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2006 WBC Report  

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Michael Mullins, MA

2006 Champion

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Event History
2004    Bruce Reiff     69
2005     Nate Hoam     97
2006    Michael Mullins     88

Euro Quest Event History
2004    Holliday Jones     22


 Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
   1.  Nate Hoam          OH    06     36
   2.  Michael Mullins    MA    06     30
   3.  Bruce Reiff        OH    04     30
   4.  Holliday Jones     MD    04     20
   5.  Matt Calkins       VA    06     18
   6.  Richard Meyer      MA    05     18
   7.  George Sauer       OH    04     18
   8.  Tom Dunning        NY    05     14
   9.  Christian Moffa    NJ    06     12
  10.  Ilan Tadmor        NY    05     12
  11.  Josh Cooper        MD    04     12
  12.  Perrianne Lurie    PA    04     12
  13.  Jeff Mullet        OH    06      9
  14.  David Buchholz     MI    05      9
  15.  Laurel Stokes      NJ    04      9
  16.  Peter Putnam       PA    04      6
  17.  Tom Wojke          PA    04      6
  18.  Jim Vroom          PA    04      4
  19.  John Faella        RI    06      3
  20.  David Gagne        QC    05      3
  21.  Lee Presser        NY    04      3
  22.  Luann Stubbs       PA    04      2

2006 Laurelists

Matt Calkins, VA

Chris Moffa, NJ

Jeff Mullet, OH

Nate Hoam, OH

John Faella, RI

Past Winners

Bruce Reiff, OH

Nate Hoam, OH

The CABS contingent ... what a happy crew!

 GM Debbie Gutermuth pulls a "Reiff" by standing on a chair to get the crowd's attention for signup. Somehow, she manages to get more attention and with less stress on the furniture.

 Clockwise from left: Chris Moffa, Jeff Mullet, Matt Calkins, Mike Mullins and Nate Hoam eye the construction possibilities during the Final.

Palaces R Us

This was the third year of Alhambra at WBC.  We had 24 tables during the two preliminary heats with every winner advancing to the semi-final round.  The winning scores in the preliminaries ranged from 77 (Nick Henning) to 146 (Bill Salvatore) which were higher than last year's range of 45 (Joe Nearet) to 138 (David Buchholtz).  

Heat 1 Results:
-        David Gagne won his table which had the largest score ranges between all players.  David ended with 126 points while Jason Arvey only accumulated 50 points.  
-        Matt Amitrano pulled out the closest win with 82 points over Rob Winslow's 80.
-        Nick Henning prevailed in the tightest grouping of scores from top to bottom.  Nick had only 77 points, but this was enough to beat Jeremy Spencer with 75, Aaron Fuegi 73, David Metzger 72, and Laurel Stokes with 59.  
-        Bill Peeck and Robert Drozd both won their tables by wide margins.  Bill's 106 points provided a 27-point spread over Eric Brosius.  Robert Drozd's 118 points were 35 higher than the second place scores of Jeri Freedman and Debbie Gutermuth at 83.  
-        Matt Calkins won his table to make the semi-finals for the second straight year.
-        Scott Smith won his table while defeating defending champion, Nate Hoam.    
-        Chris Moffa, Kevin Brown, Joe Lux, Rob Mitchell and John Lewis joined the winner's circle as the last of the first heat winners.

Heat 2 Results:
-        Brendan Tracey pulled out the closest win with 92 points to edge Jeff Mullet by a single point.  Jeff's anguish was short-lived as his near loss was enough to advance him to the Semi-Finals as an alternate.
-        Defending Champ, Nate Hoam rebounded to win his table to keep his title defense alive.
-        Skip Maloney won his table while beating the reigning Caesar, Arthur Field.
-        Davyd Field avenged his father's loss and kept the family honor intact by winning his table.
-        Lisa Gutermuth won her table and became the only hope for the Gutermuth family in the semi-finals as both parents failed to advance.    
-        Chuck Foster, who had only played the game once before about a year ago, decided to try playing it at WBC.  This proved a wise choice as he won his table despite very tough competition from Tom Dunning (defending Laurelist) and Bruce Reiff (the 2004 champion).
-        Marilyn Koleszar won her table to take the family honors as the only one to advance. 
-        Annemarie Dilworth won her table and kept Steve Koleszar from advancing.  The Koleszar family was the closest to having two family members advance.  
-        John Fuella's 128 points provided the largest margin of victory with a 42 point spread over, Katie McCorry.
-        Bill Salvatore, Michael Mullins, and Alan Kaiser punched their tSemi-Final tickets as the last of the second heat winners.

With both preliminary heats complete, we were now ready for the Semi-Final round.

The first table featured Nate Hoam defending his title.  Nate got off to a bad start with only five points in the first scoring round while Matt Amitrano and Davyd Field led with ten each.  After the next scoring round, Matt and Davyd remained neck-and-neck with 31 and 30 points respectively; but, Nate had rallied with 38 to take the lead. He accomplished this with the most blue, red and brown buildings.  Matt had reached a sizeable advantage in the green buildings, while Davyd tied the white with David Gagne and Marilyn Koleszar and the purple with Marilyn.  In the third and final scoring round, Matt had built the longest wall of 11 sides with David close behind with 10 sides, but this was not enough to catch Nate who finished with103. Nate's title defense remained alive and well.
At the second table, there were a lot of tied building colors in the first scoring round with all players contesting the walls bonus.  Michael Mullins had a one-point lead of over John Faella , 14-13.  After the second scoring round, John Jacoby had the most brown and red buildings, Mullins the most purple, John Faella the most green, and Bendan Tracey in the rear managed the lead in white buildings.  This left the scores: Mullins 42, Jacoby 41, Faella 39, and Tracey 35.  In the final scoring round, the differential amongst the players was more prominent.  All the players must have liked the white buildings as they all ended up with a tied lead. The purple buildings were tied between Mullins and Tracey and the red buildings were tied between Faella and Jacoby.  However, Mullins had the most blue buildings, Jacoby the most brown, and Faella the most green.  In the end, Mullins pulled out the win with Faella close behind.

At the third table, Anne Marie Dilworth and Alan Kaiser enjoyed a good start with nine points.  Matt Calkins was close behind followed by Lisa Gutermuth.  Bill Salvatore failed to score in the first scoring round so he had a lot of ground to make up.  In the second round, Calkins took a large lead by tying Dilworth in purple buildings, tying Gutermuth and Salvatore in green, and securing the most blue buildings for a score of 37 points. Salvatore showed his poor start could be overcome as he went from last to second with 29 points. In the final round, red proved to be the popular color as Kaiser, Gutermuth, and Salvatore all tied for the lead.  Calkins had lengthened his lead with purple and red while Salvatore took the green lead.  This was not enough to overcome Calkin's eight-point lead.

At the fourth table, Skip Maloney took an early lead by securing a good starting wall.  After the second scoring round, Maloney was tied with Rob Mitchell with 35 points, but Chris Moffa had slipped ahead with 37 points.  Moffa must have liked Maloney's beginning strategy as he now built an exceptional wall which was how he pulled ahead.  By the last scoring round, Bill Peeck had a strong round to pull ahead of Mitchell.  Maloney was able to add onto his wall and lead in some colors, but it was not enough to overcome Moffa's momentum.
At the last table, the first scoring round came early and caught them by surprise.  Nick Henning and Jeff Mullet were the only players to score for buildings.  By the end of the second round, everyone had a much better position in different building colors, but Jeff and Nick still held the advantage from the first round.  In the last round, Rod Drozd had tied Nick in the purple buildings which brought Henning back.  Scott Smith tried a different strategy to secure the lead in the red and brown buildings; while Kevin Brown concentrated on white buildings and a long wall.  Mullet, on the other hand, stayed away from the purple buildings, but led in green and red with a long wall.  With Mullet and Henning having built a good lead, the group did a good job of reeling in Henning's lead, but they were unable to slow Mullet.    

Immediately following the Semi-Finals, the survivors gathered for the Final. After the first scoring round, Michael Mullins had a good lead with 14 points with only Matt Calkins close at 11 points.  Nate again started slowly with only two points.  By the second round, Chris Moffa and Calkins had both built a good wall of 8 while Mullins concentrated on leading in buildings which still gave him the overall lead.  In the last round, Hoam had momentarily built the longest wall with13, but this was too little too late and the defending champ settled for fifth place. Jeff Mullet, who had the smallest wall every round, took fourth. Moffa ended with the longest wall of 14 and the lead in red but was not able to improve beyond third place.  Calkins and Mullins matched points in the last round so Mullins was able to hold onto his lead and win to become the 2006 Alhambra Champion.  

 GM      Debbie Gutermuth  [3rd Year]   NA
   NA   NA

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