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 2014 WBC Report  

 2015 Status: pending 2015 GM commitment

Akihisa Tabei, jp

2014 Champion

Event History
1991    Steve Rareshide    43
1992    Kevin Quirk    48
1993    Brian Sutton    58
1994    Chuck Kaplan    67
1995    Steve Koleszar    65
1996    Ben Foy    66
1997    Dave Finberg    72
1998    Jung Yueh    78
1999    Dave des Jardins     51
2000    Rich Atwater    60
2001    Steve Koleszar    55
2002    Ed Rothenheber    51
2003    David Finberg    60
2004    Aaron Fuegi    39
2005    David des Jardins    51
2006     Kevin Hillock    38
2007     Aaron Fuegi    45
2008    Jason Ley    37
2009     David Finberg    42
2010    Aaron Fuegi    38
2011    David Finberg    43
2012    Dan Strock    37
2013    Arthur Wines    36
2014    Akihisa Tabei    34


Rank  Name             From  Last  Total
  1.  Dave Finberg      MA    12    289
  2.  Aaron Fuegi       MA    14    273
  3.  David des Jardins CA    11    185
  4.  Rich Atwater      WA    14    168
  5.  Dan Strock        PA    13    157
  6.  Jason Ley         GA    14    151
  7.  Kevin Hillock     VA    14    130
  8.  Brian Sutton      MD    10    117
  9.  Akihisa Tabei     jp    14     95
 10.  Arthur Wines      NJ    13     84
 11.  Steve Koleszar    VA    08     84
 12.  Michael Pustilnik NY    14     77
 13.  Ed Rothenheber    MD    04     70
 14.  Tom Johnston      IL    13     50
 15.  Joe Harrison      KY    08     48
 16.  Robert Masso      NY    08     36
 17.  David Gubbay      TX    05     36
 18.  Chuck Nail        GA    01     36
 19.  Bruce Rae         bc    12     30
 20.  Andrew Gross      WA    03     30
 21.  Jonathan Barnes   CA    09     20
 22.  Kevin Quirk       FL    00     20
 23.  Sean McCulloch    OH    12     15
 24.  Russ Cleaveland   WA    04     15
 25.  Kyle Moore        WA    04     10
 26.  Justin Childs     FL    99     10

2014 Laurelists
Repeating Laurelists:

Michael Pustilnik, NY

Kevin Hillock, VA

Rich Atwater, WA

Aaron Fuegi, MA

Jason Ley, WA

Past Winners

Brian Sutton, MD

Steve Koleszar, VA
1995, 2001

Ben Foy, VA

Dave Finberg, MA
1997, 2003, 2009, 2011

Jung Yeah, MA

David des Jardins, CA
1999, 2005

Rich Atwater, WA

Ed Rothenheber, MD

Aaron Fuegi, MA
2004, 2007, 2010


Kevin Hillock, VA


Jason Ley, WA


Dan Strock, PA


Arthur Wines, PA


Akihisa Tabei, jp

Brady Achterberg, Julie Ehler, Rich Atwater and Yoshita Narita

Defending champ Arthur Wines schools Brady Achterburg.

Sean McCulloch and Michael Pustilnik refight old battles.

Dan Strock tangles with eventual champion Akihisa Tabei.

Still titanic ...

People seemed to be happy with starting preliminary play at 9 instead of 10 in the morning, so we'll keep that for next year. Having just the semis on Friday and Final on Saturday again seemed to mostly work well. Unfortunately, Final regular David Finberg wasn't able to qualify for the semis in part because he was GMing Galaxy Trucker and was only able to play in four of his allowed six games.

Our Japanese players brought gifts this year. As has been custom the last few years, Akihisa Tabei brought old style replacement counters for the finalists in both the multi-player and 2-player events.Yoshiya Narita presented the GMs with tins of candy with Titan art work on them. The candy is gone, but I'm saving my box.

This year there were seven 3-player games, 20 4-player games and no 5-player games in preliminary play.

A few years ago when Valley Games did their Titan reprint I was hoping it would help our attendance. It may have helped a little, but I do not recall seeing any games this year played on the reprinted version. That suggests that we didn't retain many new players who would have the newer version of the game.

So this got me thinking it might be interesting to see when the players this year first played in the multiplayer tournament and how often they played. I couldn't go back to the Bill Scott era as I don't have a copy of any records he kept. So I only have data from 1994 through 2014. (I remember some of the people that played those years and a few of us did play this year. But I don't remember well enough to use the data.) I also didn't look at the 2-player data. (I have a fair amount of that data, but not all of it. Also there is lots of overlap in participation between the two tournaments.)

So for the 34 players that played this year, the following are counts of how many first played in the following years:
1994 9
1996 2
1997 3
2000 3
2001 1
2002 3
2003 1
2004 2
2007 1
2009 1
2010 1
2013 4
2014 3

I am somewhat surprised that over a quarter of this year's players, played in 1994. It looks encouraging that four players who first played last year
came back, even though we had two more total players participate last year.

I also wanted to look at how often this year's participants have played:
Years Number of people
1 3
2 5
3 1
4 1
6 1
7 1
8 2
9 1
10 2
11 2
12 3
13 1
14 1
15 1
16 2
17 1
19 3
20 2
21 1

This has this year's participants averaging a bit over 10 years of participation.

I think this gives a good hint at why a number of us consider each other friends at this point. Especially considering the amount of time is involved in playing Titan at the WBC.

I think these numbers suggest that Titan has a solid core of participants, but we are getting new people slowly and we are losing people slowly too.
(This data doesn't show it, but we took a big hit when Euro's became popular. But since then things seem to be changing slowly.)

2014 Highlights: In one of the early games, Yoshiya Narita had his angel legion strip Julie Ehlers' titan legion to just the titan. However later in the game, when Yoshi's six high titan legion tried to finish off Julie's lonesome titan, she was able to mutual with Yoshi's titan, taking him down with her. She even won the roll off to finish ahead of Yoshi that game.

In semifinal 1, Dan Strock decided to split with titan, troll, two gargoyles and three ogres in the hills and rolled a 6. He was then forced to choose between being in the plains four away from one of Steve Koleszar's legions or staying in the hills six away from one of Akihisa Tabei's legions. He opted to just risk a 6, but Aki rolled it. Aki had angel, minotaur, troll, gargoyle and three ogres and eliminated Dan. Aki eventually got hydras in his titan legion and rolled a 5 to catch Jonathan Barnes' weak titan legion and eliminate him. Steve got serpents in his titan legion. He then chose to attack in the marsh with guardian, wyvern, ranger and three trolls (with angel to summon) against angel, dragon, two minotaurs, two ogres and got terrible luck which resulted in Aki getting titan teleportation. Steve had a chance to roll a 6 to catch Aki in the brush, but didn't get it and then Aki rolled a 6 to catch Steve in the plains. Steve had two serpents, but Aki had four hydras
and was able to eliminate Steve to win the game.

In semifinal 2, Julie Ehlers attacked with titan (6), angel, behemoth and three cyclops in a desert, losing two cyclops and the angel, but earning a angel. She was then attacked in turn by Jason Ley with angel, rgeww trolls and two cyclops. There was a big swing when Jason got nine hits on 15 dice from a troll and cyclops
string up a dune at a cyclops and the cyclops got only one hit in return. He went on to eliminate Julie in the battle. David des Jardins attacked Kevin Hillock's legion of three cyclops and four rangers in the plains with titan (6), griffon, ranger, cyclops and three lions. David attacked a cyclops and ranger with his titan and griffon. The cyclops took five hits and the ranger three hits. Kevin then had a ranger overfly and attempt to pin two lions (hoping to keep the titan exposed) and kept two rangers back to move next to the titan after the upcoming exchange. The ranger lived and Kevin was able to put two rangers next to the titan and got four hits getting David's titan up to five hits. David's (summoned) angel and lion whiffed and his titan only got three hits, leaving both rangers alive. The lion then got three hits and the angel six, but it was too late as Kevin got the hit he needed on eight ranger dice to finish off David's titan. Jason then attacked Kevin in the tundra with titan (8), warlock, two minotaurs and two rangers against angel, three cyclops and two lions. After setting up a situation where Kevin was guaranteed four cyclops and 1 lion swings, the titan was killed by two hits from an angel and six hits from the first two cyclops swings.

In semifinal 3, Bruce Rae attacked three centaurs and a warbear in the woods with titan, two angels and two cyclops. He lost both angels to hot dice and then the last of the cyclops were recruited before his next turn. Bruce did not move down on a 1 on his next turn, because it would have put him two in front of Yoshiya Narita's titan legion with serpents. This was Yoshi's only legion and there was a good chance that it would move past and Bruce's titan could escape. Unfortunately Yoshi rolled a 2 and sat under Bruce's titan, prompting Bruce to withdraw. Meanwhile, Art Wines was looking good with two dragons, two minotaurs a warlock and lion in his titan legion when Rich Atwater attacked him with three rangers, two cyclops, behemoth, guardian and an angel to summon. Art won, but was left with just titan, minotaur and (earned) angel. Art later attacked Rich with angel, two warbears, two trolls, cyclops, gorgon and an angel to summon against two giants, two warbears and two warlocks. At a key point two trolls whiffed against a 5-hit giant that turned the battle into a definite loss (instead of being close). Rich survived with giant and warlock. After Rich's survivors had grown to giant, angel and two warlocks, Yoshi attacked them with titan, serpent, warlock, two behemoths, cyclops and gorgon and lost a serpent, behemoth and cyclops. A bit later Art had lost track of the content of one of Rich's legions and moved to the plains two in front of two angels,two behemoths, two gorgons and serpent with titan, two minotaurs, dragon, unicorn, warlock and ranger thinking he would pick up some easy points. Instead Rich killed him, surviving with behemoth and serpent. Yoshi's titan legion grew back to titan, two behemoths, two gorgons, angel and warlock and attacked two serpents, behemoth and angel in the jungle. Yoshi failed to kill everything by Turn 4, however a surviving serpent killed the titan with its retaliation on Turn 3, so a serpent recruit was moot.

In the last semifinal, Aaron Fuegi had a close call when he attacked three cyclops and a behemoth with titan (6), two rangers, warlock, cyclops, angel to summon
in the marsh. He allowed two behemoth swings on his titan (about a 45% chance of being killed), but only took four hits. This gave Aaron a lead in points, but his best recruit was a warlock. Pete Gathmann was forced to attack two rangers, two gorgons, centaur, lion and troll with titan (10), behemoth, angel and an angel to call. At the end of the battle a ranger needs to get two hits to kill the titan, but only manages one. Pete ends up with titan (11), archangel, angel. Aaron caught Pete's titan stack with his hydra stack and eliminated Pete, while getting titan teleportation. Unfortunately half points put him over 500 and he missed his chance to get an archangel. Sean McCulloch got titan teleportation as well, while Michael Pustilnik was stuck at 375 points. However Mike did have a legion with colossus. Sean teleported on Mike in a tower with titan (10), three warlocks and two hydras attacking titan (9), two rangers, two gorgons, angel and troll. Mike wins the battle ending with titan (11), archangel and angel. There was a discussion about this battle on board game geek after the convention. Aaron then teleported on colossus and angel, losing two angels and ending with titan (13), warlock and two ogres. Mike declined a chance to teleport on this legion with titan (11), warlock, archangel and angel and instead gets a second warlock. Aaron catches Mike's titan in the tower with five hydras, wyvern and ranger. Mike sets his titan up front and survives 70 hydra dice up the wall (needing 6s), taking nine of his 11 hits. Mike went on to win the game.

In the Final, Akihisa Tabei struck early as usual, making a very strong titan on titan attack against Rich Atwater in the plains to eliminate Rich. Michael Pustilnik attacked Kevin Hillock's angel stack and won, but Kevin attacked the survivors and killed them. Mike took a ranger with his titan (7), two minotaurs, two rangers, lion legion below Aki's two minotaur, gorgon, troll legion in the mountains. On his next turn Mike split out ranger, lion and then attacked into the mountains with titan (7), two minotaurs and two rangers (and no angel to summon). Aki could have killed Mike's minotaur, but took a 50% shot at the titan instead and missed. Mike survived with titan, angel and two minotaurs.

Aki then attacked Kevin's titan with titan (8), two angels, two rangers, troll and an angel summon against titan (7), giant, two warbears, two rangers and a warlock. Kevin should have killed an angel on average, which would have caused a mutual, but didn't. Instead Aki survived with titan (12) and two angels. Mike was stuck with titan (8), angel and two minotaurs and Aki would have killed him on a 6, but didn't get it. Mike rolled a 1 and then a 4 and was one turn from getting a dragon, when Aki got a 6. The last battle was titan (13) and three angels against titan (8), angel and two minotaurs. Aki gave Mike a chance to go 13 for 18 to get a mutual, but Mike only rolled 12 hits. Giving Aki a clean win.

Yoshita Narita, Bruce Rae and Arthur Wines punish dice.

Jonathan Barnes tests the experience of Steve Koleszar.

 GM    Bruno Wolff III (20th year)  NA 
   bruno@wolff.to   NA

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