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2005 WBC Report   

 2006 Status: pending 2006 GM commitment

Mark Miklos, GA

2003-05 Champion

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Event History
1999    Mark Miklos     22
2000    Cliff Hansen     12
2001    Volko Ruhnke     16
2002    John Vasilakos     19
2003    Mark Miklos     23
2004    Mark Miklos     26
2005    Mark Miklos     28

Brandywine Event History
1999    Mark Miklos     13


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Mark Miklos        GA    05    183
  2.  John Vasilakos     VA    05     57
  3.  Bruno Sinigaglio   AK    05     48
  4.  Cliff Hansen       NM    01     48
  5.  Volko Ruhnke       VA    01     42
  6.  Don Hanle          VA    02     30
  7.  Jeff Lange Sr      AE    00     21
  8.  Dale Long          NJ    04     18
  9.  Jonathan Miller    DC    01     18
 10.  Byron Stingley     NC    00     18
 11.  Michael Arrighi    CA    99     18
 12.  Michael Nagel      NJ    03     15
 13.  John Miklos        GA    05     12
 14.  William Riggs      VA    04     12
 15.  Luke Warren        DC    03     12
 16.  Hank Burkhalter    GA    02     12
 17.  Rob Winslow        NY    99     12
 18.  Derek Miller       VA    05      9
 19.  Rod Coffey         GA    04      6
 20.  Tim Wisner         MD    03      6
 21.  Robert McCracken   DE    02      6
 22.  Stuart Smart       NY    00      6
 23.  James Miller       VA    05      3
 24.  Eric Kleist        GA    04      3
 25.  Paul Barker        UK    03      3
 26.  Bill Alderman      IL    03      3
 27.  Mark Hinkle        NH    99      3


2005 Laurelists

Bruno Sinigaglio, AK

John Miklos, GA

Derek Miller, VA

John Vasilakos, VA

James Miller, VA

Past Winners

Mark Miklos, GA
'99, '03-'05

Cliff Hansen, NM

Volko Ruhnke, VA

John Vasilakos, VA

Still Growing ...

A record field of 28 met to dispute the title in GMT's American Revolutionary War series.

In the first round, 14 pairs fought the battle of Saratoga where the British players achieved 10 victories. Nine of those victories were marginal, including a half-pt. nail biter in which Tommy Miklos (age 12) defeated Rod Coffey. Only James Miller's British won a substantial victory by defeating Rob McCracken's Americans. While the American side only won four of the contests, both Bruno Sinigaglio and Derek Miller managed substantial victories over their British opponents.

Twelve players continued in the second round to fight the battle of Eutaw Springs. Joe Doughan's British won a substantial victory over James Terry while James Miller's British won a marginal victory over Bill Alderman. Three pairs of players fought Eutaw Springs to a draw. Meanwhile, Dale Long and John Vasilakos opted to play Saratoga again as the default game.Vasilakos' British defeated Long, last year's runner-up, with a marginal win.

Nine players continued into the third round with the bye going to last year's champion, Mark Miklos. The game was Guilford Courthouse where, unlike past years, the campaign scenario rather than the historical scenario was used. In Guilford a draw was scored as an American marginal victory and that's how three of the four matches were resolved. Only John Miklos (age 13) prevailed as the British with a marginal win over Tony Curtis.

John Vasilakos withdrew from the competition to take on Assistant GM duties elsewhere which returned the field to an even four players for the semifinal which was once again, Saratoga.

Oddly, while the early rounds of Saratoga seemed to favor the British, both semifinals were American victories. Bruno Sinigaglio defeated John Miklos 7 to 0 with an Army Morale differential of +9 while Mark Miklos defeated Derek Miller 7 to 0 with an Army Morale differential of +14. This left John Miklos in 3rd place and set up a final between Bruno and Mark across the banks of Brandywine Creek.

Regrettably, the clash of titans was not to occur. Bruno felt compelled to withdraw in order to fulfill his GM duties in the semifinals and finals of Bulge 81' and Anzio. As a gentleman he did not want to subject his opponent to the distraction of interrupted play and no amount of persuasion could change his mind. In the end, Miklos was left unchallenged in 1st place. While he was happy to three-peat as Saratoga champion it was bitter sweet.

 GM      Mark Miklos  [5th Year]   NA   NA

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