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Updated 11/22/2009

2009 WBC Report  

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Ronald Fisher, NC

2009 Champion

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Event History
2004    Rob Mull     30
2005     Jeff Spaner     34
2006     David Huss     26
2007    Steven Raszewski     33
2008     Patrick Mirk     29
2009     Ronald Fisher     25

Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Steve Raszewski    MD    08     60
  2.  Jeff Spaner        MD    09     42
  3.  David Huss         NY    08     38
  4.  Pat Mirk           FL    09     31
  5.  Chris Greenfield   NY    06     22
  6.  Ronald Fisher      NC    09     20
  7.  Rob Mull           CO    04     20
  8.  Stephen Shedden    TN    07     18
  9.  Matt Bacho         MD    08     16
 10.  Andrew Fedin       PA    07     15
 11.  Frank Mestre       NY    07     12
 12.  Kevin Brownell     ME    04     12
 13.  Bradley Raszewski  MD    08      9
 14.  Dan Pasaric        NY    06      9
 15.  Bruce Young        SC    05      9
 16.  Tom Holiday        NC    09      8
 17.  Tim Evinger        PA    04      8
 18.  Jarret Weintraub   NY    09      6
 19.  Andrew Chitwood    TN    07      6
 20.  James Dougherty    PA    05      6
 21.  Tom Phillips       NJ    04      6
 22.  Jason Fisher       NC    09      4
 23.  Jim Mehl           VA    08      2
 24.  Mark Bayliss       uk    04      2

2009 Laurelists                                                 Repeating Laurelists 

Jeff Spaner, MD

Tom Holiday, NC

Jarret Weintraub, NY

Jason Fisher, NC

Pat Mirk, FL

Past Winners

Rob Mull, CO

Jeff Spaner, MD

David Huss, NY

Stephen Raszewski, MD

Patrick Mirk, FL

"No ... No ... I'm not the leader ... honest, I'm not."

Mines off the port bow, methinks.

Reading the small print ...

The championship game saw Jeff Spaner and Ronald Fisher come down to a tie breaker finish. Patrick Mirk, the defending champion and infamous victim of Mata Hari's Curse cruised into the Final again, along with Jason Fisher, Jarret Weintraub and Tom Holiday. The finalists this year were all Brawling Battleships veterans - each one playing at top form, with Jason and Tom grabbing a slim lead in the first round.

In the second round everyone had sized up the field and the grand old ladies of the sea began to sink in greater numbers. Jason decided to play a defensive smoke card hoping to avoid the carnage - six dreadnoughts went into the smoke and only two came out. Two were sunk by submarines and two by mines before his next turn. Jarret launched the air fleet of doom, having two Zeppelins and a sea plane squadron assisting his battleship gunnery at one point. Tom played a 'Silhouetted by the Sun' on Jason, allowing Jarret to score five hits on each shot against Jason. Jason was about to be banished from the sea when he played the best reinforcement card in the game which allows a 90% chance for two additional dreadnoughts and promptly missed the die roll - rolling a 13 on a 16+ die roll. Pat and Jeff led after two rounds.

Ron began the final round in last place, only sinking one dreadnought in each round for a total of eight points. But, in the immortal words of Yogi Berra, it is never over until it's over. Ron rallied the table against the leaders and began sinking ships. As the deck wore thin, Jeff, who was still hanging on, made a final destroyer attack that would assure him victory. Two torpedoes were fired but only one dreadnought went down as the deck was drawn out to the last four cards. The 'Internal Explosion' card was the next card drawn and bad rolls by Jeff could have sunk his final dreadnoughts but this time the dice were with him and he survived the event. No one knew that Ron had pulled close enough to win - except Jeff who said so as the deck was drawn out. Both players counted victory points - 35 to 35 - it was down to tie breakers. Ron had sunk two more ships than Jeff and won the championship by the small print. All six players were within striking distance of victory right down to the end.

The finalists avoid eye contact as Jarret Weintraub lofts the dice and decides on a target.

Designer Craig Taylor watches 2005 champ Jeff Spaner and Jason Fisher.
 GM      Jeff Billings  [5th Year]   NA
   NA   NA

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