Classics Iron Man [Updated August 2001]

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Phil Evans, VA

2001 Champion

2nd: Stephen Likevich, OH

3rd: David Metzger, VA

4th: Lane Newbury, TX

5th: John Clarke, FL

6th: Bruno Sinigaglio, AK
Event History
1991    None      -
1992    None      -
1993    None      -
1994    None      -
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1996    None      -
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1998    None      -
1999    Bruno Sinigaglio     462
2000     Doug James     498
2001    Phil Evans     783


GM: Stuart Tucker


This year's Classic Iron Man is Phil Evans, who tallied a record 95 CIM points, but nonetheless managed to win by only a small margin over runner-up Stephen Likevich (83 points). Evans won The Russian Campaign, while Likevich won Anzio, but each scored points in three events in order to stake their claims as top Iron Man, and survived a stiff challenge from David
Metzger, our first five-event scorer. Metzger took advantage of this year's expansion of the number of eligible events to bolster his challenge, but suffered from low turnout in most of those events. Evans placed sixth in the1999 CIM competition, but this year managed to do slightly better in his favorite events.

The reigning champ, Doug James, was blanked, but the 1999 Classics Iron Man, Bruno Sinigaglio, finished in sixth place, scoring in two major CIM events. Perennial contender, Robert Frisby, joined Sinigaglio as the only two entrants to make the Top Twelve in all three years of CIM Championship play.

The addition of the family game classic, Tyranno Ex, was seized upon by Verity Hitchings, who became the first of her gender to make the CIM Top Twelve. Meanwhile, the addition of Football Strategy to the event list allowed perennial Wood Gatherer Bruce Reiff to again make the Top Twelve, earning points from three quick-playing events which left him well short of adding the CIM Plaque to his long list of conquests.

In those CIM events which were CIM events in the previous year, attendance was fairly stable (rising nearly 2 per cent)--better than convention turnout as a whole. However, this growth was slower than growth seen last year--and this year three CIM events fell by the wayside (for lack of a GM in the case of Mustangs). The largest growth (>60%) was seen in Waterloo, Win, Place & Show and Wooden Ships & Iron Men. Meanwhile, substantial drops (>35%) occurred in attendance at Candidate, Panzerblitz and Dinosaurs of the Lost World.

This year's change in the scoring format (multi-event bonus points) boosted Frisby and Reiff by about four places each and moved Metzger up one place, but did not effect Evans' margin of victory. The tie-breaker rules kicked into effect to give Frisby sole possession of seventh place by virtue of having scored in more events than had Hitchings. The points ceiling rule kicked into effect for The Russian Campaign, but the six-point shortfall did not stop Evans from claiming the CIM Wood. Afrika Korps grew substantially, but remained under the point ceiling. In general, the format enhancements seemed to serve their purpose without creating additional problems.

With 38 events run this year under CIM, earning a spot on the Top Twelve list required acumen in a variety of Classics. This year 125 entrants scored CIM points (and plenty of good players went scoreless). Nineteen entrants scored CIM points in two or more events. The CIM entrants listed below proved themselves to be this year's toughest to beat.

 Rank Name Points Events Scored 2000 Rank
 1st Phil Evans 95 TRC, AFK, B81
 2nd Stephen Likevich 83 ANZ, WAT, B81 8th Tie
 3rd David Metzger 68 812, 776 AHD, A5A, WZQ  
 4th Lane Newbury 62 AFK  
 5th John Clarke 49 WAT  
 6th Bruno Sinigaglio 46 B81, FSE 7th
 7th Robert Frisby 45 FSE, PGG, 776 2nd
 8th Verity Hitchings 45 TYX, WZQ
 9th Bruce Reiff 43 FBS, WPS, CDT 8th Tie
10th Marty Musella 42 WAT, PZB  
11th Steve Dickson 41 RSK, DLW  
12th Jonathan Lockwood 40 AFK, NVW  

 GM      Stuart Tucker  [3rd Year]   NA   NA  

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