Junior Events

[Updated October 2004]

WBC attempts to always have one event running between 9 AM and 9 PM exclusively for kids 12 and under. Such events are free to children accompanied by a BPA member in attendance at the conference. While parents need not be present to play, parental attendance is encouraged to lend a hand. However, parents should refrain from playing the game for their children.

How young is too young? Children should be old enough to read at a minimum. Parents are reminded that this is not a day care service and their children should be well behaved and respectful of others if they are to attend unsupervised. WBC and its GMs assume no responsibility for keeping track of your child's whereabouts before, during or after the event. There is no substitute for parental supervision.

Any boardgame of suitable complexity level and length is eligible for use in the juniors tournaments and GM volunteers are always needed - either to head an event or to act as assistants to teach and monitor a table full of youngsters. If you're looking for a way to "give something back" to the hobby, look no further. Volunteer to be a Juniors GM.

 Although all Juniors events are Class C ­ Coached ­ and will be explained, it is best if the children have some advance familiarity with the games in question.

Lastly, remember that bringing a copy of the game is often a good idea to ensure enough copies to allow everyone to play. this is even more important for the Juniors events because so many of the kids do not have games and our GMs cannot provide enough copies for everyone.

 All Juniors events are held in Chase ­ the room closest to the elevators - for easy access.

Wednesday 10 AM

GM: Wendy DeMarco


Champ: David Pack > 11

2nd Jacob Hebner

3rd Andrew Wilson

4th Daniel Long

5th Zack Dunn










Friday 9 AM

GM: Kaarin Engelmann


Champ: Daniel Long > 22

2nd: Anna Marion

3rd: Lissa Rennert

4th: Jacob Hebner

5th: David Pack

6th: Callie Hood

See Circus Maximus page for more details.

Wednesday 4 PM

GM: Kathy Stroh


Champ: Carol Jaeger > 12

2nd: David Pack

3rd: Carolyn Strock of PA

4th: Kaleig Jaeger

FINAL: Saturday 8 PM 

GM: Bill Edwards


Champ: Zack Dunn > 23

2nd: Kaleigh Jaeger

3rd: Andrew Wilson

4th: Morgan Hull

5th: Michael Schoose

6th: Nicole Reiff

Thursday 4 PM

GM: Andy Lewis


Champ: Natalie Beach > 14

Wednesday 1 PM

GM: Ray Stakenas


Champ: Dave Pack > 13

2nd: Jennifer Sutton

3rd: Janet Baringer

4th: David Rennert

5th: Sylvia Reiff

Thursday 9 AM

GM: Jason Levine


Champ: Jacob Hebner > 14

2nd: Natalie Beach

3rd: Zach Dunn

4th: Katherine Dougherty

5th: Michael Wojtaszczyk

6th: David Pack

Saturday 6 PM

GM: Ed Beach


Champ: Mike Schoose > 23

2nd: Natalie Beach

3rd: Andrew Wilson

4th: Daniel Collinson

5th: Daniel Long

6th: Kelsey Lee

Friday 1 PM

GM: Jim Doughan


Champ: David Pack > 20

2nd: Sydney Engelstein

3rd: Michael Schoose

4th: Jacob Hebner

5th: David Rennert

6th: Daniel Long

Thursday Noon

GM: Mark Love


Champ: Jacob Hebner > 16

   2nd: David Pack

   3rd: Michael Schoose

   4th: Conal Jaeger

   5th: Daniel Pappas

   6th: Tim DeMarco

Saturday 9 AM

GM: Mark McLaughlin


Champ: Dan Collinson > 18

2nd: Kaleigh Jaeger

3rd: Sydney Engelstein

4th: Jacob Hebner

5th: Daniel Long

See the Princess Ryan's Star Marines event page for more details.

Sunday 9 AM

GM: Brian Sutton


Champ: Sydney Engelstein > 21

2nd: Brian Engelstein

3rd: Jennifer Sutton

4th: Daniel Long

5th: Andrew Wilson

Saturday 1 PM

GM: Bruce Monnin


Champ: Katie Dougherty > 27

2nd: Mary Beth Mitchell

3rd: David Pack

4th: Michael Schoose

5th: Heather Lange

6th: Megan McCorry

See the Slapshot event page for more details.

Tuesday 6 PM

GM: Greg Crowe


Champ: Dan Collinson > 10

2nd: Jennifer Sutton

3rd: Cameron Graf

4th: Kalie Jaeger

5th: Hannah Navolis

Friday 5 PM

GM: Bruce Reiff


Champ: Jacob Hebner > 28

2nd: Pam Gutermuth

3rd: Corwin Fair

4th: Heather Lange