Europe Engulfed [Updated October 2004]  

2004 WBC Report  

  2005 Status: pending 2005 GM commitment

Barry Eynon, CA

2004 Champion

2nd: Carl Adamec, NY

3rd: Bill Powers, VA

4th: Stuart Pierce, VA

5th: Steve Brooks, FL

6th: John Wetherell, PA

Event History
2004    Barry Eynon     27

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 1. Barry Eynon


 2. Carl Adamec


 3. Bill Powers


 4. Stuart Pierce


 5. Steve Brooks


 6. John Wetherell



Quite a Debut!

The debut of Europe Engulfed as a first-time trial event at WBC went very well in 2004. With one of the game's designers (Rick Young) as the GM and the game's developer (Bill Cooper) as the assistant GM, and 27 gamers signed up to play.

Round 1 had eleven games going at once, which to my knowledge is the largest number of EEG games ever played at the same time in a single room. It was an awe inspiring sight!

Attrition gradually overtook the field and by the 4th and last round of the preliminaries, only 12 remained, battling over six game boards.

The one-map Tournament Scenario was the chosen scenario. This scenario is designed to play in three hours, and some games did finish in that span, but play was methodical and intense, with the honor of holding the first EEGWorld Championship plaque at stake. Because of this the GM's were needed to adjudicate a few games each round as some games remained unfinished at the 4-hour mark.

The semi-finals pitted Bill Powers (Soviets) against Barry Eynon (Axis) on one board and Stuart Pierce (Soviets) against Carl Adamec (Axis) on the other. Stuart shocked everyone after going 3-1 as the Axis in the preliminaries by bidding VP for the privilege of playing the Soviet side. Both games were remarkably similar, with the Germans driving across the Don and taking Voronezh, then driving north and reducing the Soviet Heavy Fortifications of Moscow, seizing the Soviet capital.

Bill Powers and Stuart Pierce struggled valiantly to contain the Axis beast and to counterattack and retake areas from the Axis, but Barry and Carl each managed, with a combination of skill and timely luck, to hold back the Soviets and garner the wins for the Axis side.

For the Final Round, Carl Adamec took the Axis against Barry Eynon. Barry made the south weak, trying to lure Carl into driving towards Baku. Carl took the bait and did indeed drive towards Baku, and in fact occupied it during the Sep/Oct 1942 Game Turn, but a tactical error forced him to expend a Special Action more than he had intended, which left his forces exposed to Soviet counterattack.

Barry drove west on his turn, capturing first the Don River Bend, and then using his one Special Action to drive south and take Krasnodar from the lone Italian Corps that had been detailed to protect the supply line of Carl's Panzer formations. Nov/Dec 1942 saw Carl desperately try to break out of the encirclement, only to fall short, seeing his panzer armies surrender en masse and leaving him in a desperate position.

Carl fought valiantly, and used some timely and brilliant delaying tactics and local counterattacks, as he watched, waiting and hoping for Barry to make a fatal mistake as Barry pushed the Soviet armies ever closer to Berlin. Barry never made that fatal mistake, and Carl ended up conceding in late 1943 as the Soviet spearheads entered Slovakia, enroute to the heart of the German Reich.

All told, 35 complete games of EEG were played over the six rounds. Thanks to all that joined in and played this tense one-map scenario. We congratulate Barry Eynon as the first BPA World Champion of Europe Engulfed. Join us in 2005, either in Lancaster or Columbus, and see if you have any luck in keeping Barry from repeating his excellent 6-0 record over the six total rounds (wow!).

 GM      Rick Young  [1st Year]   NA   NA

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