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2005 WBC Report     

 2006 Status: pending December Membership Century Vote

Roger Whitney, FL

2005 Champion

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Event History
2003    Lyman Moquin     14
2004     Steve Simmons     12
2005    Roger Whitney     10


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Lyman Moquin       DC    05     16
  2.  Steve Simmons      NJ    04     13
  3.  Roger Whitney      FL    05     10
  4.  Paul Skrabut       FL    05     16
  5.  Peter Staab        PA    03      6
  6.  Tom DeMarco        NJ    04      6
  7.  Mike Ryan          NY    05      4
  8.  Doug Smith         PA    05      2
  9.  Geof Engelstein    NJ    04      2
 10.  Al Mink            VA    04      1
 11.  Thomas Browne      PA    03      1

2005 Laurelists

Paul Skrabut, FL

Mike Ryan, NY

Lyman Moquin, DC

Doug Smith, PA

Jamie Tang

Past Winners

Lyman Moquin, DC

Steve Simmons, NJ

The end of a legend???

The third WBC Die Macher tournament started off at a new time Saturday morning with ten total contestants (including three fresh faces) to vie for the plaque. The biggest complaint the GM received was that the time conflicted with many other games that potential entrants were playing, including several semifinal rounds. In the future because of the length of the game rounds (4-5 hours), it may be advisable to hold multiple heats (including very late night heats since most people can be found playing pickup Die Macher games very late anyways) to increase the field. Of the players entered, 30% were women, a statistic that most WBC competitions fall far short of having. Less than half of last year's finalists returned, including the GM, Tom DeMarco. But, Tom did drop by often to see how it was going and snap a few "candid photos. Next year, we eagerly look forward to Tom reprising his role as Die Macher GM (although there are rumblings that twice runner-up, Paul Skrabut may be talked into taking on that role).

We also saw several rules disputes, including whether Party Contribution cards should be revealed simultaneously (which the GM ruled they should) and whether Opinion Cards are bid on with the active region first or last (incorrectly ruled to be last in the preliminary rounds, but fixed for the final game and bid on first). Each of these have an important impact on the game. Party Contribution cards have a bonus roll earned for the person giving up the largest contribution which is negated if two players give up the highest contribution and Opinion Cards bid on last in the round usually go for less as players expend their cash on earlier polls.

The first preliminary table saw what was probably one of the lowest scoring and closest scoring finishes ever. Paul Skrabut's Green party garnered 269 total points, pulling out the victory, despite only winning one region (worth 26 mandate, the third lowest in the game). Eventual tournament winner, Roger Whitney's FDP party earned 261 total points. FDP pulled out wins in the first and second region (worth 24 and 32 respectively) and lost by a nose the 4th region which was won by the Green party. Lyman Moquin finished third with 248 points to sneak into the final round with 91% of the winning score. In fourth place was newcomer Susan Cornett's CDU party at 246 points and Kenneth Pinder's PDS rounded out the table.

The second preliminary game was a fun game, congenially played by all (despite being delayed to accommodate a late arriving fifth and being hampered by having to accommodate the GM's presence). Doug Smith,s PDS party dominated the table (despite claiming to have "very little experience with the game) and easily ran away with the victory. Second place went to Jamie Tang's SPD party, but since she was unable to play in the Final, Mike Ryan's Green party in third place advanced instead. The GM duked it out with William Lentz for fourth place. There were a lot of high-mandate regions (272 total) and several surprising Party Contribution acceptances. After winning the full 54 and 60 mandates and earning $54 and $60 respectively, several players took party contributions rather than adding to their presence on the national board. This proved to be a strategic play, as the ability to afford pricier opinion polls may actually be more useful than hoping for a couple lucky die rolls.
Especially if you roll like the GM did

The final match saw another dearth of any large mandate regions, with a 15, 50, 24, and 22 on the board to start. Finishing out the regions were 32, 54, and 20. Players were to be cash-poor and required to lean heavily on special interest contributions to keep their parties in contention the whole game.

The ability to match the final opinion makeup of the national board proved to be the winning factor for Roger who easily outplayed the rest of the finalists. Besides taking the most mandate (164 to Mike's 147 and Lyman's 140), he took 55 points for having matching opinions whereas both Mike and Lyman matched for only 10 points. That 45 point difference not only solidified Roger's win but also sunk both Mike and Lyman to 4th and 3rd place, respectively, below Paul's Green party who matched for a whopping 70 points.

Next year, Die Macher may be a Continuing Trial tournament again unless elevated to Century status in the BPA's voting for the 2005 Century additions. If you want to ensure that there will be such a tournament in 2006, please renew your membership before Dec 31st and vote for Die Macher! Thanks to all who came out to make this year's tournament successful.

         CDU: Lyman    FDP: Mike   Green: Paul   SPD: Doug   PDS: Roger
Mandate        140        147         113            100     164      
Media           20         52          32             40      45
Pty Membership  44         39          58(+10)        37      51(+6)     
Nat/Pty Match   10         10          70(+5)         20      55(+5) 
Total Score    214        248         288            197     326     
 GM      Ann Cornett [1st Year]   NA
   acornett26@yahoo.com   NA

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