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Updated Nov. 16, 2015

2015 WBC Report

2016 Status: pending 2016 GM commitment

Brian Sutton, MD

2015 Champion

Event History

1994 Paul Goliwas 26
1995 Bruno Wolff 26
1996 Brian Sutton 17
1997 Brian Sutton 29
1998 Ed Rothenheber 39
1999 Jason Ley 32
2000 Brian Sutton 36
2001 Andrew Gross 30
2002 Dan Strock 36
2003 Aaron Fuegi 25
2004 David des Jardins 24
2005 David des Jardins 24
2006 John Sharp III 26
2007 Sean McCulloch 22
2008 Aaron Fuegi 29
2009 David desJardins 30
2010 Aaron Fuegi 30
2011 Aaron Fuegi 24
2012 Michael Pustilnik 20
2013 Aaron Fuegi 25
2014 Aaron Fuegi 25
2015 Brian Sutton 26


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Aaron Fuegi        MA    15    283
  2.  David des Jardins  CA    13    179
  3.  Brian Sutton       MD    15    123
  4.  Dan Strock         PA    14    109
  5.  Jason Ley          WA    12     68
  6.  David Finberg      MA    11     57
  7.  Sean McCulloch     OH    10     57
  8.  Bruno Wolff        WI    15     50
  9.  Andrew Gross       WA    03     49
 10.  Michael Pustilnik  NY    15     42
 11.  Ed Rothenheber     MD    12     33
 12.  John Sharp III     FL    06     32
 13.  Clifford Smith     PA    05     28
 14.  David Platnick     VA    09     27
 15.  Jeff Cornett       FL    06     18
 16.  Steve Koleszar     VA    13     17
 17.  Bill Dufton        CA    02     16
 18.  Arthur Wines       PA    15     15
 19.  Masahide Hisanaga  jp    07     12
 20.  Ben Foy            MD    02     12
 21.  Chuck Nail         GA    02     12
 22.  Larry Lingle       PA    01     12
 23.  Akihisa Tabei      jp    15      9
 24.  Geoffrey Pounder   on    07      9
 25.  Dave Burkey        PA    04      4
 26.  Nick Page          on    08      3
 27.  Rick Northey       MA    05      3
 28.  Jason Russ         VA    99      2
2015 Laurelists Returning Laurelists: 5

Aaron Fuegi, MA

Bruno Wolff, WI

Michael Pustilnik, NY

Akihisa Tabei, jp

Arthur Wines, PA

Past Winners

Paul Goliwas, MD

Bruno Wolff, WI

Brian Sutton, MD
1996-97, 2000, 2015

Ed Rothenheber, MD

Jason Ley, WA

Andrew Gross, WA

Dan Strock, PA

Aaron Fuegi, MA
03, 08, 10-11, 13-14

David des Jardins, CA
2004-05, 2009

John Sharp III, FL

Sean McCulloch, OH

Michael Pustilnik, NY

David Hanechak vs Sean McCulloch

Titan GM Bruno Wolff vs Julie Ehlers

Robert Masso vs GM Rich Atwater

GM Rich Atwater oversees his finalists.

Return to Glory 15 Years Later ...

One of the more interesting situations in the early rounds was in the first round battle between Bruce Rae’s titan and Michael Pustilnik’s titan. On the next to last round, Bruce’s titan had one hit point left and Michael’s had 2. Bruce had an unwounded angel and warbear. Michael’s dilemma was this: should he advance a lion with four hits into the bramble next to the titan and angel hoping to get a 6 since it was striking out of the bramble or advance the titan and hope to get a mutual with either a 5 or a 6? With a mutual, there is a roll off with a 50% chance of advancing. If the lion fails to hit, the unwounded angel will make short work of Michael’s titan with two remaining hit points. Michael tried to calculate the odds of the lion rolling a 6 and decided it was slightly better than a 50% chance (It is 59.8% if my math is correct). So he took that option, rolled exactly one six, and won.

In one semifinal, Michael decided his best result would be if he attacked with his 6 titan, three trolls and a ranger with a summon against Aaron Fuegi’s Angel, behemoth and three cyclops. The attack did not go well and Aaron advanced. In the other bracket, Bruno Wolff was watching five opponent stacks recruiting hydras, so he took the opportunity to attack Brian Sutton’s titan with his two-behemoth, two-gorgon titan stack. Brian had two hydras and a couple other creatures on the defense, and both titans were 7 high. As expected, the hydras made the difference, but sometimes desperation forces attacks which may not be high percentage.

The Final between Aaron and Brian was short in duration but had plenty of drama. There were only three battles and all were critical. Brian received the first 42 points when he attacked two gargoyles and a cyclops in the jungle with three rangers and a gargoyle. The angel was summoned only after the battle ended without a loss for the attacker. The next battle Aaron attacked with his angel stack the same victorious stack in the same jungle with the defender having mustered a gargoyle and summoned an angel. Aaron had a cyclops, three lions, ranger, griffon, and angel, and survived with griffon and angel, plus an important extra pip on the titan when the gargoyles mustered during the battle. The final battle took place in the hills where the defenders were three rangers and two minotaurs. Aaron’s 7 titan also had three ogres, two trolls and a cyclops with an angel to summon. The battle did not go well for Aaron, and when only the unwounded titan was left, he advanced on a ranger at the top of a hill needing two hits and got them, but the ranger was replaced by a ranger with one hit, and Aaron failed to roll three dice of 5 or higher on the next swing. The rangers had 12 dice combined, and were able to get seven combined hits of 4 or better, so the battle ended as a mutual.

Brian Sutton returns to the 2-player championship after a long hiatus. More than 15 years previously Brian had won three 2-player championships in five years. Aaron continues his very impressive streak of eight consecutive trips to the semifinals with five titles in that time.

GM Rich Atwater [12th Year] NA
kmarma@comcast.net 253-241-6829

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