monty's gamble: market garden [Updated October 2006]  

2006 WBC Report   

 2007 Status: pending 2007 GM commitment

David Long, NC

2006 Champion

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Event History
2003    Walter Garman     11
2004    Mike Rinella     20
2005    Jim Eliason     22
2006     David Long     16

PBeM Event History
2006    Tod Whitehurst     31


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  David Long         NC    06     74
  2.  Tod Whitehurst     VA    06     40
  3.  Jim Eliason        IA    05     30
  4.  Mike Rinella       NY    04     30
  5.  Andrew Cummins     UK    06     24
  6.  Rob Mull           CO    06     24
  7.  Ken Dunn           MD    06     21
  8.  Walter Garman      MD    04     16
  9.  Todd Treadway      VA    06     12
 10.  John Haas          DE    05     12
 11.  Jim Eliason        IA    04     12
 12.  Buck Markowitz     DC    06     12
 13.  Allen Hill         MD    06      9
 14.  Scott Moll         VA    05      9
 15.  Bob Jamelli        PA    04      9
 16.  Paul Nied          KS    05      6
 17.  John Haas          DE    06      6
 18.  Michael Kaye       MD    06      4
 19.  Chris Roginsky     PA    03      4
 20.  Charlie Budzinski  NJ    06      3
 21.  Todd Bogan         VA    05      3
 22.  Joel Tamburo       IL    03      3

2006 Laurelists

Andrew Cummins, UK

Todd Treadway, VA

Allen Hill, MD

John Haas, DE

Charlie Budzinski, NJ

Past Winners

Walter Garman, MD

Michael Rinella, NY

Jim Eliason, NY

 GM Andrew Cummins (right) gives a quick tour of "a bridge too far" at the Demo preceding the tournament to several enthralled newcomers.

 Ken Nied (left) and Mark Gutfreund take a break from Normandy's beaches to admire bridges. Mark had been an apt learner in the demo at left.

Runner-Up No More ...

The shelling has stopped in Holland to reveal Dave Long as the new Monty's Gamble champion breaking his previous record of two runner-up finishes.

The starting count of 16 players was perfect for single elimination and the result was in by the end of the day after 15 games in four tidy rounds.

Unlike previous tournaments where the wins per side were relatively even, the Allies triumphed in two-thirds of the games despite little bidding for either side.

Another change from previous results has been the decline in German recaptures of Arnhem, only one happening in all of the games played. This is probably due to changing German strategies emphasizing passing reinforcements through to the Island to defend Nijmegen / Oosterhout rather than making the risky assault against a well defended Arnhem.

Bucking the trends, Long took and won with the Germans in three of his four games. Nijmegen was seized by the Allies in 60% of the games but this didn't prove to be a valid indicator of eventual victory as the ratio remained constant whether the Germans won or lost.

Four years in, strategies are still developing with this game as both the Allies and the Germans revealed new wrinkles in play. As is usual with this game, contests were tight with the results typically going down to the wire.

The game where my Allies faced David Long's Germans in the Final was fairly typical.

The first day saw a good set of paradrops with Arnhem well reinforced, the 82nd & 101st landing well with Wyler falling to an early attack. 30th Corps' initial attack stalled, failing to contest Eindhoven, requiring the long route up the road having to be established via Breugel. The second day saw some crucial rolls by the Allies to succeed in clearing German infantry speed bumps with limited resources, allowing them to get back on track for an early Nijmegen assault. On the third day German armour was passed through Arnhem to Nijmegen being roughly handled but succeeding in preventing an early fall of the city. The day closed with German forces contesting the highway at Eerde, restricting Allied supply. With the start of the fourth as the weakened Allies pounded on the Nijmegen defenders, the Germans replied with a coup-de-main bombardment and then clearance on Wyler. Nijmegen then fell with the bridge intact leaving the Allies needing to clear Oosterhout and gain the advantage for the game. The Germans fed in their remaining defenders piecemeal, holding up against the Allied assaults long enough for an impulse five day-end to give the game to Dave Long's German's for a well-deserved victory.

Monty's Gamble PBeM Tournament:

The first Monty's Gamble: Market Garden PBeM tournament has concluded on schedule. We began with 30 players who were paired at random and were given the flexibility to agree amongst themselves which side to play (we allowed the players to do this throughout the tournament). Some picked randomly, some used bidding, and some were just selected by talking it out - true comeraderie between gamers wanting to enjoy a good game.

The first round shook out a few of the newer players, guys who had time issues, etc. but all but one game finished somewhat around the same time, making the pairings for Round 2 convenient. The round ended with five Allied and seven Axis wins with three games not recorded in my record book as to which side won and which will remain lost to history. (Sorry!)

Round 2 featured eight games (what? Only 15 advanced?) with the last game using the designated "assassin" Philip Watkins (he signed on late, and agreed to be an eliminator in Round 2 - thanks for volunteering Philip!) Round 2 also featured more of my poor record keeping with two Allied and three German wins with three unrecorded. I did notice Ken Dunn didn't report sides in both Round 1 and 2 games, thanks for the help Ken. 8)

Round 3 featured some "name" players (at least on CSW's area movement scene!). Ken Dunn, Tod Whitehurst, Rob Mull, Ed Karpowicz, Bryan Thompson, Patrick Havert, Dave Long, and Michael Kaye formed the survivors for Round 3 which ended with three Allied and one German win. Ken Dunn's Germans were the sole defenders of Hell's Highway to hang on.

The Round 4 semi-final saw Rob Mull take on Ken Dunn and Tod Whitehurst versus Brad Markoowicz. Checking back on CSW, you can see some AARs on these games, btw. Most guys were -very- good about not talking about in-progress games. Thanks for that, guys! In this round Ken emailed me and said his only hope was a four-corners offensive. I asked what that was, he responded "by playing so slow my opponent quits out of boredom!". Rob ground on, and defeated Ken's troops. Tod beat Ed in a very fast round, i'm not sure they didn't play FTF!

This left the Final matchup of Rob Mull (Allies) versus Tod Whitehurst. Monty started the day with a poor air bombardment phase and a tough landing. I think about six units got interdicted. He did however take Grave and Wyler while the Germans infiltrated Oosterbeek and Arnhem. XXX corps was slow getting out of the gate but a long day (going to impulse 9) allowed him to finally contest Eindhoven and he went way east into Helmond, Gemert and got two non-armor units into Veghel. All the bridges bordering St. Oedenrode were blown and the German Flak unit was still fresh. Overcast struck the board on impulse 8 and two units from Zone C moved to Mill. At the end of the day both players were in precarious positions.

The second day was another difficult turn for the allied player. It started on impulse 1 and the very first impulse found the German 10th and 9th SS overrunning two 1st airborne units in Arnhem. Already with the advantage, the German player took a -2 on the SS DRM. Given this situation, the allies were still able to get five impulses before the day ended, but was diced in all but one attack. Repulsed in Elden, one CP in Zeeland, air whiffed in Elden as well. The only bright spot was the overrunning of the FT unit in St. Oedenrode. XXX corps never made it across the Maas so the reinforcements were not released. The Germans meantime were funneling units into the island. The weather roll for the third day ,always an important roll, now appeared to be crucial to this contest.

The third day began overcast which was a devastating blow to the allied player. If it had been clear the allied player might have been able to interdict some of the flow of german units flooding into the island. But as it was, the German reinforced Nijmegen heavily. Hateret became a real battleground with the Allies first overrunning it. The Germans responded by pounding it with artillerym but the allies reinforced it. The Germans pounded some more and on the next to last impulse overran the three disrupted allied units.

In between all the action in Hateret was a nice move by the allies to recapture the advantage and get a +1 SS DRM by killing two German units in the center and two in the Eindhoven/Acht. There were many bombardment attempts into Best which was heavily fortified but little damage was done. Although the allies finally released the 9/18 reinforcements and positioned them in Overasselt it was not enough to overcome a strong German position. With Arnhem, Nijmegin and Best firmly in German hands and a strong counterattack brewing to retake Wyler the allied prospects of achieving 10VP were next to nil.  The first MGM PBeM tournament ended with a German win. Monty had to concede at the end of day 3 after much bitter fighting and bad luck.

So laurels all around to:

1) Tod Whitehurst
2) Rob Mull
4) Ken Dunn
4) Ed Karpowicz
5) Dave Long
6) Michael Kaye

Thanks for participating, guys! Great job on quick turnarounds and minimal rules questions. I think everyone had a good time, and we're all looking forward to another being run (Tod W. is going to take over GMing duties due to my responsibilities at MMP taking up so much time).

 GM      Andrew Cummins  [3rd Year]   NA   NA

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