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2006 WBC Report  

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Lance Fogel, PA

2006 Champion

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Event History
2006    Lance Fogel     18


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Lance Fogel        PA    06     20
  2.  Dan Dolan Sr       NJ    06     12
  3.  Bob Runnicles      FL    06      8
  4.  Andy Lewis         DE    06      6
  5.  Mark Love          MD    06      4
  6.  Danny Lewis        DE    06      2

2006 Laurelists

Dan Dolan Sr, NJ

Bob Runnicles, FL

Andy Lewis, DE

Mark Love, MD

Danny Lewis, DE

Bend it like Fogel?

Round 1: Each player got to choose the country they were representing in the debut of soccer at WBC. The following countries were paired against each other in the first round opening tipoff:

Germany vs Slovak Republic
Antarctica vs Ireland
Tajikistan vs USSR
Italy vs England
Canada vs Tunisia
Trinidad & Tobago vs Brazil
France vs Sweden
Dominican Republic vs Finland
Hungary vs Boovet Island

There were some interesting results. Canada advanced on penalty kicks and Brazil needed OT to dispose of Trinidad & Tobago.

Round 2: With the riff-raff dismissed, these games narrowed the field to the serious contenders:

3 Antarctica - Dan Dolan
0 Slovak Rep. - Rich Irving

1 Tajkstan - Andres Dunn
2 England - Bob Runnicles

6 Canada - Lannce Fogel
2 Brazil - Danny Lewis

4 Sweden - Andy Lewis
1 Dominican Republic - Ron Wuerth

Bye: Hungary - Mark Love

Round 3: The competitors started smelling wood.

BYE: Canada

England - 3
Sweden - 2

This was a tight struggle with the English scoring late to clinch the win and send Lewis packing.

Antarctica - 2
Hungary - 1

The Hungarians make it close and score the first goal on the Deep South Penguins who nonetheness revover with the aid of their trusty hammers.

The remaining rounds were played at the Lancaster War Memorial Stadium in front of a screaming multitude estimated at five or six crazed fans.

Round 4: England plays Canada for the right to face Antarctica for the first WBC soccer trophy. In an epic game Canada scores in the final two minutes of regulation to beat the English Elk 3-2 and advance to a date with the waiting Penguins.

The Final pitted two cold weather squads playing in the 100+ degree heat of Lancaster in August. Hardly what either was accustomed to. When
the blood was swept off the field it was Lance Fogel's Canadians crushing the Antarcticans 5-1.

Lance captured the first WBC Street Soccer title by averaging 4+ goals a game. His high powered offense stormed through the field. Already the world is training for the next go round.

 GM      Dan Dolan Sr (1st Year)  NA   NA

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