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Updated Nov. 16, 2015

2015 WBC Report

2016 Status: pending December 2015 Membership Trial Vote

Bradley Raszewski, MD

2015 Champion

Event History

2004 Kevin Wojtaszczyk 44
2006 Tony Vickery 48
2007 Ken Gutermuth 47
2008 Laurel Stokes 56
2009 Roni Breza 55
2010 Patrick Shea 54
2011 Janet Ottey 58
2012 Carolyn Strock 60
2013 Doug Faust 51
2014 Jim Savarick 42
2015 Bradley Raszewski 53


 Rank Name             From Last Total
   1. Ken Gutermuth     TX   10    62
   2. Janet Ottey       PA   11    28
   3. Carolyn Strock    PA   13    26
   4. Patrick Shea      VA   13    26
   5. Chris Gnech       PA   15    24
   6. Bradley Raszewski MD   15    20
   7. Doug Faust        NY   13    20
   8. Roni Breza        VA   09    20
   9. Laurel Stokes     NJ   08    20
  10. Tony Vickery      bc   06    20
  11. Kevin Wojtaszczyk NY   06    20
  12. Matt Calkins      VA   15    18
  13. Sean McCulloch    OH   12    16
  14. Nick Smith        uk   15    14
  15. Jeff Cornett      FL   12    14
  16. Debbie Gutermuth  NC   13    12
  17. Perrianne Lurie   PA   10    12
  18. April Gardner     VA   08    12
  19. Scott Nerney      RI   07    12
  20. Daniel Ottey      PA   12    10
  21. Christian Moffa   NJ   15     8
  22. Bobbi Warczak     CA   13     8
  23. Rob Flowers       MD   10     8
  24. Edward Fu         NY   09     8
  25. Karen McCulloch   OH   07     8
  26. Kathy Stroh       DE   06     8
  27. Fred Minard       PA   04     8
  28. Rob Kircher       RI   11     6
  29. Eric Monte        NY   09     6
  30. Virginia Colin    VA   08     6
  31. Andy Latto        MA   06     6
  32. John Pack         CO   13     4
  33. Luke Koleszar     VA   12     4
  34. Cary Morris       NC   11     4
  35. Norman Rule       MD   09     4
  36. William Duke      MD   04     4
  37. Lauren Bohaczuk   MD   15     2
  38. Bob Wicks         CT   12     2
  39. Jennifer Gorman   PA   11     2
  40. Ben Gardner       VA   09     2
  41. Michelle Hymowitz MD   07     2
  42. Aurora Pack       CO   06     2
  43. Katherine McCorry VA   04     2
2015 Laurelists Returning Laurelists: 0

Chris Gnech, PA

Christian Moffa, NJ

Nick Smith, uk

Matt Calkins, VA

Lauren Bohaczuk, MD

Past Winners

Kevin Wojtaszczyk, NY

Tony Vickery, BC

Ken Gutermuth, NC

Laurel Stokes, NJ

Roni Breza, VA

Patrick Shea, VA

Janet Ottey, PA

Carolyn Strock, PA

Doug Faust, NY

Jim Savarick, MD

Last Chance at Glory ...

TransAmerica’s short game length and one start status likely prevents it from ever reaching “Century” status, but its popularity as a Sunday “getaway” event enhances its chance of being voted back in as a Trial each year. Indeed, for many this event is the last chance for WBC glory. The event does draw a bit of a crowd—53 entries was 11 more than in 2014, perhaps bolstered by an influx of losers from the 9 am Splendor semifinals. And as usual, there were some who had competed in the TransAmerica Junior tournament earlier in the week and looking to move up to the big leagues.

The GM had expended much effort in the weeks leading up to WBC imploring friends and acquaintances to lend or show up with copies of the game. And so, unlike previous years, there were actually enough copies to seat everyone comfortably at 13 tables for the first round. Nobody was forced to use the dreaded TransEuropa set. And after some typical Sunday-morning exhausted-brain confusion, the first round got going in good time.

One winner decided to depart after the first round, and so it became an easy decision to promote all 25 remaining winner and runners-up to the semifinal round. Round 2 was briskly played, and produced a nice mix of finalists from previous years and new faces, including at least one graduate from the Junior’s tourney. All five semifinal winners advanced to the Final. Lauren Bohaczuk, who lost her game on a tie-breaker, was awarded sixth place. She was disappointed to miss the Final, but was happy to earn her first-ever laurels and rid herself of that annoying “0” on her badge.

The five survivors were Chris Gnech, Nick Smith, Matt Calkins, Chris Moffa, and Bradley Raszewski, fine players all, although none had reached the Final in the past four years and the last two had yet to earn TAM laurels of any kind. Also different was the general strategy for choosing starting locations. In 2014 it was noted that players were tending to stay in the central area of the map to start, to avoid the possibility of being left unconnected from the other players. But this year, player start areas tended to be spread over the map more. It is still unclear if this is due to personal preference or an evolution of strategy, but this year the central area was rarely used as a start location.

The game was close through the first two rounds, but after the fourth round, Bradley held a clear lead, with only Chris within striking distance. And after a surprising start in Atlanta, Bradley won the last round easily, to take the game and score his first TAM laurels in style. The final score was Bradley Raszewski 2, Chris Gnech 6, Chris Moffa 14, Nick Smith and Matt Calkins 16 each.

Hopefully the event will be voted in as a trial once again, and  Bradley will come to defend his crown at Seven Springs in 2016.

Chalk up a fouth one for Andrew.

The simplest of the train games makes a good juniors entry point.

Trans America Junior

As if doing penance in the Junior's room wasn't enough to earn favor with St Peter, Daniel Broh-Kahn goes back again for more punishment. Following his duties running Blokus, the GM pulls a double header by hosting 31 little train engineers for another bout of brownie points with the man upstairs. There were 31 little train travellers on Tuesday morning this year for the little engine that could Junior tournament. 8-year-old proved the best of hem while earning his fourth Juniors win of the week. Other accomplished train riders were:

2nd: John Wobbeking, age 11

3rd: Zachary Morris, age 10

4th: Chloe Smith, age 9—repeating her 2014 performance

5th: Aidan McNay, age 12

6th: Julia Carrigan, age 12

GM Dave Bohnenberger [3rd Year] NA NA

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