carcassonne [Updated October 2002]

CAR   3 prizes Beginners Mult Ent Sing Elim Scheduled 
  21   Rnd1 Heat1 22  Rnd1 Heat2 16 
 Rnd1 Heat3 17  Round 2 15  Round 3 16Final

  Rnd1 Heat1  Rnd1 Heat2  Maryland 4  Rnd1 Heat3 Round 2 Round 3 Maryland 2

Debbie Garver, TX

2002 Champion

2nd: Bob Stribula, PA

3rd: Ken Dunn, MD

4th: Matt Miller, NJ

5th: Thomas Robinson, NC

6th: Ewan McNay, CT

Event History
2002    Debbie Garver


AREA Ratings

GM: Eric Hymowitz

Tiles, Tiles everywhere ...

No Report submitted.














 A total of 23 little farmers played Carrcassonne Junior this year - led by Jessica Hardesty who emerged the victor. She was followed in order by:

Emmy Shembeda

Katy Lee

Mathew Beach

Katie McCorry

Claire Anderson

 GM      Eric Hymowitz  [1st Year]   NA   NA

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