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2005 WBC Report  

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Rebecca Hebner, CO

2005 Champion

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Event History
2004    Luke Koleszar     34
2005    Rebecca Hebner     53


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Rebecca Hebner     CO    05    30
  2.  Luke Koleszar      VA    04    20
  3.  Andy Dolan         MI    05    18
  4.  Phil Shea          VA    05    12
  5.  Rhonda Reiff       OH    04    12
  6.  Greg Berry         VA    05     9
  7.  Lyle Wenger        PA    04     8
  8.  Tito Sierra        NC    05     6
  9.  John Welage        OH    04     6
 10.  Phil Bradley       IL    04     4
 11.  Roy Gibson         MD    05     3
 12.  Mathieu Yuill      ON    04     2

2005 Laurelists

Andy Dolan, MI

Phillip Shea, VA

Greg Berry, VA

Tito Sierra, NC

Roy Gibson, MD

Past Winners

Luke Koleszar, VA

A New Horse in Town!

Track conditions at Lancaster Downs on Saturday were slow, but that didn't stop bettors from showing in an 80% increase from 2004. Maybe it was too many crash and burn fallouts from Win, Place and Show. Initial reports that the betting windows would not be able to handle the draw were proved false when additional windows were opened in the nick of time.

The field of 53 contestants was broken into nine tables and the top two would advance from each. Table winners in the first round were: Roy Gibson, Mike Richey, Greg Berry, Nathan Trent, Debbie Guttermuth, Rebecca Hebner, Robert Hahn, Chuck Stapp, and Jamie "Sandbagger" Tang, who was in last place going into the third race at her table.

The hardest luck befell Phil Barcafer who brought two copies of the game. He graciously broke opened the shrinkwrap copy to allow everyone to play. While he finished first at his table, he was tied with two other players. As fate would have it, Phil was the odd man out, but he didn't even flinch coming out on the short end of the draw. He even offered up his copies for use in the second round. Obviously, Phil is a most worthy Sportsmanship nominee.

The semifinals featured three six-player tables, and the top two would advance from each. Greg Berry was the victim of a wild die that exposed his 2 bet in the first race. He recovered to finish second at his table to advance. Also advancing were table winners Roy Gibson, Andy Dolan, Rebecca Hebner, and placers Tito Sierra and Phillip Shea.

The bettors in the final round were wound tighter than a clock spring. In the first race, Earl Grey set the pace and held on for the win, with Caramello placing and Red Fox with the show. The Sahara Wind didn't blow that race, finishing in last. The betting gave Andy Dolan a 200 quid lead over second place.

Caramello and Earl Grey switched positions in race 2, and the pacesetter Nougat faded but held on to place. Albino came up lame, getting lapped by the winner. Fortunately, the horses are only cardboard and plastic, saving Brian Youse from any permanent trauma. The bets were revealed, and Andy managed to hold onto his slim lead.

The conventional wisdom put Earl Grey as a favorite, and all players put some action on the long shot in the third race. Caramello, however, fell out of favor with the bettors getting no bets whatsoever. Wisdom held as Earl Grey not only set the pace but also held on for a strong win. The handicapper's favorite, Othello finally made a payout, placing, and Sahara Wind made up for its miserable performance in race 1 by showing. Red Fox ran a disaster of a race, finishing last.

When the bets were revealed it showed that only one player favored the Earl with a 2 bet, and this was decisive, giving Rebecca Hebner the win with 2500 pounds. Andy Dolan held on for second with 2150 pounds, and Phillip Shea managed a third place showing with 2000 pounds. Rounding out in order were Greg Berry, Tito Sierra, and Roy Gibson.

 GM      Andrew Maly  [2nd Year]   NA   NA

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