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Updated Nov. 16, 2015

2015 WBC Report

2016 Status: pending 2016 GM commitment

Ewan McNay, NY

2015 Champion

Event History

1999 Daniel Lawall 40
2000 Bradley Johnson 41
2001 Jeff Ribeiro 44
2002 Jeff Cornett 42
2003 Brad Johnson 71
2004 Brad Johnson 61
2005 Bill Dyer 65
2006 Brad Johnson 56
2007 Scott Buckwalter 66
2008 Brad Johnson 68
2009 Brad Johnson 65
2010 Alexandra Henning 63
2011 Brad Johnson 72
2012 Chris Gnech 67
2013 Mark Geary 94
2014 Keith Boone 99
2015 Ewan McNay 94


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Brad Johnson       IL    11    318
  2.  Alex Henning       PA    15     99
  3.  Ewan McNay         NY    15     98
  4.  Bill Navolis       MD    12     67
  5.  Keith Boone        MD    15     65
  6.  Mark Geary         OH    13     50
  7.  Jason Levine       NY    10     50
  8.  Jeff Finkeldey     OH    11     40
  9.  Scott Buckwalter   MD    07     40
 10.  Bill Dyer          IL    05     40
 11.  Jeff Cornett       FL    02     40
 12.  Jeff Ribeiro       NH    01     40
 13.  Dan Lawall         VA    00     39
 14.  James Kendrick     uk    08     36
 15.  Chris Gnech        PA    12     34
 16.  Curt Collins II    PA    15     32
 17.  Ken Samuel         VA    12     32
 18.  Kara Felix         PA    15     30 
 19.  Tamara Houde       VA    04     30
 20.  Tom McCorry        VA    11     28
 21.  Rich Shipley       MD    07     28
 22.  Cliff Ackman       PA    06     28
 23.  Nick Henning       CT    13     26
 24.  Steve Cuccaro      MD    12     24
 25.  Charles Squibb     PA    11     24
 26.  Brian Schott       MD    07     24
 27.  Lance Ribeiro      NH    05     24
 28.  George Seary       NY    01     24
 29.  Andrew George      NY    14     20
 30.  David Meyaard      NY    14     20
 31.  Ralph Gleaton      SC    08     20
 32.  Craig Trader       VA    15     19
 33.  Jeff Power         MI    05     19
 34.  David des Jardins  CA    03     18
 35.  Dan Mathias        MD    10     16
 36.  Brad Davis         VA    08     16
 37.  Jonathan Tivel     VA    04     16
 38.  Dan McGowan        ME    01     16
 39.  Winton LeMoine     CA    12     13
 40.  Clyde Kruskal      MD    03     12
 41.  Rodd Polsky        PA    02     12
 42.  Vic Hutcherson     MD    00     12
 43.  David Davis        OH    99     12
 44.  Josh Githens       SC    09     10
 45.  David Kyle         PA    99      9
 46.  Scott Chupak       IL    09      8
 47.  Reiko Brooks       TN    08      8
 48.  Carl Sykes         SC    07      8
 49.  Mark Neale         RI    05      8
 50.  Kevin LeRow        MA    99      6
 51.  Haakon Monsen      no    13      5
 52.  Pat Mitchell       DE    03      3
2015 Laurelists Returning Laurelists: 4

Kara Felix, PA

Curt Collins II, PA

Keith Boone, MD

Alex Henning, PA

Craig Trader, VA

Past Winners

Daniel Lawall, VA

Brad Johnson, IL
00, 03, 04, 06, 08-09, 11

Jeff Ribeiro, NH

Jeff Cornett, FL

Bill Dyer, IL

Scott Buckwalter, MD

Alexandra Henning, CT

Chris Gnech, PA

Mark Geary, OH

Keith Boone, MD

Rebecca Crites, Michael Sana and RG Gleaton battle bots.

Dan Lawall and Curt Collins plot mayhem to one another.

Bill Navolis and Sam Packwood plot their routes.

Bonnie Bogovich, Alicia Coit, and Alexandra Henning program bots.

Not Even the Hula
Gets in the Way of Robo Rally

The race to touch Flag 3 has made it's final appearance at the Lancaster Host. Many were the robots destroyed by falling building debris (a huge cost savings over the use of crushers). Out of the wreckage emerged six to vie for the grand prize. Four of whom were among the most recent visitors to the Final table. But enough about them, yours truly, actually advanced this year, winning the Death Race heat against the defending Champion. Of course, he had already qualified in the first heat, but still... Speaking of the Death Race, I had really hoped this would be a fast heat, and for some it was, but for the majority it was normal in length, with the last table finishing literally on the last hand allowed by our three-hour time limit.

Sadly, my performance in the semifinals was more typical. On my last life I managed to touch the first flag on the same turn the second player (two advanced from each table) touched Flag 3. 

After the overly long Final board of 2014, I decided to make things a little easier. We used all boards from the new Hasbro edition of Roborally. This worked really well. Each flag had more than one person going for it at the same time and the game was fun for all participants. We also finished in just over three hours. The new Champion, Ewan McNay, made one of the best programmed moves I have seen in some time to get the win.

Of note this year, of the four crash and burn awards that should have been given out, one, it turns out was mis-awarded and another was not awarded. In both cases the last death of the robot happened very late in the timeslot. At the first table, the players thought it was too late. I happened to be at the table when their second victim achieved his end, and assuming he was the first of the day we gave him the award. I did not realize until I had received the scoresheet from the table later that they had had an earlier victim. They forgot that I do not allow this award to be given out without making sure everyone in the tournament (and the rest of whatever room we are in) know about it.  During the semifinals, it happened on the last turn in my game, when we realized it, the player had already left the room and was nowhere to be found. 

Another item of note, sadly seven-time champion Brad Johnson was unable to be at the convention this year due to medical issues. We did however send along our best wishes along with a group photo from Heat 3. My personal thanks go out to those who participated in that. Our last word was that everything had gone well and we can expect to see Brad doing the Robo-dance again in 2016.

On a final note. I myself will only be at Seven Springs for part of the week next year as my parents are flying the whole family out to Hawaii for their 50th anniversary, which happens to fall on July 23. As of right now, it is looking like I will not arrive until Thursday. I know … tough luck, but somebody has to do the hula. I am however making arrangements for my assistant GMs (Brad and Mike) to handle things before I arrive, so hopefully there will be no disruption. 

GM Marc Houde heads the table with his six finalists.
GM Marc F. Houde [17th Year] 113 Lee St., Front Royal, VA 22630 202-487-6272

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