drive on paris [Updated August 2001]

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Martin Svennson, VA

2001 Champion

2nd: Steve Anriakos, TX

3rd: Alan Murphy, DC

4th: Daniel Broh-kahn, MD

5th: Lew Ritter, NJ

6th: Dean Essig, IL
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2001    Martin Svennson     17

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GM: Alan Murphy

Introducing World War I & The Gamers ...

Drive on Paris (DoP), game #7 in the popular Standard Combat Series (SCS) by the Gamers, Inc., made its introduction into the hallowed halls of the WBC this year. DoP had been slated as a trial event, likewise accompanied by the Gamers notable and very popular Circus Minimus tournament hosted by Joel Tamburo.

DoP drew a number of entrants, including several with distinguished backgrounds within the hobby. Joining us this summer were Richard Berg, Rick Barber, Dean Essig and Dave Powell as well as a number of other great players. The DoP tournament included a modified Swiss-style Elimination format based upon a victory-point accumulation process, with a total of 31 games played. It was tough, but the event's victory point accumulation process allowed players enough flexibility to step out and participate in other events if they so desired. Each level of victory accomplished by a player gained a various score. If a winning player decided to continue on with the later DoP rounds, he soon found himself racking up a slew of victory points and making his way to the top. Total victory meant obtaining an overall score of 20 victory points. While it was close, this number was not to be obtained. Bidding was, not surprisingly, restrained this year. Being that DoP is still a relatively new game, the players were reluctant to bid. Everybody apparently first wanted to see what they were getting themselves into!

The DoP event took place in the Hunt Ballroom on Friday morning, 9:00 a.m., June 29th, 2001. Many players passing by remarked they were not aware the Gamers' were sponsoring any of their games at the WBC. Several were drawn by curiosity after having gazed at the maps and setups, deciding to come join in as the morning wore on. The event eventually drew in a number of players all seeking to check out this interesting new WWI game. The event no doubt drew in a good number of loyal fans of the Gamers as well.

The tournament started off with a fascinating and much-debated introductory round, "5.8, Belgium Invaded". Despite all the previous arguments - that the game is unbalanced towards the Belgians (refer to the recent Consimworld DoP discussion site) - we recorded an equal number of wins with the Germans as with the Belgians. From what we saw it appeared the two sides were evenly matched.

From there play continued with round two, "5.1, Introductory Drive on Paris", a short but fierce three-turn scenario that most players were able to play to a decision within two hours time. There were seven German wins against three Allied wins. It was in this scenario where the Allied players really felt the brunt of the German Schlieffen Plan offensive. Many players learned to protect their HQs more efficiently after this.

Play was competitive, many hard lessons learned. Overall the play was very sportsmen-like, few games requiring adjudication. Players for the most part kept to the agreed playtime set; most players simply had rules questions. While we did adjudicate in several games, all situations and questions that arose were quickly addressed. With the game series' designer Dean Essig close on-hand, along with the helpful advise of developer Dave Powell, their assistance was invaluable in allowing the event to move as quickly as it did. Dave's discussion on his development of the CRT, particular strategies and other aspects of the game were exceptional.

Play continued into the afternoon. Players participated in the third match of the event, featuring the small yet tightly fought battle of the trenches, "5.6, In Flanders' Fields", another short scenario of five turns where only the upper NW quadrant of the map space is used. This turned into a real slugging match; it was slaughter in the trenches. This match saw four German wins accompanied by three for the Allies. At this point the total victory point accumulations for several players were reaching into the teens. Final victory was approaching.

The final match was a classic that evening which included the remains of four stout players still itching for a fight. They got it in the final scenario, "5.2, La Revanche", featuring the eastern half of the map. This final match was the longest of all rounds played, lasting six turns and involving far more units than previously. The scenario depicts the French Plan XVII, the crusade into Alsace & Lorraine. Play began wrapping up late that evening, ending with one French victory and one German. The final tally revealed that Martin Svensson was this year's winner, finishing with an overall high score of 17 victory points. Marty pounded out four straight victories with his Germans.

All scenarios for this year's DoP event were selected primarily for their brevity; players found the situations to be quick yet challenging for both sides. At the end, rules were discussed and proposals made for next year's DoP event. Lots of problems not readily apparent surfaced during the event and had to be addressed at the time, requiring some flexibility on the participants' part. A great many ideas and suggestions were generated on how to make an even better tournament for next year. Working in close cohesion with the WBC's GMs and convention organizers, these revelations will shape the DoP format at the WBC for 2002.

Drive on Paris Medalists:

1. Martin Svensson - 17 *AVPs
2. Steve Andriakos - 16 AVPs
3. Alan Murphy - 14 AVPs
4. Daniel Broh-Khan - 13 AVPs
5. Lew Ritter - 11 AVPs
6. Dean Essig - 9 AVPs
*AVPs=Accumulated Victory Points

 GM      Alan Murphy  [1st Year]   705 7th St SE, Washington, DC 20003   NA

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