the haunting house [Updated October 2005]  

2005 WBC Report     

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Chris Bauch, LA

2005 Champion

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Event History
2004    Al Schwartz     12
2005     Chris Bauch     12


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Chris Bauch        LA    05     10
  2.  Al Schwartz        NJ    04     10
  3.  Chester Lanham     MD    05      6
  4.  Matt Mason         FL    04      6
  5.  Michael Garton     VA    05      4
  6.  David Weinstein    NY    04      4

2005 Laurelists

Chester Lanham, MD

Michael Garton, VA




Past Winners

Al Schwartz, NJ

Musical Doors

Again this year, twelve fright fans showed up to work their way through the Haunting House. Unfortunately, last year's champion, Al Schwartz was unable to defend his title. On the plus side, everyone was enthusiastic to add the Haunting House 2 expansion to the game. Twelve players also meant we could have a first round with three games of four players. The Final round would involve the top finishers from the three previous games. After briefly explaining the game, answering questions and telling everyone what elements are added by the expansion, the players were ready to go. The play proceeded with little problem and the players seemed to be enjoying themselves tremendously.

Game1 of the preliminary round involved a giant leap directly to the first floor for Jim Carvin. During the random portion of the first round, the first player turned over a Trap Door card. Jim, having also turned over a Trap Door card was able to jump directly to the first floor due to the random nature of the board setup. Unfortunately, Jim was not able to maintain his lead. The other players in Game1 worked hard (and somewhat together) to prevent Jim from using his early lead to win. In the end, three players had positioned themselves to win the game. Ultimately Mike Garton pulled the right combination of cards in the random round to work his way out of the house.

Game 2 of the preliminary round was also an exciting affair, although some players started off slowly. As if everyone was working against her, Mary Ellen Powers found herself stuck in the opening corner of the second story for quite a while. The other players were able to move around more easily. Fortunately, Mary Ellen was able to work her way out of the corner by Turn 3 and found herself in the thick of the race by the end of the game. Ultimately, two players found themselves in a position to win at the end of the game. Chester Lanham won in the chosen round by working himself into an unstoppable arrangement on the board.

Game 3 was played by several players who had never played before that day. This game also featured Chris Bauch, a player who went above the call of duty to help the new players and showed the ultimate in good sportsmanship. Chris even offered advice to the new players even though it may have hurt his own position and plans. For his efforts, Chris was rewarded by winning the game during the chosen round against opponents that, while new, proved themselves worthy in the end.

With the three preliminary winners in place, the race for the exit was set. All three played the game like pros and quickly worked themselves into positions on the first floor. Michael, figuring the exit would move during the random round, moved his way to the corner opposite the exit tile's current position. Unfortunately, Chris had moved to a tile close to the exit and the exit did not move. Chris won on the chosen round after Michael and Chester were unable to stop him.

 GM      Todd Breitenstein   NA   NA

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