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2005 WBC Report  

 2006 Status: pending December Membership Century Vote

Sean Druelinger, MD

2005 Champion

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Event History
2005    Sean Druelinger     20


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Sean Druelinger    MD    05     20
  2.  Robert Mull        CO    05     12
  3.  Scott Fenn         MD    05      8
  4.  Doug Porterfield   VA    05      6
  5.  Laura Bogan        MD    05      4
  6.  Mathaniel Bogan    MD    05      2

2005 Laurelists

Robert Mull, CO

Scott Fenn, MD

Doug Porterfield, VA

Laura Bogan, MD

Nathaniel Bogan, MD

Deck Tinkering

The WBC 2005 inaugural Dixie tournament was a great success. 20 players vied for the plaque: some experienced, and others who were just learning the game.

Early round games involved two games per round where each player played both sides versus the same opponent. Winning both games ensured advancing to the next round. If the games were split, battle-damage inflicted on enemy troop cards in both games determined who advanced. Successful use of tactics such as outflanking and melee was a key ingredient in the victories of those who advanced.

Most of the games were tense, hard-fought, drawn-out battles, coming down to a few cards remaining in play with no further reinforcements scheduled. Often the prevailing side was on the very edge of defeat when their victory came. The fate of generals was usually pivotal to the outcome and sharpshooters were a feared commodity. A well timed double-canister, uniform confusion, or rally card also made the difference in several games.

Between rounds many players adjusted their battle-decks by trading with other entrants and a box of loose cards provided by Columbia Games. There was much spirited debate about the best 30 cards to choose for a battle-deck (any 30 unique cards were permitted). Among the more difficult choices was deciding the ideal proportion of troop cards to generals, terrain, and special cards, which is critical to success. Players seemed to enjoy the challenge and tinkered with their battle-decks from round to round

The final four involved mostly experienced players with well-constructed battle-decks. The semifinals between Scott Fenn and Rob Mull were settled by a single battle-damage point in the tie-breaker. The other semifinal, involving Sean Druelinger and Doug Porterfield, was similarly hard-fought.

Rob Mull and Sean Druelinger squared off for a single Final game with Sean emergeing as champion.

On the whole, a good time was had by all, including those who were new to the game. All the entrants exhibited excellent sportsmanship and most indicated they would be eager to play again next year if Dixie returns as an event.

 GM      Grant Dalglish   PO Box 3457, Blaine, WA 98231
   grant@columbiagames.com   NA

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