aladdin's dragons [Updated August 2001]

ALD   Trial Beginners Single Elim Continuous 
 Demo 22    16  Round 2 19  Round 3 Final 22

  Maryland 3

John Kilbride, PA

2001 Champion

2nd: Michael Wojke, NJ

3rd: Gordon Rodgers, PA

4th: Roderick Lee, CA

5th: Tom Demarco. NJ

6th: Lynn Ribeiro, NH
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2001    John Kilbride     32

AREA Ratings:

GM: Bruce Reiff

open sezame

The 2001 Aladdin's Dragons tournament can be summed up in one word ­ Philadelphia. Yep, the boys from Philly came, saw and conquered. Three of them made the finals! What a performance!

Anyway, we had seven boards of would-be jewel thieves and traders for this great game.

On table 1 John Kilbride won handily over, among others, assistant GM Bud Sauer to start the Phillie onslaught.

At table 2, Phil Rennert ran roughshod over three opponents to make the finals.

Michael Wojke took table 4 over Tom Saal, Pat Mitchell and the WBC's lovable loser Peter Stein.

Gordon Rogers continued the Phillie assault by taking his table to easily advance to the semis.

Roderick Lee edged your GM on a tie breaker (four scrolls to one) when Tiger Von Pagel took the sole artifact in the last round from me!!!!

Tom DeMarco, he of the dinosaurs, also advanced on a tie breaker with one scroll.

Lynn Riberio advanced from her table.. little did she know what awaited her.

The semis were determined randomly with a three player game and a four player game. Two players from each board would advance. At semi #1, Lynn Riberio was up against Phillie boys Gordon Rogers and John Kilbride. They gave her a good working over and the final score was Gordon 8, John 7 and poor Lynn 3.

In semi #2 the other Philly area finalist, Micheal Wojke, scored 8 and Roderick Lee had 7. Tom DeMarco just missed with six and Phil Rennert went looking for a Panzer division with a mere three.

In the finals, poor Roderick had no chance with the mob from Philly. John Kilbride pulled out the win with eight artifacts. Mike and Gordon each had six, with Mike winning the tie breaker. Roderick was left wondering what hit him with four.

Thanks to all for participating. I learned that three hours was way too long for a round as no game approached two hours. Next year the rounds will be two hours long.

 GM      Bruce Reiff  [1st Year]   3668 Mariner's Way, Lewis Center, OH 43035   NA

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