      PA    14     42
  7.  David Gubbay       TX    13     39
  8.  Alex Bell          MD    09     39
  9.  Buddy Sinigaglio   CO    14     37
 10.  Marilyn Flowers    MD    14     30
 11.  Andrew Wilson      NJ    10     30
 12.  Nick Page          on    08     30
 13.  William Sparks     MD    07     30
 14.  Phil Rennert       MD    06     27
 15.  Sean McCulloch     OH    07     25
 16.  Ted Lange          GA    13     21
 17.  Carolyn Strock     PA    11     21
 18.  Keith Corbino      CT    12     18
 19.  David Platnick     VA    11     18
 20.  Rick Sciacca       FL    08     18
 21.  Lee Fitzjerrels    mc    04     18
 22.  Craig Moffitt      NJ    03     17
 23.  Evan Cagwin        PA    14     15
 24.  Greg Zegalia       PA    09     15
 25.  Ken Whitesell      PA    13     14
 26.  Tony Musella       NJ    09     12
 27.  Rob Flowers        MD    07     12
 28.  Seth Kirchner      KY    04     12
 29.  Chelsea Sinigaglio NJ    04      9
 30.  John Pack          CO    03      8
 31.  Gino Sinigaglio    NJ    11      6
 32.  Micah Hultgren     CA    10      6
 33.  Bob Heinzmann      FL    02      4
 34.  Dan Stock          PA    10      3
 35.  Dan Dolan Jr       NJ    02      3

2014 Laurelists
Repeating Laurelists:

John Schoose, IL

Brian Sutton, MD

Marilyn Flowers, MD

Evan Cagwin, PA

Buddy Sinigaglio, IA

Past Winners

Buddy Sinigaglio, CO

Larry Lingle, PA
2003, 2006, 2010

Brian Sutton, MD
2004, 2009

Karl Henning, CT

William Sparks, MD

Nick Page, on

Bill Morse, VA

John Schoose, IL

David Gubbay, TX

Tom Strock, PA

Karl Henning does not abandon the social graces when dealing with ruffians.

After all, one must dress properly to handle a light sabre if one is to remain a gentleman.

Carol Strock is said to be the true architecht of the young champion's training.

But Daniel Strock claims it just runs in the family and the lad got his training over his knee.

Still brought to you by BPAclassics.org ...

In the 13th year of Queen's Gambit play, the field dropped to its lowest level ever - not that surprising for a game that is long out of print and for which securing adequate copies has always been an issue.

In the preliminaries a total of 38 games were played in three separate heats with both sides winning 19. There is no time limit in the preliminary games and this usually slants the game somewhat towards the Naboo; however, as the results show, the preliminary game winners were evenly split between good and evil. In the time-limited playoffs, results favored the Trade Federation and they prevailed in nine of 15 games. In the grueling, four-round, time-limited playoffs the Trade Federation wins if it is still standing after two hours - this reflects the time-limited aspect of the battle in the theatre.

Overall in 2014, the combined tally for the preliminaries and the playoffs was 25 wins for the Jedi and 28 wins for the Sith. A statistical aberration occurred with the simultaneous elimination of Darth Maul and Obiwan Kenobi three times - one attacked and killed the other and the dying defender reciprocated with a Light Saber Riposte.

Special thanks are in order for Bill "General Grevious" Morse for his invaluable efforts as an Assistant GM and for his organizational and clerical skills.

Six former champions entered and all six advanced to the elimination rounds. Three-time cham- Lawrence Lingle performed best in the Preliminaries, winning in every heat. In all, 16 players advanced to the playoffs. They were led by favorites such as three time champ Lawrence "Lord Vader" Lingle, two-time champ Brian "Bossk" Sutton, 2005 champ Karl "Sith Witch" Henning, 2012 champ Jonathan "Jacen Solo" Schoose, defending champ David "The Hutt" Gubbay and the inaufural champ Buddy "Boba Fett" Sinigaglio. In addition, two prior runners-up returned to the gauntlet, Evan "Piell" Cagwin and Marilyn "Purple Queen" Flowers. Two prior runners-up failed to make the cut: Sean "Boss Nass" McCulloch and David "Plo Koon" Platnick.

In the Elimination round of 16 the eight matches were as follows: "Boba Fett" Sinigaglio disintegrated Karl "Sith Witch" Henning, Marilyn "Purple Queen" Flowers swatted David "Mustafarian Flea Rider" Meyarrd, "Jacen Solo" Schoose cleaved Ashton "Whorm Loathsome" Worley, Dan "Ganner Rhysode" Strock dispatched Alex "4-Lom" Lange, "Lord Vader" Lingle unpacked John "Ponda Baba" Pack, "Bossk" Sutton clawed Ted "Tamtel Skreeg" Lange, Tom "Tusken Raider" Strock sniped David "The Hutt" Gubbay and Evan "Piell" Cagwin unpeeled Keith "Ephant Mon" Boone.

The eight survivors moved on to the quarterfinals where, "Purple Queen" Flowers outfoxed "Boba Fett" Sinigaglio. Anakin served the "Purple Queen" by shutting down the droids, leaving only Darth Maul in opposition, but Maul was loose in Theed Palace after killing Quigon and Obiwan. Marilyn needed Window Ledge movement into the throne room before Maul could wipe out the Palace Guards. Maul reduced the guards to single digits before the "Purple Queen" ascended into the throne room claiming victory. In the other matches, "Bossk" Sutton bounced "Lord Vader" Lingle, "Jacen Solo" Schoose eschewed "Ganner Rhysode" Strock and Tom "Tusken Raider" Strock torpedoed Evan "Piell" Cagwin.

Four valiant heroes moved into the semifinals where "Jacen Solo" Schoose schmoozed Marilyn "Purple Queen" Flowers. In the other bracket, Tom "Tusken Raider" Strock skinned Brian "Bossk" Sutton. Tom killed Maul with the play of only five cards, thus causing a rapid collapse of the droids with two Jedi loose in Theed Palace.

The Championship game thus matched 2012 champion John "Jacen Solo" Schoose as the Naboo vs Tom "Tusken Raider" Strock. The game was fought almost entirely in Theed Palace and was not close. Darth Maul killed Quigon and Obiwan and a fistful of Palace Guards before the Maul cards dried up. Then the Droideka took over, killing Panaka and the Purple Queen. The Naboo were soon subjugated. The Federation lost only one Droideka.

Congratulations are in order for Tom "Tusken Raider" Strock, who was awarded a trained "Bantha." It was assumed that the Tusken would not accept a Championship Plaque, as Tuskens place little value upon firewood; however, that was not the case for Tom, who took the plaque and the Bantha. In the elimination rounds, Tom had to defeat prior champions Schoose, Sutton and Gubbay as well as former runner-up Cagwin. This was quite a streak. Rumor has it that repeated beatings at the hands of his sister was instrumental in developing Tom's skills.

The "Purple Queen" Marilyn Flowers
is a regular contender in the lists.

Keith Boone denies Chris Kizer his entry
into the guantlet. Another day, grasshopper.

 GM     Buddy Sinigaglio  [7th Year]  NA 
   sinigaglio@hotmail.com   303-915-1515

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