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2004 WBC Report  

 2005 Status: pending December Membership Century Vote

Daniel Hoffman, NC

2004 Champion

2nd: Alex Bell, MD

3rd: Jason LaGarde, DC

4th: -

5th: -

6th: -

Event History
2004    -     6

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A Bad Year for Troy and Brad Pitt

Only six players entered the tournament - which by BPA rules is insufficient to be accorded official tournament status for anything other than teampoints and the existing plaque. It was a continuous, single elimination affair, and I served as the eliminator in the second round to prevent the need for a bye and possibly shave a round from the playing time if successful. H&A is a two-player card game in which one creates four "army decks" and a hero deck. Three armies are stacked in a forward position and the last to the rear (the home army). Your goal is to either eliminate either your opponent's forward armies or home army.

In Round 1, Alex Bell routed Jeff Cornett in quick order. Daniel Hoffman defeated Chris Janiec in a bruising long affair. Chris got off to an early lead and seemed to be the winner, but Daniel came back and was able to defeat Chris's home stack late to win the game. In the third match, Jason Lagarde defeated Steve Caler in a close victory.

In the next round, Daniel Hoffman blitzed Alex Bell quickly, probably because Alex refused to retreat at any time. I defeated Jason Lagarde as an eliminator, so Daniel Hoffman became champion because no contenders remained. Alex Bell defeated Jason Lagarde in the consolation game to claim second place.

 GM      Stan Hilinski  [1st Year]  NA 
   SHilinski@prodigy.net   NA

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