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2004 WBC Report  

 2005 Status: pending December Membership Century Vote

Tim Swartz, MD

2004 Champion

2nd: Bill Place, PA

3rd: Jeff Cornett, FL

4th: Dave Metzger, NY

5th: David des Jardins, CA

6th: Scott Cornett, FL

Event History
2003    David Metzger       8
2004    Tim Swartz     20

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AREA Ratings


Rank Name


 1.   Tim Schwatz


 2. David Metzger


 3.  Bill Place


 4. Jeff Cornett


 5. David Rohde


 6. David des Jardins


 7. Michael Ussery


 8. Scott Cornett



Past Winners

David Metzger - NY

Breathing room in war is all too brief

"Sing the rage of Tim Swartz that cost all other Hellas players countless losses, hurling down to the House of Death so many sturdy souls, great fighters' souls, but made their bodies carrion, feasts for the dogs and birds"

The 2004 tournament more than doubled the size of the previous rendition with 20 participants playing in 20 hard-fought battles throughout five rounds. Players were guaranteed to advance only through a win in their game. Four games had to be adjudicated throughout the tournament with all adjudicated winners and only one adjudicated loser advancing into the next round. One highly controversial semi-final round bye was granted, which was the only bye granted in the tournament. Players were matched up immediately after finishing their previous round in order to avoid necessitated adjudication because of time.

The games played this year truly showed, as noted in the Illiad, that "[t]he god of war is impartial: he hand out death to the man who hands out death." Many games finished well under the 45 minute timed rounds, with the most notable going to Bill Place who destroyed Scott Cornett in under ten minutes. Nonetheless, Bill "knew full well the tide of battle had turned but still stood firm" as he lost in his very next game to Tim Swartz in the final.

For the first round, there was an advantage to playing yellow and going first as 80% (eight of ten) of the Yellow players won their first matches. In later rounds, this result was reversed, as 70% (seven of ten) won playing Tan. The best strategy still appears to be growth through conquering your opponent and rarely taking voyages. By fighting it out early, "more men come through alive --- soldiers break and run [and then its] good-bye glory, good-bye all defenses!" Many late-round games showed marginal growth throughout the early tournament and of the adjudicated games, only five voyage cards on average per game had been played before adjudication.

As a side note, Dave Metzger, last year's champ, although losing by adjudication in the quarter-final round this year, walked away with the Dorian the Dolphin prize for controlling all six spaces around the center dolphin tile at the end of his blowout 10 cities to 1 win over the GM in the first round.

Depending on next year's competition numbers, expect to see a three-way round robin if there are again three players in the semi-finals. Further, all rules clarifications will come straight from resources available on the internet, including boardgamegeek.com. Printouts will be available at the tournament. Depending on future interest, the single elimination continuous format for play seems to be the most popular and next year's scheduled time will be very close to that of the 2004 WBC.

 GM      Ann Cornett  [1st Year]   NA
   acornettlaw@aol.com   NA

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