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Updated Nov. 23, 2013

2013 WBC Report    

 2014 Status: pending 2014 GM commitment

Brian Mongold, MD

2013 Champion

Event History
1999    Rebekah Garton     37
2000    Tim Dolan     68
2001    Devin Flawd     60
2005    Seth Gunar     47
2006    Seth Gunar     42
2007     Jean Younkin     49
2008    Steve Caler     51
2009    Phil White     53
2010     Bill Beckman     43
2011    Luke Koleszar     37
2012    Phil White     42
2013    Brian Mongold     50


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Phillip White      MD    13     99
  2.  Seth Gunar         NJ    13    102
  3.  Steve Caler        OH    13     42
  4.  Luke Koleszar      VA    11     42
  5.  Jim Bell           MD    12     39
  6.  Brian Mongold      MD    13     36
  7.  Bill Beckman       SC    10     30
  8.  Kevin Brown        GA    08     30
  9.  Jean Younkin       VA    07     30
 10.  Devin Flawd        PA    01     30
 11.  Tim Dolan          NJ    00     30
 12.  Mike Buccheri      MD    13     24
 13.  Steve Cameron      PA    13     20
 14.  Ralph Gleaton      SC    12     18
 15.  Fabio Pellegrino   it    11     18
 16.  Haim Hochboim      il    09     18
 17.  Derek Miller       VA    07     18
 18.  Keith MacFarland   NJ    05     18
 19.  Dan Hoffman        NC    01     18
 20.  Andy Lewis         DE    00     18
 21.  John Weber         MD    11     15
 22.  Curt Collins       PA    11     12
 23.  Henry Pfeiffer     SC    10     12
 24.  Carol Caler        OH    10     12
 25.  Steve May          MD    01     12
 26.  Bill Place         PA    00     12
 27.  Rebekkah Garton    VA    99     10
 28.  Rob Schoenen       PA    12      9
 29.  Mark Mitchell      VA    11      9
 30.  Tom McCorry        VA    08      9
 31.  Nate Timko         PA    07      9
 32.  Chad Gormly        MA    06      9
 33.  Stuart Tucker      MD    05      9
 34.  Adam Gugliemini    PA    01      9
 35.  Darren Velez       NY    00      9
 36.  Rob Buccheri       MD    07      6
 37.  Dan Dolan Jr       NJ    01      6
 38.  Bob Olivere        AZ    00      6
 39.  Ken Sheffield      VA    99      4
 40.  Matt Deuber        OH    10      3
 41.  Angelo Ricchiuto   PA    09      3
 42.  Cameron Spaner     MD    08      3
 43.  Marshall Daw       NM    07      3
 44.  Mike Garton        VA    06      3
 45.  Rex Lehman         FL    05      3
 46.  Dave Bohnenberger  PA    01      3
 47.  Brian Carr         VA    00      3
 48.  Joe Sposito        NJ    99      1

2013 Laurelists                                           Repeating Laurelists:

Seth Gunar, NJ

Steve Cameron, PA

Phil White, MD

Mike Buccheri, MD

Steve Caler, MD

Past Winners

Rebekkah Garton, VA

Tim Dolan, NJ

Devin Flawd, PA

Seth Gunar, NJ

Jean Younkin, VA

Steve Caler, OH

Phil White, MD
2009, 2012

Bill Beckman, SC

Luke Koleszar, VA

Brian Mongold, MD

Brian Mongold starts his drive to the title in a qualifying heat run by Joshua Garton.

John McLaughlin runs a qualifying heat. Heats are offered three times during the week.

The Mafia led by Ralph Gleaton and Bill Beckman are out to qualify in this heat and move on to the big oval Final.

Michael Garton starts the WBC 250 Final. With so many finalists, multiple GMs are used to keep the game moving quickly.

The WBC 250 ...

He Who Laughs Last ...

At each of the three heats, plenty of drivers appeared attempting to qualify for the WBC 250 on Saturday. As usual, the top three in each preliminary race were awarded spots in the 250. Usually that qualifying field is thinned quite a but by no shows, but this year only one qualifier forfeited his spot, resulting in a record field of 27 drivers. The field included 17 veterans, three former champs, and ten rookies.

As soon as the green flag dropped, rookie Anita Lollis played two Pass Two cards attempting to drive towards the front. Josh Githens bump drafted Robert Buccheri in an effort to get the outside lane out in front of the inside lane. This maneuver propelled Buccheri in to the lead for the turn. Turn 2 had plenty of action on the track with Joshua Coyle throwing the first block on Carol Caler and the lead changed with Githens out front. Plenty of gaps started to appear throughout the field. On Turn 3, taking advantage of the gaps, Jason Levine slingshot passed to an open gap and then pulled away to keep the momentum going, gaining a few positions in the middle of the pack. The lead changed with 2010 champ Bill Beckman taking over. Turn 4 amazingly resulted in two 3-card trinities of Good Engine Setting, Good Car Setup, and Learn the Track being put in play by Joshua Coyle and Scott Nerney. Githens regained the lead. Turn 5 resulted in much shuffling of positions throughout the pack with Beckman reclaiming the lead. But a Turn 6 crash claimed Beckman, Jared McLaughlin, and Wayne Mucklaw. Players took their pit stops under yellow with Eric Ritter coming out of the pits with the lead. On the restart, Ritter blocked two pass attempts to stay in front. Coyle shifted to the outside lane and pulled away for the lead on Turn 8. The next turn Mike Buccheri passed Coyle for the lead, but Coyle passed him back to retain the top spot. Turn 10 saw 2009 champ Phil White taking the lead position momentarily, but quickly faded to second, letting Ritter hold the top spot for the turn.

Ritter continued to hold the lead when green flag pit stops were made. Taking advantage of quick pit times, White moved out to a commanding lead with Steve Cameron and Brian Mongold making up positions to reach the front of the pack. With the cars spread out, teamwork was required to catch the leader. Finally, on Turn 14, Mongold caught and passed White for the lead at the 200 Lap mark. With 50 laps to go, the racing bogged down with low lap counts, resulting in a grueling 4 12 hour race that normally should end in three hours. On Turn 15, M. Buccheri and Cameron made up a huge amount of ground with the help of Steve Caler. The lead group at this point was Mongold, Githens, White, Cameron and M. Buccheri. Another turn saw M. Buccheri realize the lead on the outside. Mongold dropped to the inside, leaving Githens out to dry with no drafting help. Turn 17 gave Steve Lollis the dubious honor of being the first car ever lapped in a Final. In true racing form, Steve played through the entire race even though he had no chance to contend. Turn 18 saw little action at the front, but John Shaheen made a nice move to pull the middle of the pack closer to the leaders. On the last turn there were eight cars in the lead pack, seven on the lead lap. M. Buccheri made his move first and took the lead. Two-time champ Seth Gunar moved to the outside with Cameron bump drafting Gunar into the lead, but then slingshot passed to take the inside lead and used a Two Wide card to protect his lead. Mongold, knowing his shot was on the outside, bump drafted Gunar and slingshot passed to the lead on the inside following the same strategy as Cameron. He who laughs last, laughs best.

There were a total of 12 lead changes among ten drivers. Coyle led the most laps with 48. Rob Buccheri led the first six laps, never to lead again. The winner, Mongold, started on the last row along with Gunar who took second. Cooperative passing and bump drafting again made the difference.

Dave Bohnenberger instructs his car to draft.
 GM     Michael Garton [7th year]  NA  NA 

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