Europe Engulfed [Updated October 2005]  

2005 WBC Report  

2006 Status: regardless of December Membership Century Vote

Ron Draker, VA

2005 Champion

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Event History
2004    Barry Eynon     27
2005     -       6


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Barry Eynon        CA    04     40
  2.  Carl Adamec        NY    04     24
  3.  Bill Powers        VA    04     16
  4.  Stuart Pierce      VA    04     12
  5.  Steve Brooks       FL    04      8
  6.  John Wetherell     PA    04      4

2004 Laurelists

Bill Powers, VA

Herbert Gratz, Austria

Ernest Copley, ME

Tom Thornsen, NY

Rick Young, NC

Past Champions

Barry Eynon, CA

From Smash to Smashed ...

Europe Engulfed had an impressive debut in 2004 for a long game with an ambitious swiss format and earned a century slot outright for 2005. It was not to survive its sophomore season, however, as the novelty wore off. While occasionally a Trial event fails to draw a minimum field, it is rare when that malady befalls a Century event - the decline in attendance that accompanies the transformation from Century to Trial status to oblivion usually being less precipitous. Nevertheless, the result is the same when an event fails to draw a minimum field. The event loses its tournament status, although plaques are awarded no laurels are earned, and it cannot be run the following year.

Only six entrants for the event (down from 27 last year) means that we are out of the events next year. We had a good time though in our swan song.

Friday night we played two rounds of the Patton's Fantasy scenario, with the Soviets and Western Allies splitting the Victories. The point tally at the end
of Friday was:

Ron Draker 2.0
Bill Powers 2.0
Ernest Copley1.0
Tom Thornsen 1.0
Herbert Gratz  0.0
Rick Young 0.0

Saturday we played two 3-player 1939 Campaign Games, with each game weighted at three tournament points. Herbert (who came all the way from Austria won his game as the Axis, conquering France and Russia, picking up three points for his effort against Tom and Ernest.

Rick was heading towards a marginal Axis win on the other board when the Western Allies suddenly broke out of the Po Valley and poured into the heart of the Reich. Rick could not recover, and Ron Draker netted four points, stealing one of three from his Soviet Allies by liberating territories the Soviets took historically.

Final point tally:

Ron Draker 6.0
Bill Powers 4.0
Herbert Gratz 3.0
Ernest Copley 1.0
Tom Thornsen 1.0
Rick Young 0.0

Congrats to Ron Draker for winning an enjoyable event. We're going to have a rematch next year, even if it's in the Open Gaming area.

 GM      Rick Young  [2nd Year]   NA   NA

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