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2004 WBC Report  

 2005 Status: pending December Membership Century Vote

Steven May, MD

2004 Champion

2nd: Wade Fowble, MD

3rd: Paul Potera, NC

4th: Jeff Billings, MD

5th: Craig Taylor, MD

6th: -

Event History
2004    Steven May     10

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Rank Name


 1. Steven May


 2. Wade Fowble


 3. Paul Potera


 4. Jeff Billings


 5. Craig Taylor



This Just in ...

We are indebted to Steven May for his account of his championship game with Wade Fowble.

On the first day I was able to take his base as the attacker. It was a pretty quick win with les than half the deck turned. On the second day I believe I was the defender and held my base with some trouble. This one was hard fought and went through all of my deck. My opponent was able to put pressure on my base, but could not get the right cards to finish the deal. At one point, it
looked bad for me as he had a bunch of orders to slam my base with, but I played the Fortune card to set his orders back to two and this turned the fight. On the third day I was the attacker again and only needed eight victory points to win. With this in mind I went on a strategic offensive to try and get the victory points from his Formation rather than his base. He had a solid defensive position at his base that I knew I could not crack. I killed one unit early for six VP's and knew I only had to get one other. However, this took forever. If his unit had three hits, I would cause two and he would run away. If it took two hits, I would cause one and it would run away. His deck was already depleted from the first two missions and was burning fast. He was down to just a few cards left in his deck, so on my last turn I went for broke. If I could not kill one more unit the game would have gone to a fourth day as the VP total would be 98 for me and around 70 for him. Too close for comfort with another mission. I moved my heavy artillery in for one last attack and was able to cause enough hits on one of his units with only one card remaining in his deck.

The final was very hard fought and well played. I commend Wadefor his play (he had only learned the game recently) and his sportsmanship (he was gracious in moving the final to Saturday morning when I had a conflict on Friday night). In addition, I would love to see his side of the events as I really enjoyed playing against him.

I also would like to commend you for running this event. It takes a lot of time and energy to prepare for a new event and I thought it went very smoothly. The only change I would propose would be to go with two rounds with four missions. That way each player is on the offensive for two missions and on defense for two. This way it is a bit more balanced. That being said, if you run it the same way next year, I will still be there in a heartbeat. I will mold my schedule around this event.

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