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GC3  3 prizes Beginners Double Elim Continuous 
  Demo 10
      9, 11, 13:30, 16:30, 18, 19:30 
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Bruno Passacantando, CT

2001 Champion

2nd: Mark Booth, VA

3rd: Mike Pacheco, CA

4th: Chris Withers, CA

 5th: David Cross, VA

 6th: Mike Metcalf, NC

Event History
1991    None      -
1992    None      -
1993    None      -
1994    None      -
1995    Ken Lee *      28
1996    Paul Tisevich *      16
1997    Joe Bellas *      24
1998    Bruno Passacantando *      21
1999    Pat Duffy *     14
2000    Scott Spurgeon     18
2001    Bruno Passacantando     17

* Roads to Gettysburg


GM: Ed Beach

Great Campaigns of the American Civil War: 1863

For the second year, part two of the Great Campaigns of the ACW series featured scenarios from the 1863 and 1864 games: Stonewall's Last Battle, Roads to Gettysburg, and Grant Takes Command. Four of the eight scenarios used in the tournament came from recently released GTC, giving the event a fresh look.

Sheridan Rides South was first. Play was balanced (four Union wins, three Confederate), with several games coming down to the final moves. The next two rounds were longer GTC events, Strike Them A Blow (North Anna campaign) and Bethesda Church (Cold Harbor). The flexible scheduling used in this tournament (players pick four of the six opening heats to play) helped immensely, as many players needed time to adjust to the use of new scenarios. The scenarios were balanced (five Union wins, five Confederate) and will become quicker to play as familiarity increases. The final three opening round events were the classics Salem Church, Brandy Station and Meade Moves North. As the dust cleared at the end of the first day, Chris Withers was the top qualifier for the single elimination rounds at 4-0.

The quarterfinals brought the players back to 1864 to fight the Battle of the Wilderness. All of the top-seeded players picked the Union, and in the end, all four prevailed. Chris faced a tough challenge from Steve Sandy. Parker's Store changed hands several times and Steve was able to capture Wilderness Tavern late in the action. Eventually his Rebels ran out of units, falling short by just one combat loss. The other three players to bow out in the quarterfinals were David Cross, Hugh Mater, and
Michael Metcalf. Hugh was the GCACW "Risen from the Ranks" winner this year and Michael split "Rookie of the Year" honors with Steve Sandy.

The semifinals were fought over the same ground a year earlier, as play moved to Sedgwick to the Rescue. Bruno Passacantando's flank march with Jackson's corps routed Howard's corps, but was stopped just short of Chancellorsville. Chris used Meade and Reynolds to open the road from US Ford to Fredericksburg, but a huge delta of 17 in combat losses won a narrow victory for Bruno. The other semifinal was just as close, with Mark Booth's Rebels edging out Mike Pacheco.

For the finals (Battle of the Wilderness), Mark sent Ewell and Hill to quickly occupy Parker's Store, and had advance units push to Widow Tapp, just one mile from the Brock Road/Plank Road intersection. Bruno quickly moved to expel them, sending Hancock around the rebel's right flank and attacking them from the south and east, pushing the Confederate forces
first out of Parker's Store and then Widow Tapp. Parker's Store remained the critical battleground, as the Confederates recaptured it only to again be expelled. General Grant himself directed one of the key grand assaults to dislodge the rebels. On the second day of the battle, the Union quickly attacked to preclude any Confederate attempts to regain Parker's Store. With high casualties and only Locust Grove to show for them, Mark conceded. The win represented Bruno's fifth Great Campaigns plaque in seven years.

Bruno Passacantando (right) on his way to victory.

 GM      Ed Beach  [6th Year]   6418 Waveland Way, Columbia, MD 21045
    ebeach@Home.Com   NA

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