Blackbeard [Updated August 2001]

BKB   3 prizes Experienced Single Elim Continuous 
  9  Round 2 11 Round 3 Final 13  

Maryland 2

Michael Wojke, NJ

2001 Champion

2nd: Charles Severance, VA

3rd: Rob Kilroy, PA

4th: John Kilbride, PA

5th: Stanley Buck, MD

6th: David Weinstein, NY
Event History
1991    Greg Harper      19
1992    Gordon Rodgers      36
1993    Chaka Benson      37
1994    John Kilbride      40
1995    John Kilbride      61
1996    John Kilbride      43
1997    Mike Wojke      40
1998    Gary Presser      34
1999    Tom Kazmierczak     61
2000    Mathew Bacho     28
2001     Michael Wojke     20

AREA Ratings:

GM: Charles Severance

Check out the Articles afore ye sign on, mate ...

Mutiny! Mutiny! Mutiny!

One third of all WBC 2001 Blackbeard Pirate elimination's were the result of catastrophic crue discontent, including three of the final four ­ 4th place Portugues (John Kilbride), 3rd place La Buze (Rob Kilroy), and 2nd place Major Stede Bonnet (Charles Severance). Most Notorious Pirate Ravanau de Lusan audaciously commanded by Michael Wojke of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, however, repeatedly kept his wanton cohort of cutthroats pleasantly amused and evidently entertained throughout the infamous endeavor. In other words Michael Wojke is the undisputed World Boardgaming Championships 2001 BLACKBEARD Winner. His hapless brother, Thomas Wojke who governed Peter (one-leg) Blood is not the champion because "any combination of Scurvy, Minor, or Crippling wounds prior to Recovery is immediately fatal." Blackbeard 13.716.

Robbery, murder, torture, and mental disorder [] were prevalent in round 1 as all participants avidly expressed their willingness to go "on the account," including expert on Articles of Piracy Bartholomew Roberts (Alan Arvold). Lowther (Brendan Coomes) was the least dangerous and most humiliated of all the brethren because he ended with one-leg, zero Notoriety, and zero Net Worth. Christopher Condent (Michael Coomes) also lost a limb, but with only one arm he impressively gained 86 points of infamy and 2135 doubloon. Michael Wojke acquired 104 Notoriety with de Lusan and Severance acquired 100 Notoriety with Bonnet.

There was a chance for a duel between Howell Davis commanded by Dewayne Curry and Major Stede Bonnet in a Pirate Haven, but Curry was mesmerized by the white Cunning marker or Blackbeard curse. Reckless, rash, and inclined towards mayhem, one-eye Spriggs commanded by the Great Gordon Rodgers met an extremely uncomfortable demise in the brutal arms of a Warship. "Stash the cash under the mattress," Rodgers declared "just like in the good o' days." Calico Jack Red Rackum ordered by Chaka Benson was the only Pirate to be completely baptized under a Storm. It is hard to believe, but not surprising that a madman would attempt a Raid on New York with or without information, but John Taylor under the influence of David Wong did it and died. Stanley Buck in charge of Edward Low ­ a Pirate who involuntarily retired to victory with only 10 Notoriety and zero Net Worth - volunteered not to compete in the final. Hounded by Warships, fatigued by two Storms, and shadowed by two KCs operated by Rob Kilroy, John "peg-leg" Kilbride's crue mutinied.

 GM      Charles Severance  [1st Year]   3452 Gunston Rd, Alexandria, VA 22302   NA

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