1776 [Updated October 2002]

776   2 prizes Beginners Single Elim Continuous 
  11  13 Round 2 16 Round 3 19 Final


Rob Beyma, MD

2002 Champion

2nd: Robert Frisby, VA

3rd: Jim Lawler, NY

4th: Mike Sincavage, VA

5th: David Metzger, VA

6th: Steve Packwood, MN

Event History
1993    Mark Miklos

1994    Steve Packwood

1995    Steve Packwood

1996    Rod Coffey

1997    Steve Packwood

1998    Rob Beyma

1999    Steve Packwood

2000    Steve Packwood

2001    Steve Packwood

2002    Rob Beyma


AREA Ratings

GM: Mathew Burkins

Past Winners

Mark Miklos - GA

Steve Packwood - MN
94-95, 97, 99-01

Rod Coffey - VA

Rob Beyma - MD

No longer on Trial ...

1776 returned to the Century list for a second year thanks to membership vote and matched its highest entrant total since it began in 1993 with 16 players. For Round 1, the Saratoga scenario was used for seven of eight games with the Invasion of Canada used for the other. The American side performed better than last year, winning three Saratoga games.

As a result of a player survey, all subsequent rounds were changed to the first nine months of the Campaign Game, except for the final which was the first 12 months. All optional rules except hidden and decoy counters were used. Players bid the number of strategic towns (out of a total of 24, including Montreal and Quebec) that the British must control on the last turn.

No two games employed the same strategy. The players were also cautious with bids: three people bid 12 towns and one bid 11. The British won three of four games, indicating that 12 appears to be a good bid for the nine-month game. In a major upset, Robert Frisby defeated perennial champ Steve Packwood in the second round, eliminating the six-time title holder.

In the final, Frisby bid 14 towns to play the British against Rob Beyma. Anticipating Frisby would try to obtain most of his bid with southern
towns, Beyma retreated his main army towards the Middle States and began shifting men and supplies south. The large British reinforcements landed in Savannah in August and by October the British controlled 12 towns. On the November turn, the British launched a surprise assault by bateau, pinned the American defenders inside Ticonderoga, and landed 13 SPs and a supply to threaten Albany.

In the final turn, the British took Albany, Ft Stanwix, Wyoming, and Richmond for a total of 16 towns. Beyma eliminated the Wyoming Redcoats at 5-1. The Americans converged on Albany for a 2-1 attack using one group that slipped across Lake Champlain via bateau ferries and another that force marched 7MPs from New England. However, the Americans were stymied at Albany with a "NE" die roll. The main American force in
Virginia hit Richmond at 2-1. The smaller force went to Petersburg and, coupled with some SPs force marching from North Carolina, attacked it at
3-1 and won. Beyma won the final battle at Richmond to claim his second 1776 crown with a Recon versus Frisby's Enfilade, a +1 DRM on a die roll of '4' - ending a very close game between well-matched opponents.

 GM      Mathew Burkins  [2nd Year]   3600 Keene Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21214-2750
    msburkins@aol.com   NA

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