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Updated Nov. 23, 2013

2013 WBC Report  

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Rob Olsson, MD

2013 Champion

Event History
2009    Dan Raspler     25
2010    Dan Raspler     24
2011    Michael Buccheri     28
2012    Peter Putnam     23
2013    Rob Olsson     21


 Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
   1.  Dan Raspler        NY    10     60
   2.  Peter Putnam       PA    13     57
   3.  Rob Olsson         MD    13     54
   4.  Michael Buccheri   MD    12     54
   5.  Peter Walsh        PA    13     39
   6.  Will Kenyon        GA    11     30
   7.  Matt O'Connor      NJ    13     21
   8.  Joe Harrison       KY    09     18
   9.  James Griffith     MD    12     12
  10.  Ed Jones           uk    11     12
  11.  Will Kenyon        GA    13      6
  12.  Patrick Neary      NY    11      6
  13.  Dylan Routh        MD    10      6
  14.  Michael Rogozinski NY    09      6
  15.  Bernard Frick      PA    13      3
  16.  Steve Enzor        FL    10      3
  17.  Ryan Myslinski     NJ    09      3

2013 Laurelists                                        Repeating Laurelists: 

Matt O'Connor, NJ

Peter Walsh, PA

Peter Putnam, PA

Will Kenyon, GA

Bernard Frick, PA

Past Winners

Dan Raspler, NY

Michael Buccheri, MD

Peter Putnam, PA

Rob Olsson, MD

Chris Bennett and Peter Walsh

Robert Buccheri and James Griffith.

Sardak Norr Rules ...

Twilight Imperium 2013 was again a great experience both to play in and to GM. We had enough players for seven 4-player qualifying games over two days of play. These qualifying rounds were capped at four hours to keep things moving. I believe this is the best method for qualifying heats, balancing the time commitment of a long game with the ability to play in more than one round to earn one of eight seats at the Final table. The turnout declined slightly to a new low. We had a healthy mix of new faces and return players even though the tournament was reclassified as an (A) Advanced event. Six of the finalists were return players from prior years, with two newcomers gained entry to the Final table as well.

After consulting with the finalists, it was decided to reuse the WBC 2012 Final map, a three-galaxy layout designed so that all players are no more than four spaces away from any other player's home system. This map provides plenty of room for players to establish themselves, but requires a strong commitment to protecting your home system due to its proximity to opponents.

The objectives were randomized and play started at 10 am. The eight finalists and their chosen races were: Pete Walsh - Muaat, 2011 champ Michael Buccheri - L1z1x Mindnet, Matt O'Connor - Yssaril, Will Kenyon - Saar, Rob Olsson - Sardak Norr, Bernie Frick - Winnu , Frank Morehouse - Sol, and defending Champion Peter Putnam - Xxcha.

The Final is an untimed event, and this year went about ten hours. The objectives proved to be a challenging combination and the players struggled early to qualify for them, adding to the overall length of the game. On the Final turn, there were three players (Kenyon, Walsh and O'Connor) all within striking distance of the win. The last turn was a wild affair with most of the table joining forces to keep Matt and his Yssaril from gaining one more point to win. The gloves came off and all players were looking for any opportunity to gain the edge, striking at any system that opened a possible path to victory. The three leaders all looked strong briefly during the turn only to have the other competitors rein them back in before they could claim victory. In the end, it was Rob Olsson, quietly sitting a distant three points away from victory who took full advantage of the weakened leaders; waiting till all other players had passed to qualify for a very difficult 3-point victory objective. An excellent come- from-behind victory, masterfully executed!

The scores were: Olsson 10, O'Connor 9, Walsh 8, Putnam 8, Kenyon 8, Frick 7, Buccheri 7, and Morehouse 7. All ties were ranked according to the official tie-break rules. Each year the level of play continues to rise, and 2013 was no exception. Qualifying rounds were no cakewalk, even for returning veterans and the Final was a brutal affair with all players demonstrating an extremely high level of competence. I hope to see this trend continue and look forward to seeing some of the old veterans knocked out in the future.


 The finalists battle for the galaxy.
 GM      Michael Buccheri  [5th Year]   NA    NA  

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