Junior Events

[Updated October 2005]

WBC attempts to always have one event running between 9 AM and 9 PM exclusively for kids 12 and under. Such events are free to children accompanied by a BPA member in attendance at the conference, but require registration of the child in the Juniors room by completing parental consent and emergency contact forms. While parents need not be present to play, parental attendance is encouraged to lend a hand. However, parents should refrain from playing the game for their children.

How young is too young? Well, the child at right, while in the spirit, needs a few years of seasoning. Seriously, the kids seem to get younger every year. Children should be at least old enough to read at a minimum. Parents are reminded that this is not a day care service and their children should be well behaved and respectful of others if they are to attend unsupervised. WBC and its GMs assume no responsibility for keeping track of your child's whereabouts before, during or after the event. There is no substitute for parental supervision.

Any boardgame of suitable complexity level and length is eligible for use in the juniors tournaments and GM volunteers are always needed - either to head an event or to act as assistants to teach and monitor a table full of youngsters. If you're looking for a way to "give something back" to the hobby, look no further. Volunteer to be a Juniors GM or assistant.

 Although all Juniors events are Class C -- Coached -- and will be explained, it is best if the children have some advance familiarity with the games in question.

Lastly, remember that bringing a copy of the game is often a good idea to ensure enough copies to allow everyone to play. This is even more important for the Juniors events because so many of the kids do not have games and our GMs often cannot provide enough copies for everyone.

 All Juniors events were held in Cornwall.

21 players

GM: Kathy Stroh


Carolyn Strock, 12

2nd: Mary Beth Mitchell, age 10

3rd: Pamela Gutermuth, age 12

4th: Tim Keating, age 12

5th: Thomas Strock, age 9

6th: Conal Jaeger, age 10

19 players

GM: Ron Wuerth


Brian Pappas, 8

2nd: Thomas Strock, age 9

3rd: Andrew Wilson, age 11

4th: Evan Boone, age 10

5th: Mark Evich, age 8

6th: Mary Beth Mitchell, age 10

21 players

GM: Ray Stakenas

Tom Miklos, 12

2nd: Elaine Burkey, Age 10

3rd: Adam Skirkanich, Age 12

4th: Megan McCorry, Age 11

5th: Dan Lewis, Age 8

6th: Michael Schoose, Age 12

19 players

GM: Jason Levine

Stephanie Kilroy,12

2nd: Pamela Gutermuth, Age 12

3rd: Conal Jaeger, Age 10

4th: Andrew Wilson, Age 11

5th: Michael Schoose, Age 12

6th: Katherine Dougherty, Age 12

23 players

GM: Ed Beach


Carolyn Strock, 12

2nd: Lisa Rennert, Age 8

3rd: Zach Dunn, Age 11

4th: Katie Dougherty, Age 12

5th: Dan Collinson, Age 11

6th: Conal Jaeger, Age 10

25 players

GM: Jim Doughan

Tommy Miklos, 12

2nd: Tommy Strock, Age 9

3rd: Conal Jaeger, Age 10

4th: Katie Lee, Age 11

5th: -

6th: -

19 players

GM: Daniel Broh-Kahn


Anna Marion, 12

2nd: Carolyn Strock, Age 12

3rd: Tim Keating, Age 12

4th: Stephanie Kilroy, Age 12

5th: -

6th: -

10 players

GM: John Poniske

Carolyn Strock, 12

2nd: Thomas Strock, Age 9

3rd: Jaclyn Sands, Age 9

4th: -

5th: -

6th: -

The FIRST junior Montgolfier tournament lifted off with tremendous fanfare and a starting gun that failed to work, but when it did the tourney was off with a bang! Ten eager young pilots participated, ranging from age 8 to 12. Two games of five players each, grouped by age, competed with each other on a raucous race to the moon. Everyone played in six, rapid 15 minute rounds. Pilots hooked onto each other's balloons, they outmaneuvered each other, they used super motors, they even used sleeping gas on each other. But when the night fell there were three clear winners, Carolyn Strock brought home first with 86 points (having won four of her six games), Her brother Thomas brought home second with 67 points (watch out for these clever two in the future) and Jaclyn Sands captured third with 62 points. Our Good Sportsmanship title goes to Natalie Beach who was mistakenly named third place winner and graciously accepted the error (and a Snickers bar) in good humor. Special thanks to Barry Shutt who stepped in to coach one table of pilots on the finer points of light than air flight.

See you all next year! Flight Commander, John Poniske

17 players

GM: Mark Love

Elaine Burkey, 10

   2nd: Jack Doughan, Age 8

   3rd: Philip Entwhistle, Age 10

   4th: Sebastian Dunn, Age 8

   5th: Zack Terry, Age 12

   6th: Andrew Wilson, Age 11

See the Monsters Event page for a more detailed description.

17 players

GM: Ken Whitesell

Natalie Beach, 12

2nd: Tim Keating, Age 12

3rd: Zach Dunn, Age 11

4th: -

5th: -

6th: -

19 players

GM: Mark McLaughlin

Carolyn Strock, 12

2nd: -

3rd: -

4th: -

5th: -

6th: -

It seems someone only fitting that the first year a team named for Princess Ryan's Star Marines got all dressed up for the WBC team costume contest that the contest would be cancelled. Still, this did not deter the veteran squad of boys in plastic home-made
armor toting cardboard guns and driving a tricked-out tricycle from showing up at the Sunday morning meeting.

It was their second such appearance of the convention. Their first was to an even more appreciative audience at the Princess Ryan's Star Marines Juniors tournament. The four boys (led by Nick Henning, a former 1st place finisher in the adult version of the game) really set the mood for the gang of 19 youngsters who packed into the kid's room that morning. With so many players we quickly ran out of poker chips and coins, so the designer/GM rushed to the hotel gift shop, bought every bag of plain M&Ms they had, and doled them out to all of the tables to use as promotion points and time chips. It gave new incentives and new meanings to acquiring and "eating up"time.

Although the adult version of the game did not make it into the sanctioned events this year, a dozen adult and older teen veterans came by anyway. They set up two boards of their own, just to play for fun and several of them took time to help the younger players set up and play through the game. A special thanks to veterans Angela and Ashley Collinson, Erika Kirchner, Paul Bolduc (who once again reminded us of how the marines can get a good "thwacking) , Nick, Alex and Karl Henning and all of the other veterans, of all ages, who made the Princess Ryan's juniors event, and the convention, memorable for Star Marines of all ages.

24 players

GM: Frank Sinigaglio

Carolyn Strock, 12

2nd: Brian Pappas, Age 8

3rd: Thomas Strock, Age 9

4th: Jack Doughan, Age 8

5th: -

6th: -

Queen's Gambit was played by teams of two players so in reality Carolyn and Brian both won and Thomas and Jack both finished second. GM Frank Sinigaglio also provided great themed prizes for the kids - dual trophies and medals and Star Wars toys.

Sunday 9 AM: 22 players

GM: Brian Sutton


Nathaniel Coffey, 11

2nd: Thomas Coffey, Age 9

3rd: Megan McCorry, Age 11

4th: Phillip Entwhistle, Age 10

5th: Carolyn Strock, Age 12

6th: Joshua Weintraub, Age 11

24 players

GM: Mark Yoshikawa

Dan Lewis, 8

2nd: Gino Sinigaglio,

3rd: Carolyn Strock, Age 12

4th: Andrew Sinigaglio, Age 12

5th: Wes Lewis, Age 5

6th: Alexander Morris,

See the Slapshot Event page for a more detailed description.

16 players

GM: Marc Houde

Zach Dunn, 11

2nd: Michael Schoose, Age 12

3rd: Adam Skirkanich, Age 12

4th: Dan Lewis, Age 8

5th: Carolyn Strock, Age 12

6th: Tommy Miklos, Age 12

12 players

GM: Greg Crowe

Tommy Miklos, 12

2nd: Carolyn Strock, Age 12

3rd: Zack Dunn, Age 11

4th: Daniel Collinson, Age 11

5th: Tim Keating, Age 12

6th: -

24 players

GM: Bruce Reiff

Pam Gutermuth, 12

2nd: Stephanie Kilroy, Age 12

3rd: Hanna Navolis, Age 8

4th: Tim Keating, Age 12

5th: Nicole Reiff, Age 8

6th: Andy Doughan, Age 5

11 players

GM: Tim Hitchings

Adam Skirkanich, 12

2nd: Zach Dunn, Age 11

3rd: Daniel Collinson, Age 11

4th: Tommy Miklos, Age 12

5th: Carolyn Strock, Age 12

6th: Thomas Strock, Age 9