Last updated November 1, 2018

The WBC 2019 list of Century and Continuing Trial Ballot
events revealed.

2019 BPA Membership drive to open December 3, 2018.

62 Event Reports, Event History & Laurels, and Winners pages are
now complete. The remainder of the pages are scheduled to be
complete by Mid-November.

Ten new PBEM Tournaments announced with start dates from
November to January.

The next WBC will be July 20 to July 28, 2019.

Get a Sneak Peek of the tournament winners!

Take a virtual tour of Seven Springs Mountain Resort.

New PBEM Event Reports page is under construction.

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WBC 2018 Vendors and Exhibitors
Academy Games ADMW Big Board Games Canton Games Collins Epic Wargames
Compass Games Decision Games Dream Games GMT Games Game Surplus
Griggling Games Harmony House Hobbies Holy Grail Games Lock 'N Load Publishing Multiman Publishing
Rio Grande Games Third Eye Comics
Upton Games
Worthington Games Mystik Womboose