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2004 WBC Report  

 2005 Status: pending December Membership Century Vote

Jeff King, ME

2004 Champion

2nd: Keith MacFarland, NJ

3rd: Jamie Tang, MD

4th: Dennis Culhane, PA

5th: Darin Morley, NC

6th: Peter Stein, NY

Event History
2003    Jeff Mullet     16
2004     Jeff King     15

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AREA Ratings


Rank Name


 1. Jeff Mullet


 2.  Jeff King


 3. Chris Bauch


 4. Peter Putnam


 5. Keith MacFarland


 6. Bruce Bernard


 7. Jamie Tang


 8. Charlie Hickok


 9. Dennis Culhane


10. Darin Morley


11. Peter Stein



Past Winners

Jeff Mullet - OH

On Probation

No Report received

The BPA Board of Directors has been forced to make a choice; either enforce the requirements for being a GM which all GMs agree to when they submitted their event form - or repeal the requirements altogether. The Board has chosen the former.

Consequently, this event is now on Probation. The effects of Probation are that the defaulting GM will not be allowed to GM an event in the coming year. In addition, unless someone else steps forward to GM the event by December 31st, 2004, it will be dropped from Century to Continuing Trial status or from Continuing Trial to ineligible. Should the new GM also default in 2005, the penalty will be automatically applied. Obviously, if no new GM applies, the event will not be run.

Events on Probation are not eligible for the annual December Membership vote and therefore cannot improve their status by that route.

The Board would like to thank this GM for his past service to WBC and the hobby and extend our hope that he will once again favor us with his presence at WBC as a fellow player - and perhaps, at some future date, a GM.

We apologize if this action comes at a time in life when it seems trivial and hope it is not considered a reprimand. Everyone must prioritize what they do with their time and we are in no position to judge what others should do with theirs. However, we do have an obligation as an organization to uphold the standards we have set as the goals for the BPA. Hundreds of people travel great distances to take part in WBC and we owe them our commitment to fulfill our promises as best we may. Many members look forward to the event reports and it is unfair to them to keep them waiting any longer. It is also unfair to those who don't necessarily read the reports but do value the presence of those additional gamers who those reports might attract ... a feature unique to WBC which exemplifies the extra mile taken by our GMs as a whole.

WBC is all about volunteers working together to improve the boardgaming hobby. By running an event , a GM does far more than the average attendee and should be congratulated. Alas, life is seldom fair and listening to the complaints of those who have not made similar sacrifices can be galling to say the least. But WBC GMs have always been a notch above what passes for GMs at other conventions and it is that dedication which we hope to preserve by enforcing our standards. The litmus test for whether an event belongs at WBC has always been having a GM willing to make the necessary sacrifice. Should no other GM step forward to embrace those standards, then the event simply does not deserve to be run.

This event will be listed on the new Orphans List as being on Probation. A commitment from a GM by December 31st 2004 willing to honor the commitments set forth by the GM Guidelines in 2005 will keep this event eligible for selection. Otherwise, it will be ineligible for Continuing Trial status.

 GM      NA   NA
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