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KGM  3 prizes Experienced Swiss Elim Scheduled 
  Rnd1 Heat1  10
 Rnd1 Heat2 9   Rnd1 Heat3  19    
 Round 2 14 Final    

  Rnd1 Heat1  Round 2 Garden  Rnd1 Heat2 Derby Rnd1 Heat3 Maryland 3

George Sauer III, OH

2001 Champion

2nd: Kevin Brownnell, ME

3rd: Justin Thompson, VA

4th: Mike Coomes, OH

5th: Ed Beach, MD

6th: Paul Saunders, VA
Event History
1991    Heikki Thoen      24
1992    George Sauer III      11
1993    Chris Bodkin      28
1994    Paul Toro      24
1995    Charles Hickok      38
1996    Justin Thompson      36
1997    Jeff Clark      26
1998    Victor Guerrera      33
1999    Justin Thompson     26
2000    Sandy Wible     35
2001    George Sauer III     33

AREA Ratings:

GM: Justin Thompson

War of the Horticulturalists ...

Let me start off by thanking all the players in the "Kingmaker World Championship". We had a blast over three rounds. Some games were runaways but not as many as in the past. Of the 12 games played we had five "true" wins or sole kings. All of the other games were close and in one, we had to recount the points no less than three times. The final was as close as you can ask for. An old War Horse showed us how to come back from 4th or 5th and be crowned king of the year's event. It took ten years, but we finally crowned another two-time champ. George Sauer played in his first round game with defending champion Sandy Wible. They both got overthrown by Paul Saunders who took a sole king win. So George needed a second heat to make the final. He chose to skip the second round and played in the third and final round. That decision looked like a good one in the ealy going when he had total control of commons and lords. The end result, four hours later, found him with one noble left and sole king. So to the final we go.

Starting Nobles:

George Sauer: Roos, Cromwell and Fitzaland
Justin Thompson: Stanley and Stafford
Kevin Brownell: Beaufort, Scope and Clifford
Ed Beach: Berkley
Paul Saunders: Talbot, Pole and Grey Stoke
Michael Coomes: Holland

Round 1

King Henry to Maldon
Stafford to Maldon (Justin)
Berkley Sieges Tutbury Castle Wins

Round 2

Berkley to York to claim Richard of York

Round 3

Berkley in York plagued (Richard of York, Berkley DEAD)

Round 4

Pole picks up Margaret in Conway
King Henry to Preston
Stafford with the King Sieges Newcastle

Round 5

Neville (George) sieges Carlisle and claims Richard of Gloucester
Stanley to Lynn with King Henry

Round 6

Audley enters game (Ed Beach)
Neville to Bamburgh to claim Edward of Lancaster
King Henry to Maldon
Beaufort captures Edward of March in Carisbrooke
Hastings takes Edmond in Ireland

Round 7

King Henry to Continent to pick up French foot solders
King Henry uses free move to land in Rye and call parliament.
Justin, Kevin, Michael Control parliament (Justin one office, Kevin two offices and Michael two titles

Round 8

King Henry to Continent to refugee
Beaufort pulls Catastrophe
Beaufort flees north

Round 9

Percy (Justin) to outside of Oxford to attack Beaufort 2-1 fails
Beaufort to Norwick to siege

Round 10

King Henry is still in refugee on Continent
Percy attacks Pole in Wingfield wins
Beaufort attacks Percy outside of Wingfield 2-1 fails

Round 11

Neville calls Parliament at Tewkesbury
Controlled by Neville
George got one office, Michael got one office and Paul got a title
Percy went home, all others stayed.

Round 12

Edward of March's Plantagenet in Chichester killed Plantagenet for Henry
Percy calls Parliament in Berwick. No one attended.

Round 13

Percy with King Henry to Weymouth
Free move played Percy to Chichester
Stafford ambushes Beaufort in Chichester while Percy watches
It fails
Beaufort to Salisbury to crown Edward of March King

Round 14

King Henry to Dartmouth
Talbot is Lord of Wales
Audley to Milford Haven

Round 15

King Henry to Milford Haven

Round 16

Fitzaland to Plymouth
Neville sits boldly next to London waiting for a good attack (George)
Beaufort to Rye

Round 17

Berkley ambushes Percy in Preston and kills Henry
Beaufort to Rochester and calls parliament
He Controls parliament and gives Paul an office, Michael a title and himself an office

Round 18

Talbot (Paul) to Chester to crown Margaret Queen
Neville still in London
Percy to Lancaster
Beaufort to Continent to refuge

Round 19

Talbot to Leicester to siege. He wins

Round 20

Talbot to Newark to siege
Talbot Dies in the attack
Neville to Newark to attack Grey 2-1 wins
Percy to Newark to get heir from Neville-Waiting

Round 21 Last Turn

Ambush of Margaret by Bourcheir (Ed Beach) failed
Ambush by Fitzaland (Paul) failed
Cromwell (George) to outside Masham Castle with Edward of Lancaster
Percy and Stanley (Justin) to Masham to be given Edward
Beaufort must come out of refuge. He pulls his event Vacillating Noble Card and rolls a one. Because Beaufort couldn't come out of refuge he dies.
We go to points because there are two Kings

Final Point Totals:

George Sauer: 91
Kevin Brownell: 82
Justin Thompson: 79
Michael Coomes: 55
Paul Saunders: -11
Ed Beach: -21

There were many other moves in the final but these were the highlights. We also offered plaques for the Most Points in each round and for the most Points over any three rounds.
Those winners were:

Round One: Paul Saunders 145
Round Two: Justin Thompson 121
Round Three: Sandy Wible 115 (Sandy qualified for the final but chose to play his Team game Settlers of Catan)
Over the Rounds went to: Kevin Brownell who has placed 2nd twice in a row: 312

Once again thanks for your great game play and I look forward to GMing for you next year.

 GM      Justin Thompson  [2nd Year]   5550 Park Rd, Lot 77, Crozet, VA 22932   NA

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