primordial soup [Updated October 2005]

2005 WBC Report     

 2006 Status: pending December Membership Century Vote

Frank Hastings, MD

2005 Champion

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Event History
2005    Frank Hastings     12


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1. Frank Hastings      MD    05     10
  2. Craig Moffitt       NJ    05      6
  3. Matt Calkins        VA    05      4
  4. Tom McCorry         VA    05      3
  5. Todd Green          NJ    05      2
  6. Steve Munchak       VA    05      1

2005 Laurelists

Craig Moffitt, NJ

Matt Calkins, VA

Tom McCorry, VA

Todd Green, NJ

Steve Munchak, VA

Just oozing along ...

12 fearless amoeboid warriors sat down on Saturday morning to determine who will reign in Earth's Primordial Soup. It was determined to take the winners of each game plus add a 4th player who scored the highest (but didn't win).

The table assignments went like this: Roger Taylor, Todd Green, Jean-Francois Gagne and Frank Hastings at Table 1. Table 2 had Geoff Allbutt, Benoit Groulx, Tom Pavy and Craig Moffitt. And for Table 3, we saw David Rossmiller (whose game we used) Steve Munchak, Tom McCorry and Matt Calkins.

First round saw a westerly drift for three rounds at Table 1. This made food scarce early on and the amoebas were slow to evolve. This heightened the tension and the refrain, "don't forget to poop" was heard several times as food was needed where it can be gotten.

The opposite was happening at Table 2. Geoff (playing blue) bought the genes Substitution, Speed and Struggle for Survival. He tried using Struggle to go after Tom, who wisely purchased the Escape gene, avoiding being eaten. Tom also had Tentacle so not only was he escaping, he was bringing food along for the ride. Craig got Movement 2, Streamline and SPF 100 with Ray Protection. Benoit bought Longevity, Substitution and Intelligence, then later added Parasitism.

The players at Table 3 started out slowly then got to three genes each.

Table 2 finished first with Craig Moffitt winning with a total of 43 points. Benoit got 26, Geoff, 36, and Tom 37, putting him momentarily in the running for that 4th playoff slot.

Table 1 finished dramatically as Frank got 7 points, leapfrogging the closely packed Todd and Jean-Francois to win by a point at 42. This put Todd in the running for the 4th slot with 40 points.

Over at Table 3, Matt and Tom were close together in points but Tom pulled ahead to win with 47 points. Matt took the last playoff slot with 46 points.

The Final started soon after and on Turn 1, each player bought a gene. Matt bought Spores but for some reason every player thought they had it too - but the problem was caught and fixed immediately. Only one gene was purchased on Turn 2, but everyone bought one on turn 3. The ozone layer was pretty thick so the amoebas were evolving quickly, though everyone knew the horizon did not look pretty.

By turn 7, Tom had Substitution, Struggle for Survival, Ray Protection, Aggression and Division Rate. Craig had Movement 1, Ray Protection, Streamline, Escape and Speed. Frank took Movement 1, Defense and his own Struggle for Survival. Matt purchased Spores, Division Rate, and Escape.And as everyone expected, the ozone layer became thin and amoebas started getting genetic defects, losing the ability to spore, live long, and Divide cheaply. But in the end Frank's amoebas evolved the most with 44 points. Craig took second with 41. Matt and Tom trailed with 34 and 28 respectively.

 GM      Zev Shlasinger [1st Year]   NA   NA

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