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2005 WBC Report  

 2006 Status: pending December Membership Century Vote

Jeff King, ME

2004-05 Champion

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Event History
2003    Jeff Mullet     16
2004     Jeff King     15
2005     Jeff King     24 


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Jeff King          ME    05     42
  2.  Jeff Mullet        OH    03     20
  3.  Scott Cameron      NY    05     18
  4.  Tim Wisner         MD    05     12
  5.  Chris Bauch        LA    03     12
  6.  Darin Morley       MO    05      9
  7.  Peter Putnam       PA    03      8
  8.  Joe Collinson      MD    05      6
  9.  Keith MacFarland   NJ    04      6
 10.  Bruce Bernard      PA    03      6
 11.  Jamie Tang         MD    04      4
 12.  Charlie Hickok     PA    03      4
 13.  Bill Boynton       ME    05      3
 14.  Dennis Culhane     PA    04      3
 15.  Darin Morley       NC    04      2
 16.  Peter Stein        NY    04      1

2005 Laurelists

Scott Cameron, NY

Tom Wisner, MD

Darin Morley, MD

Joe Collinson, MD

Bill Boynton, ME

Past Winners

Jeff Mullet, OH

Jeff King, ME

On Probation

Drawing on two demonstrations, this year's tournament made many converts, with seven four-player games in two heats. Two of the games in the first heat were very tight, with first and second separated by a single point. In fact, at the most closely contested table, only four points separated first from third. That third place finisher returned in the second heat for the most decisive win of the tournament.

Balancing the benefits of the personality and more powerful mercenaries against their costs was a continual challenge. The winners were evenly split in their recruiting, with two gambling on the most negative points in their games, two conservatively taking the least, and three in the middle. Last-place finishers were also split, with one recruiting the fewest cards of the table, two recruiting the most, and four recruiting an average card point total for that game.

Winners were more united in their use of trade routes. Trade was the major factor in four wins, and provided nearly half of Darin Morley's points. In the other camp, Bill Boynton eschewed trade entirely, choosing instead to dominate the land and sea. For him and Jeff King, plunder played a marginal part in wins that would have gone the same way without it. Plunder hardly factored into any games. One would think that all those blocks sitting in the ocean would be more attractive, but apparently the fleets guarding them were a sufficient deterrent.

The persistence of the initially established territories was likewise borne out in the game results. In three games, the player who was most successful at the land-grab proved the winner. Conversely, in three games, the player who acquired the least real estate at the outset limped into last place. Apparently, it is far easier to take over neutral territory than that patrolled by elephants.

The second scoring round proved crucial. In four games, the eventual winner carved out a commanding land and trade presence in the midgame that could not be whittled away entirely by the end. Only one winner markedly improved his board position between the second and third scoring rounds.

Due to schedule conflicts, only five of the seven heat winners appeared for the semifinals, so instead they played a Final. There were several players whose only experience came at this and possibly last year's tournaments. Despite constant battering, experience proved key as last year's champion & GM, Jeff King, was again crowned the Emperor of the Ancient World. He employed a midweight recruiting strategy and trade routes that were on a par with the rest of the table.

The hardfought Final had several high and lowlights. Participants began with three northern and two southern armies. Jeff King repeatedly flushed cards searching for the perfect recruits. This had no effect on Brittania's ferocious druids as they rebuffed five initial expansion attempts, finally falling when Jeff switched to diplomacy. Darin Morley stretched out the trade routes that had availed him so well in his heat. Tom Wisner was the first naval power, but his rowboats soon fell to Scott Cameron's +7 galleys. Naval supremacy wasn't enough though, and Scott repeatedly lost the Eastern Med to Joe Collinson's suave diplomats before he reinforced it. The -3 points per battleship along with maintaining a strong army meant double the cost of anyone else and put Scott into second overall.

Joe Collinson wanted to make good use of his Engineer and felt paranoid about his non-entity of an army. Losing his homeland spurred him into
building more forts than everyone else put together. Sadly, his end score showed the complete ineffectiveness of the Great Wall strategy.

Those of us who enjoy this best of both worlds Euro wargame hope to see even more players next year. The GM thanks all those who entered and the previous GMs who assisted. In addition, she wants to recognize Rich Shipley, who settled rules questions and took notes at the final. She would appreciate contact information for the designer, Martin Wallace, if anyone has it.

 GM      Jamie Tang   NA
    jat@rtgames.com   NA

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