greed [Updated October 2002]

GRD  2 prizes  Single Elim Scheduled 
      23  Final

  Maryland 3  

Brooks Beyma, MD

2002 Champion

2nd: Scott Buckwalter, MD

3rd: Peter Staab, PA

4th: Bill Crenshaw, VA

5th: Richard Curtin, NY

6th: Gordon, ELgart, CA

Event History
1993    Linda Pedlow      67
1996    Randy Cox      23
1997    Ray Stakenas      30
1998    Kevin Wojtaszczyk      36
1999    Debbie Bell     26
2000    Jessica Greenwood     57
2001     Rebecca Hebner     80
2002     Brooks Beyma     86

AREA Ratings

GM: Peter Staab

Past Winners

Linda Pedlow - IL

Randy Cox - SC

Ray Stakenas - MI

Kevin Wojtasczyk - NY

Debbie Bell - MD

Jessica Greenwood - MD

Rebecca Hebner - CO

Brooks Beyma - MD

Fortunes made and lost with a roll of the dice ...

86 players tried to score the most points in four turns of the dice-rolling game of $Greed. This was the second year for the revised format where each player rolls the dice twice and the top 10% of the players (in this case, eight) advanced to the final round for two more rolls of the dice.

The players were split among three different tables, with order determined by random card draw. Jeff Mullet put the first scoring attempt to qualify for the second round on the board by scoring 1050 points at the third table. Doug Gallulo put up a 1450 from the second table as the fourth player at the table. The first table then finally put up a decent score with its fourth player, Thomas Browne, with a 1700 score. None of these players made it to the second round with these scores, however. After all of the players had rolled the dice for two turns, the players who had qualified for the second round were two players
from the third table: Malinda Barnes and Gordon Elgart, who had the highest qualifying score of 2650 points; two more players from the second table: Paul Risner, who had the lowest qualifying score of 1900, and Bill Crenshaw; and four players from the first table: Brooks Beyma, who tied Gordon's score of 2650, Richard Curtin, Scott Buckwalter and in a complete surprise, the GM, Pete Staab, from the first table. This broke the GM's seven-year streak of scoring zero.

Other highlights from the first round included three players rolling no scoring combinations on all six dice, five scoring combinations of $Greed by Brooks Beyma, Jeff Bakalchuck, Paul Risner, Robert Kircher and Gordon Elgart and four scoring combinations of four diamonds by Thomas Browne, Richard Curtin, John Coussis and Bill Crenshaw.

The order of rolling for the final round was determined by going from the lowest qualifying score to the highest score. The players thus proceeded to roll in the following order: Paul Risner, Scott Buckwalter, Bill Crenshaw, Pete Staab, Malinda Barnes, Richard Curtin, Brooks Beyma and Gordon Elgart. The set of third rolls saw a lot of points scored. Paul started the scoring frenzy by getting 500 points, giving him a subtotal after three rolls of 2400 points. Then Scott rolled the combination of $Greed and a total of 1200 points on the third turn, giving him 3200. Bill was next and managed to get another 900 points for a 2950 total. The GM then continued his scoring streak getting 1100 points for the turn and tying Scott at 3200. Next up was Malinda, who was the first person to fan on her third turn, leaving her at 2400. Richard Curtin stopped with 400 to give him 2850 and set himself in striking distance for the last turn. Brooks went next and posted 1300 points for a 3950 total after three turns and a 750 point lead. Finally, our leader after two rounds, Gordon, fanned and remained stuck on 2650.

The fourth set of dice rolls saw a reversal of fortune for most, as points became hard to come by. Paul led off and fanned. Scott then scored another1450, including two sets of silver for a 4650 final score and a 700 point lead over Brooks. Bill, Pete, Malinda and Rich all fanned, although Malinda managed 850 points before missing on her fourth try. Then Brooks stepped up to the table. He managed 750 which placed him 50 ahead of the finished Scott and 2050 ahead of the last remaining player, Gordon. However, for some reason Brooks felt he had to roll one die (with a two-in-six chance of scoring) to score more points. Brooks did roll one of the two scoring rolls and followed that with the forced roll of all six dice. Once again, he felt the need to roll five dice for even more points. One more scoring combination later, he quit the turn with 1000 points and a total of 4950. All the extra rolls proved an unnecessary risk as Gordon fanned on his first try, making Brooks the winner.

Scoring was higher this year with 1900 needed to qualify for the final round. The number of players scoring continues to rise with 30 players (34.9%) scoring in the first two rounds. The format change seems to be having the desired effect as more players are scoring and players can actually make the decision to stop rather than having to necessarily beat the highest score.

Once again I would like to thank my assistant GMs, Bruce Reiff and George Sauer, and the people who helped me record the scores at the tables and on the poster board at the front of the event: Richard Irving, Ken Good, Bruce Monnin and Thomas Browne. Come join us next year for another good time of dice rolling in $Greed.

 GM      Peter Staab  [4th Year]   NA   NA

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