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Updated Nov. 30, 2015

2015 WBC Report

2016 Status: pending 2016 GM commitment

Kevin Wojtaszczyk, NY

2015 Champion

Event History

2006 Phil Rennert 21
2007 Kevin Wojtaszczyk 26
2008 Chris Trimmer 28
2009 Kevin Wojtaszczyk 23
2010 Chris Trimmer 24
2011 Ty Hansen 23
2012 Christopher Yaure 17
2013 Kevin Wojtaszczyk 25
2014 Christopher Yaure 20
2015 Kevin Wojtaszczyk 22


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Kevin Wojtaszczyk  NY    15    195
  2.  Chris Trimmer      TX    15    133
  3.  Chris Yaure        PA    14     72
  4.  Ty Hansen          DC    12     60
  5.  Andy Latto         MA    13     40
  6.  Phil Rennert       MD    06     30
  7.  Michael Sosa       FL    15     26
  8.  Jacob Hebner       CO    12     24
  9.  Jason Levine       NY    08     24
 10.  George Young       VT    07     24
 11.  Joe Yaure          PA    14     18
 12.  Alan Sudy          DC    11     18
 13.  Nick Anner         NY    07     17
 14.  Scott Burns        uk    13     16
 15.  Lyman Moquin       DC    08     16
 16.  Kevin Lewis        DC    15     15
 17.  Ted Lange          GA    14     12
 18.  Jeff Pattison      MD    13     12
 19.  Lucas Rhodes       PA    11     12
 20.  Scott Marcotte     NY    10     12
 21.  David Pack         CO    06     12
 22.  Chris Greenfield   NY    14      9
 23.  Hans Kirketerp     dk    10      9
 24.  Mary Ellen Powers  VA    09      9
 25.  John Pack          CO    08      8
 26.  Chris Kizer        NC    15      6
 27.  Todd Treadway      VA    11      6
 28.  David Pack         CO    10      6
 29.  Dick Jarvinen      OR    06      6
 30.  Graeme Tate        uk    13      4
 31.  Jim Doughan        PA    07      4
 32.  Sean Bryan         TN    15      3
2015 Laurelists Returning Laurelists: 2

Chris Trimmer, TX

Kevin Lewis, DC

Mike Sosa, DE

Chris Kizer, NC

Sean Bryan, TN

Past Winners

Phil Rennert, MD

Kevin Wojtaszczyk, NY
'07, '09, '13, '15

Chris Trimmer, TX
2008, 2010

Ty Hansen, DC

Christopher Yaure, PA
2012, 2014

The champ defeats Denis Bucak.

Thibault Nguyen vs Chris Kizer.

Chris greenfield vs Michael Sosa

Andy Latto vs Sean McCulloch

Pre-Con No More ...

The last quest for Middle Earth at the Lancaster Host abandoned the precon for the perceived lesser temptations of the second weekend of the convention. The move proved beneficial as 22 people joined in the quest and instead of byes we were able to recruit eliminators for the single elimination portion. The tournament began with six games in the Mulligan round on Monday morning. The start foreshadowed the ending as there were five shadow wins (three military, two corruption) vs one free people win. Mike Sosa gave one dwarven ring to Chris Greenfield’s FP. It almost helped but Mike reached ten VP while Chris’s FP could only reach the third step in Mordor. Jeff Pattison and Andy Latto also managed SP military victories. Jeff had a tough battle with Sean Bryan’s FP killing Saruman and taking Dol Guldur while threatening Mount Gundebad and Moria while he hit ten VP. Andy got stalled by Sean McCulloch’s Power to Great and death of Saruman Turn 8 before managing ten VPs to the FP’s three. In the corruption victory games, defending champ Christopher Yaure fell to Kevin Lewis in a close game corrupting on the fourth step in Mordor. Deniz Bucak meanwhile got hit with a couple eyes drawn with five eyes in the hunt box to quickly corrupt on the third step in Mordor. The only free people win in the Mulligan round was a military victory of Chris Kizer over Paris visitor Guillaume Bouilleux where Chris got three dwarven rings to play the FP.

Round 1 and the “for keeps” games got underway on Friday night and I give a big thanks to my wife Laurie and assistant GMs for assisting with entries and kicking off the round when I found myself otherwise engaged in the Ra! Final. Six more games were played in the official first round. The free peoples got the best of it with four wins over the shadow. Marty Sample killed Michael Kiefte’s witch king in Minas Tirith and the shadow was hampered by not rolling any character die actions for seven turns! The free peoples meanwhile had no problem rolling character dice with four and five a turn twice and dunked the ring by Turn 9. Guillaume dunked the ring in his game vs Don Stanley and gave a lot of useful advice on strategy and game play. Also from Paris, Thibault Nguyen battled vs David Kiefte but fell to a ring dunk by David. The fourth win was a FP military campaign by Sean Bryan over Nicholas Avtges. Sean traded military successes, losing Osgiliath and then recapturing it. He also took Minas Morgul, Gorgoroth and Morannon. Minas Morgul didn’t hold till the end of the turn to stave off the first FP military victory, but in Turn 12 the FP retook the Fords of Isen and then overpowered Orthanc to seal four VPs to the shadow’s eight VP. Ty Hansen won a close shadow military victory over Jeromey Martin with the fellowship on step 4 when the shadow reached ten VPs and Saruman falling on Turn 3 to the Ents. The last shadow win came as Chris Trimmer battled Christopher Yaure. This game also went down to the wire and in the end the FP reached their destination but corrupted on the last step and the shadow also hit ten VPs at the same time.

Round 2 started Saturday morning with 11 of the 12 qualifiers advancing. Ty Hansen had another tournament semifinal and opted for that in lieu of a search for an eliminator or bye assignment. Three dwarven rings were given to the FP in Mike Sosa’s game vs Guillaume and Kevin W’s game vs Sean Bryan while Andy Latto got one dwarven ring to play the SP. Mike’s FP had some errors in play which skewed the resulting FP military victory in a long running match. Kevin managed a shadow military victory over Sean after only rolling two musters in the first two turns but the FP rolled five will of the wests in the first three turns and could not get Gandalf the White in play due to no shadow minions till the last die of Turn 3. Turns 4-8 had no wills rolled which hamstrung the FP at four action dice for most of the game. The extra shadow dwarven ring did not help Andy vs Chris Kizer as the shadow did not roll any eyes in the first five turns so the FP could race to Mordor to dunk the ring. Kevin Lewis’s FP had a heroic stand in Dale to forestall Jeff Pattison’s shadow to dunk the ring. Chris Trimmer’s shadow battled Marty Sample’s FP in the last game of Round 2. With the FSP hiding in Lorien Chris attacked the Lorien elves and used two shadow special hunt tile cards for their combat effect to finish off the elves and in the end capture ten VPs before the free could reach Mordor.

Round 3 advancied five winners and Marty Sample offered his services as an eliminator. At this point the shadow had nine wins to the FP’s eight, but that equality was about to change. Marty faced off vs Kevin Lewis and zero dwarven rings. Kevin’s shadow managed to get ten VPs before the FP could get to Mordor. Chris Trimmer’s shadow got one dwarven ring from Chris Kizer and after having Saruman survive two ent card plays on Turn 4, Chris’s shadow managed to get to ten VPs also. In the remaining game Mike Sosa got three dwarven rings to play the free from Kevin Wojtaszczyk’s shadow. A New Power Rising combined with Rage of Dunlendings caused the Grey Havens to fall in route to a shadow military victory.

Round 4 pitted the 2010 champ vs Kevin Lewis and 2014 finalist Joe Yaure served as an eliminator vs Kevin Wojtaszczyk. Lewis got one dwarven ring to play the FP and managed to crown Aragorn early in Dol Amroth. That success was quickly lost after Aragorn fell in the siege of Dol Amroth and Chris got to ten VP while Frodo was on step 2 in Mordor. Joe got two dwarven rings to play the FP and tried to strider sprint vs Kevin W.’s shadow. Monsters Roused to siege Rivendell and the DEW strongholds fell as the shadow raced quicker to ten VPs.

The Final was thus set between two former champions. In the bidding Chris got to play the FP with three dwarven rings. Rage of Dunlendings got an army headed toward the Grey Havens early while Dol Guldur headed toward the DEW and Mordor troops headed to Lorien. A Power too Great stopped the first assaults but a Day Without Dawn and Red Eye special tile cards were burned to discard it. Grey Havens then fell and North units moved to protect the shire and block the Old Forest Road. King Brand’s Men reinforced Dale while a Horde from the East mustered the S&E’s. Help Unlooked For was played and an epic battle ensued vs the Dale units and Mordor troops sieging the Woodland realm. The dice were cold for both players and the battle raged for about seven rounds coming down to a single unit vs single unit fight to the death. The final Mordor Orc held his ground in the end and was reinforced with the horde of S&E’s which took out the Woodland realm after walking through Dale. In the hunt, the Balrog of Moria steered the FSP to the longer trek to Mordor. Aragorn in Dol Amroth was crowned and Gandalf the White appeared in Fangorn while Rohan units moved to protect Helms Deep. Mordor troops from Lorien moved toward Rohan as Isenguard emptied to take Helms Deep. The Red Arrow and Riders of Theoden reinforced Rohan but Isenguard and Mordor units captured Helms Deep and Edoras before the Ents arrived and killed Saruman and two protecting Uruk-Hai. As Frodo got close to Mordor the Corsairs of Umbar assaulted Dol Amroth but an Onslaught of four vs the last four Gondor units came up all 3’s for no effect thwarting ten VPs for the shadow. In the next turn Gondor units moved toward Rohan and the FSP entered Mordor while any available troops in the north assembled in Erebor. Minas Tirith single unit captured Anorien and Grond assisted in capturing Erebor. The FP used an elven ring on their last die to assault Edoras’s 1 Uruk-Hai with one Gondor regular in hopes of knocking the shadow down to nine VP. However, the battle was mutual elimination in the first round which kept the city in shadow control for the ten VP win.

Five straight shadow military victories occurred in the closing rounds, pushing the total shadow wins to 15 (12 military, three corruption) vs only eight FP wins (three military, five ring dunks). Three dwarven rings was the most bid with many games having no bid. On a negative note, a few games had some rules errors which could have impacted the outcomes. WOR has a lot of rules and although the vast majority of play was correct, the political track, amount of Elven rings a person can use per turn (only one) and some hunt mistakes did occur. A quick refresher on the rules would help eliminate these and if there are any issues myself or assistant GMs are available. Most mistakes can be fixed by player agreement if noticed quickly, but some can’t effectively be corrected after the fact if further actions transpire before they are noticed.

Thank you to everyone playing in the tournament and for everyone bringing copies of the game. Each round had just enough to cover our matches. Also a special thanks to the assistant GMs and eliminators. It definitely is a better tournament when games can be played instead of giving out byes. The next quest for Middle Earth moves to 7 Springs in 2016!

The GM defeats Michael Sosa in the semifinals.

Chris Kizer is bested by Chris Trimmer.
GM Kevin Wojtaszczyk (8th Year) NA
kwojtasz@roadrunner.com NA

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