victory in the pacific [Updated August 2001]

VIP  6 prizes Experienced Swiss Continuous 
   Round 2  14  Round 3  19
  Round 4  9  Round 5  14  Round 6  19   Final  

  Salon A

Dan Henry, IL

2001 Champion

2nd: John Pack, UT

3rd: Alan Applebaum, MA

4th: Andy Gardner, VA

5th: Mike Kaye, CA

6th: Jim Eliason, NY
Event History
1991    Dave Targonski      36
1992    Wes Erni      39
1993    Alan Applebaum      36
1994    Dave Targonski      36
1995    Dan Henry      45
1996    Robert Kondracki      46
1997    Ed O'Connor      42
1998    Joe Dragan      48
1999    Alan Applebaum     48
2000    Andy Gardner     50
2001    Dan Henry     48

AREA Ratings:

GM: Glenn Petroski

Best GM Award 1993

6 Top-Six GM Nominations

Dice in the Pacific


My wife has us pegged correctly. Heavy on the character part, light on the definitions. Each of us eccentric in our own way. Each of us accepting of each other, and eager to call each other friends. This is what our hobby has come to mean to me. Friendship, camaraderie, and an appreciation of each other "just the way we are". Yet, we are not a closed group or a clique. We eagerly welcome new friends and faces.

Three or four times this year we paused between rounds for personal announcements which were usually met with rounds of applause, congratulations, or appropriate regrets.

Keith Ericksen managed to repossess the "VITP Great Guy" award that had been presented to me at the Midwest Open in March. He passed it around again and collected more signatures on the back. THIS is THE ONE that hangs over my desk as I type this.

48 players registered. 104 games actually played. 11 new players. 16 games went seven turns. 26 games went a full eight turns! 16 players stuck it out for all seven rounds. Bidding reached six POC.

This was the first time that any optional rules have been allowed in any competition that I have run. Before the first round, players had to note on their player records if they were willing to negotiate for options. By saying no at that point, all discussion was ended for the tournament, they could not be pressured. On the other hand, anyone who said yes was free to negotiate every round with any opponent who also said yes. This seems to answer every objection, and I expect to use it as future policy. Thanks to the players who thought it up and suggested it.

While Dan Henry took the Championship with an undisputed 7-0 record, the next four places all had identical 5-2 records, decided by the tie-breakers in the scoring system.

Dan Henry, Chicago, Illinois. Our Champion! Dan is not one to lick his wounds, nor rest on his laurels. A past Champion of both AvalonCon and Midwest Open, last year he placed second at WBC on tiebreaker points requiring two recounts. He came back this year like gangbusters with seven clear wins! All seven against players with the toughest of reputations including five past champions! Dan's player record is a who's who on the Victory In The Pacific circuit. This well-earned plaque will be take its place among Dan's collection.

No messing around this year. Dan was willing to play the Allies, but for a price. He wanted the options, and was eager to run the bid up as high as six POC! Five USN wins. Two IJN wins. No losses.

John Pack, Sandy, Utah. Second Place. John has always played with the best, and held his own. Contending for the brass ring is a way of life. Two USN wins. Three IJN wins. One USN loss. One IJN loss.

Alan Applebaum, Brookline, Massachusetts. Third Place. Alan is more used to Championship plaques. He will be back. Trust me. Two USN wins. Three IJN wins. One USN loss. One IJN loss.

Andy Gardner, Fairfax, Virginia. Fourth Place. Last year's Champion. Round 7 gave Andy his rematch with Dan from last year. If he had pulled it out, we would have been back to recounting the scores for that tie-breaker again. Two USN wins. Three IJN wins. Two IJN losses.

Mike Kaye, San Pedro, California. Fifth Place. Just wait until next year! Two USN wins. Three IJN wins. One USN loss. One IJN loss.

Jim Eliason, Valley Cottage, New York. Sixth Place. Jim has been playing with us for some time, but this is his first time to walk away with wood. He has been studying, and learning his lessons well. Four IJN wins. One USN loss. Two IJN losses.

 GM      Glenn Petroski [11th Year]   6829 23rd Ave., Kenosha, WI 53143-1233   (414) 656-5791

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