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Updated Nov. 10, 2014

2014 WBC Report   

 2015 Status: pending 2015 GM commitment

Carter Waite, VA

2014 Champion

Event History
1997    Peter Staab        72
1998    Brian Sutton      178
1999    Kaarin Engelmann     115
2000    Alan Witte       97
2001    Rebecca Hebner       56
2002    Joe Sposito       45
2003    Brenden Coomes       47
2004     Devin Flawd       63
2005    Robert Kircher       79
2006     Olin Hentz       74
2007    Harry Flawd       89
2008     Matt Calkins     116
2009     Greg Crowe       91
2010    Angela Collinson       81
2011    Jordan Shea       81
2012    Matt Calkins     105
2013    Doug Smith       92
2014    Carter Waite       96


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1. Matt Calkins        VA    12     60
  2. Rebecca Hebner      CO    09     57
  3. Alan Witte          NJ    00     50
  4. Ewan McNay          CT    14     48
  5. Harry Flawd         PA    14     45
  6. Brendan Coomes      OH    14     44
  7. Devon Miller        VA    13     42
  8. Jordan Shea         CT    12     42
  9. Joseph Sposito      NJ    02     40
 10. Greg Crowe          MD    14     39
 11. Devin Flawd         PA    09     38
 12. Bruce Monnin        OH    06     38
 13. Dan Eshleman        NC    08     36
 14. Kaarin Engelmann    VA    00     35
 15. Robert Kircher      RI    06     33
 16. Angela Collinson    FL    14     32
 17. Carter Waite        VA    14     30
 18. Doug Smith          PA    13     30
 19. Gerald Lientz       VA    07     30
 20. Olin Hentz          CT    06     30
 21. Buddy Sinigaglio    CO    00     30
 22. Greg Zegalia        PA    13     18
 23. Charles Squibb      PA    13     18
 24. Thomas Melton       VA    11     18
 25. Evan Hitchings      DE    09     18
 26. Keith Levy          MD    01     18
 27. Jerry Ohlinger      NY    99     18
 28. Rodd Polsky         PA    02     16
 29. John Coussis        IL    12     15
 30. Eric Gorr           VA    00     15
 31. James Hopkin        CA    02     14
 32. Rebecca Melton      VA    09     12
 33. Jordan Flawd        CT    06     12
 34. Greg Thatcher       FL    06     12
 35. Rob Schoenen        PA    04     12
 36. Josh Campbell       NY    03     12
 37. Arthur Field        SC    02     12
 38. Ken Sheffield       VA    01     12
 39. Craig Melton        VA    99     12
 40. Josh Githens        SC    00     10
 41. Steve Shambeda      PA    12      9
 42. John Speck          MD    11      9
 43. Steve Cameron       PA    08      9
 44. Jim Garvey          NY    07      9
 45. Carmen Petruzelli   PA    05      9
 46. Chris Greenfield    NY    03      9
 47. Scott Buckwalter    MD    01      9
 48. Tim Packwood        DE    10      8
 49. Abby Cocke          MD    04      8
 50. Bram Walzl          VA    11      6
 51. Sam Bowercraft      PA    10      6
 52. Brooks Beyma        MD    08      6
 53. Dennis Mishler      CT    07      6
 54. Nick Henning        CT    06      6
 55. Morio Taketori      jp    05      6
 56. Mark Love           MD    04      6
 57. Rob Brode           MD    03      6
 58. Randy Jackson       OH    99      6
 59. Jefferson Meyer     MA    10      4
 60. Tracy Graf          MD    04      4
 61. Lance Ribeiro       NH    02      4
 62. Michael Coomes      OH    13      3
 63. Anna Rinko          VA    12      3
 64. Joanne Melton       VA    11      3
 65. Greg Thatcher       CA    08      3
 66. Jean-Francois Gagne qc    07      3
 67. Mark Mitchell       VA    03      3
 68. Gordon Elgart       CA    01      3
 69. Jason Ley           WA    99      3
 70. John Poniske Jr     PA    05      2
 71. Joe Nemet           PA    04      2

2014 Laurelists
Repeating Laurelists:

Ewan McNay, NY

Angela Collinson, MD

Greg Crowe, MD

Brendan Coomes, OH

Harry Flawd, PA

Past Winners

Peter Staab, PA

Brian Sutton, MD

Kaarin Englemann, VA

Alan Witte, NJ

Rebecca Hebner, CO

Joe Sposito, NJ

Brendan Coomes, OH

Devin Flawd, PA

Robert Kircher, RI

Olin Hentz, CT

Harry Flawd, PA

Matt Calkins, VA
2008, 2012

Greg Crowe, MD

Angela Collinson, MD

Jordan Shea, CT

Doug Smith, PA

Carter Waite, VA

Father and son McNays

Harry Flawd and Tim Packwood with Bruce Monnin

Always a titanic and now legendary struggle ...

All Hail the 17th champ in 18 years ... winners don't last long in the arena.

While a slight increase over last year's attendance is always welcome news, what is most gratifying is the huge number of new players. We had 27 people who hadn't played Titan: The Arena at WBC before, or at least not in the last six years since I started keeping player records from year to year. Approximately one in every four is quite an influx.

Of the 28 qualifiers to win at least one heat, 22 reappeared ready to battle it out. Joining them were three alternates to round out five 5-player tables. As in many of the heats, one semifinal table had a Head Referee card played in the first round that actually revealed someone's secret bet. However, unlike most of those heat games, George Galuschak managed to keep his revealed Unicorn alive and very nearly won in doing so.

The Final table may have had the highest concentration of former champions (three) in tournament history. Rounding out the table were a two-time finalist and one of those aforementioned new players. This game opened up with a first round on the longer side, with everyone feeling things out, until Ewan finally killed the unloved Cyclops with its zero strength card. The second round went much more quickly as Brendan killed the Titan which also had attracted no bets.

As usual, the third round was when the negotiations began in earnest. Ewan was the only one with two first round bets, and since he and Carter had supported each other's Troll and Ranger, the other three tried to decide which of either of those two or Ewan's Hydra (on which he also placed a third-round bet) would die. Greg made the decision to not kill the Hydra when he had the chance - time would tell whether this was a tactical blunder or simple act of mercy. Thus the play got back around to Carter who made the decision to kill her 3-point bet on Ewan's Ranger rather than risk her Troll. This killed two secret bets - Brendan's and Ewan's.

Ewan knew he had to garner some sympathy from the table in order to have a chance at keeping his Hydra alive, so he revealed his secret bet on the dead Ranger at the first opportunity. As is the nature of the game, the rounds came and went much quicker by this point. Carter mistakenly played a low card on the Warlock which she later stated was intended to play on the Unicorn. This allowed Ewan to make sure his Hydra survived again by killing the Warlock, which had 1st and 4th-round bets by Greg, as well as wagers by Brendan and Carter.

With four creatures left and the Hydra still in play, the last round ended with each player taking a single turn. Cards were low, so the others could not close the deal before Ewan got a turn. He used the Hydra power to play two cards, and as a result killed the Unicorn, which not only had Brendan's 1st-round bet, but also the secret bets of Angela and Greg. If the Unicorn had managed to survive, those eight points would have carried Angela to victory, but alas. When the chips fell, it was Carter who had the most points, due to having the only surviving secret bet (on the Dragon).

In addition to the finalist trophies, I also was able to give out six special medals themed after some of the spectator cards in the game. For achieving 6th place by virtue of the closest second in the Finals(13 points out of a 15-point win), the Mighty Minotaur went to Harry Flawd. The Battling Behemoth went to the player with the most kills in regular heat play, which this year was Isaac Clizbe. Greg Zegalia earned the Shining Serpent for losing 10 points on his Hydra in the last round of his heat game. Carmen Petruzelli's win of 10 points and needing to go to tiebreakers snagged him the Weary Warbear. Isaac Clizbe medaled again with an 8-point last place score to win the Ardent Angel. And lastly the Overachieving Ogre went to Dale Long for scoring 32 points among his regular heat games.

Congratulations to Carter for winning the tournament, especially after only having started playing the game this year. Everyone, thank you all for making this another successful tourney, and I'll (hopefully) see you all for our last time in Lancaster!

The Hydra table is full of lil monsters.

 Greg Crowe has supplied this event with extra trophies for years.

 Titan: The Arena Junior 2014

This year we managed to attract 15 young players to fill three full, 5-player tables on Tuesday afternoon. As was the norm for the Juniors games in past years, the diplomacy and negotiations flew fast and furious from beginning to end. Deals were struck, bargains broken, hopes were dashed and plans came to fruition, and eventually the three winners and closest two runners-up met at the Final table to receive their trophies. But not before one last battle!

It started with one of the longest first rounds ever. As every single creature ended up with an open bet, none could be unanimously targeted as the first one to be eliminated. As Kira had no less than three bets placed, it was arguably inevitable that one of those would take the hit. Sure enough, her ranger ended up being the first sent off to the locker room despite the chants of "Cyclops" from many of the players (for some reason).

The second round was also fairly long, with every surviving creature getting another bet. The experience of these finalists was evident in that there were no repeat bets from the same player on the same creature in the two rounds. Everyone started to forge their alliances, some of which would be broken before the game was over, but one didn't even last the round. In a bold move, David decided it was better to lose his three-point bet on Kira's Hydra than to risk his own Dragon.

At this point only one player had two first-round bets left, so either Sydney's Titan or Warlock were likely to be next on the chopping block. Kira managed to get a form of revenge for her two fallen creatures by eliminating the Titan, which, unbeknownst to most, also voided the secret bets of both Ethan and Lucas.

As the fourth round drew to a close, Sydney had a tough choice. Not being able to put down the Dragon which had none of her bets on it, she instead ended the two points she had on the Cyclops. This was worse news for Ethan and David, who each had four points on him.

On to the last round. With Lucas' 4-point bet and the three remaining secret bets on the Unicorn, it was almost certain to survive, which was good news for Kira, who also had a 3-pointer on it. Even so, she still had her work cut out for her, as only one combination of survivors would win her the game. In an amazing display of negotiation, she got just that, and managed to get rid of the Warlock, along with many of Ethan's and Sydney's points. In the end, Kira squeaked out a hard-won victory. Congratulations, Kira, and thanks to all our juniors players!

~ 1st: Kira Buehler, age 9

~ 2nd: David DeAcereto, age 12

~ 3rd: Sydney Matusiak, age 10

~ 4th: Lucas Holmquist; age 11

~ 5th: Ethan Shipley-Tang; age 9 and defending champion

~ 6th: Jack Griffith, age 10

 GM     Greg Crowe  (12th year)   8228 Red Wing Ct, Frederick, MD 21701
   gregcrowe@mindspring.com   NA 

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