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2005 WBC Report  

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Geoff Allbutt, ON

2005 Champion

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Event History
2003    Roy Gibson     26
2004    Scott Moll     16
2005     Geoff Allbutt     17

WAM Event History
2003    Don Greenwood     12

Waterloo Event History
2003    John Emery     14
2004    John Emery      8

PBeM Event History
2005    Steve Pleva     64


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  John Emery         SC    04     70
  2.  Steve Pleva        CT    05     60
  3.  Don Greenwood      MD    04     50
  4.  Roy Gibson         MD    03     46
  5.  Scott Moll         VA    05     39
  6.  Tasos Tsoufis    Greece  05     36
  7.  Kevin Sudy         VA    04     33
  8.  Geoff Allbutt      ON    05     30
  9.  Richard Beyma      MD    04     30
 10.  Chris Byrd         CT    04     30
 11.  Rob Beyma          MD    04     28
 12.  Pete Reese         VA    05     24
 13.  Ben Knight         MD    04     24
 14.  Lane Hess          PA    05     18
 15.  Seth Fine          WA    05     18
 16.  Ken Schultz        IN    05     12
 17.  Ken Gutermuth      TX    05     12
 18.  Keith Hunsinger    OH    04      9
 19.  Nick Frydas        UK    03      9
 20.  Scott Pfeiffer     SC    05      6
 21.  Michael Isgur      NY    05      6
 22.  Scott Fenn         MD    04      6
 23.  Phil Bradley       IL    03      6
 24.  Marvin Birnbaum    NJ    03      4
 25.  Jim Lawler         NY    05      3
 26.  Jesse Boomer       KS    04      3
 27.  Alan Sudy          VA    04      3
 28.  Jason White        VA    03      3

2005 Laurelists

Lane Hess, PA

Ken Gutermuth, TX

Scott Moll, VA

Michael Isgur, NY

Jim Lawler, NY

Past Winners

Roy Gibson, MD

Scott Moll, VA

a pox on multi-player ...

In the unfamiliar surrounding of the Lancaster Host on Tuesday at 6pm we got started on the first round of the all Campaign Game NW2 tourney.

Round #1 Tuesday 6pm
17 players split into six tables - five tables of three and a single table of two. In just about the only short game of the entire event, Geoff Allbutt reported that he had scored an automatic victory with the French by conquering Britain and having the extra keys needed. This is pretty unusual and we congratulated Geoff on his good fortune. Then lightning struck twice with Ken Gutermuth achieving the same feat also on the first turn. I was beginning to think we would see shorter games than in previous years. However, this was not to be.

While less dramatic, the other four games were hard fought with the last game finishing around 2am (eight hours of playing time) with Scott Moll emerging victorious after a roller coaster five-turn game. The returning champion clinched the game by conquering France, edging out Lance Roberts as Britain. John Emery had his chance early but was eventually overwhelmed by the allied onslaught when the tide turned. The other games had gone three to five turns and the pattern of long games was set.

Round #2 Wednesday 10:00am
With five players remaining we played a 3- and a 2-player to ensure a 2-player final. Both games went the distance - five turns of 8+ hour games. Geoff Allbutt emerged victorious as Britain proving that Britain can win in the 3-player version and Lane Hess eventually wore down Scott Moll's French to take the other Final slot.. Both games were close with great play on all sides leading to victory rolls of 6 which were repeatedly missed.

Geoff Allbutt (Coalition) vs Lane Hess (France)

In an epic 5-turn game spanning nine hours, lunch was skipped, then dinner postponed in order to decide the fate of Europe. Eventually, Geoff wore down the French. The peace die rolls show that Lane had a shot on the first turn but kept it close through the rest of the game. I am grateful to Geoff for the following highlights.

Turn 1: France on 5-6, Europe Exhausted.
Strong push to Vienna/Salzburg/Zagreb by Davout. Lisbon falls. Lannes routed in the south, Charles pushes forward to Marseilles, French forces come in behind and cut him off from Venice.
French & Spanish fleets defeated in Cadiz (2xFr, 4xSp) by British (lost 3xBr). Large British naval construction program started.

Turn 2: Coalition on a 6
Davout destroyed by rout at Salzburg. Austro-Russians advance to Munich.
Charles chased from Marseilles to Rome by French reinforcements. Full Soult battlegroup defeated by 1one British unit in Rome, allows Charles to escape by boat from Naples back to Venice.
Rome/Naples falls, Ireland revolts.
End of turn 2 Prussia joins the Coalition, grabs border keys.

Turn 3: Coalition on a 5-6
Irish revolt suppressed. Prussia pushed back to Neutral. Lots of points on Diplomatic chart over Prussia, little movement in fronts. Napoleon is defeated twice (routed once) in/near Munich. Austro-Russians advance to Milan. Russian attack on Rome is completely exterminated.
Britain lands in Spain, captures Granada.

Turn 4: Coalition on a 5-6
Prussia joins the French, only to have Scarce Forage played, puts 20 Prussian, 10 French, 6 Russian in regroup.
Lots of maneuvering on the Prussian-Russian borders, by scratch forces. Napoleon drives a wedge between Russian & Austrian forces near Munich.
Wellington is routed by Spanish forces, while driving towards Madrid.
Sweden (on coalition side) declares war on Denmark and conquers Norway.

Turn 5:
Napoleon manages to destroy central Russian & Austrian forces piecemeal after they were divided. A scramble occurs as Russians try to scrape up enough forces to cover Vienna and Russo-Prussian border. Turkey joins the Coalition and provides forces to hold Vienna, as Napoleon surges forward to liberate Munich, Salzburg, Zagreb. Final attack on Vienna fails. Wellington is reinforced, and the new army starts fort cracking, captures three forts in quick succession, followed by Madrid (after failed intercept) for the Spanish conquest.

Final score: Coalition +6 VPs, French +2 VPs

Thanks to all who played, I'm looking forward to next year and will keep everything the same ­ format and schedule. See you in 2006.

2005 PBeM Tournament

After 34 games and 64 players, the ACTS tourney of 3-player Nappy is now complete. In the last game the France of Steve Pleva continued her sweep of all the semifinal games into the Final by beating the Coalition (Pete Reese as Britain and Tasos Tsoufis as Austria/Russia. The final score after Turn 4 was: France +6 = Dublin + Lisbon + Naples + Salzburg + Venice + SPAIN + TURKEY - Budapest; Britain -2 = SWEDEN - Dublin - Lisbon - Naples; Austria/Russia 0 = +KEY + Budapest - Salzburg - Venice".

 GM      Roy Gibson  [2nd Year]   NA   NA

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