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2009 WBC Report  

  2010 Status: pending 2010 GM commitment

Blair Morgen, NJ

2009 Champion

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Event History
2007    Patrick Maloney      38
2008    Patrick Maloney     48
2009    Blair Morgen     29

Euro Quest History
2007    Peter Eirich      12

 Rank  Name               From  Last  Total
   1.  Patrick Maloney     PA    08     60
   2.  Blair Morgen        NJ    09     30
   3.  Rob Seulowitz       NY    09     18
   4.  Jeff Bowers         UT    08     18
   5.  Tony Defeo          CT    07     18
   6.  Mike Wojke          PA    09     12
   7.  Romain Jacques      qc    08     12
   8.  Jim Doughan         PA    07     12
   9.  Peter Eirich        MD    07     10
  10.  Jean Francois Gagne qc    09      9
  11.  Greg Berry          VA    08      9
  12.  Lane Newbury        CA    07      9
  13.  Dennis Mishler      GA    09      6
  14.  Phil Shea           FL    08      6
  15.  Mike Horn           FL    07      6
  16.  Bill Duke           MD    07      6
  17.  Rob Kircher         RI    07      4
  18.  Chris Orszak        CT    09      3
  19.  Ben Stephenson      MD    08      3
  20.  Steve Simmons       NJ    07      3
  21.  John Weber          MD    07      3
  22.  Helen Powell        MD    07      2
  23.  David Bohnenberger  PA    07      1

2009 Laurelists                                                 Repeating Laurelists: 0

Rob Seulowitz, NY

Mike Wojke, PA

Jean-Francois Gagne, QC

Dennis Mishler, GA

Chris Orszak, CT

Past Champions

Patrick Maloney, PA

Blair Morgen, NJ


Imperial burst on the scene as a well kept secret two years ago but had trouble drawing opposite this year's hit Dominion. .

An economic game with a war theme and Euro bits makes Imperial unique and a refreshing change of pace that many find attractive.

Too Much Dominion ...

WBC 2009 saw the third annual Imperial tournament. For the second year in a row, Imperial was a Century event. And like the previous year, the "Advanced" setup rules were in effect as the default. Players were allowed to use the "Basic" setup at any table where all players approved, but this year none chose this option.

The first heat began at 11 am Wednesday, right after the demo session. Unlike the previous year, the GM did the demo well enough that most of the players learning the game actually stayed to play in the heat. This helped bring the total number of players in the first heat to 23, spread over five tables.

Due to conflicts with the incredibly popular Dominion and Atlantic Storm tournaments, turnout was not so good for the second heat. Only 14 players were mustered, eight of whom were die-hards who had played in the previous heat. The only positive was that since only three tables were needed for Imperial, we all managed to fit in the ballroom.

Unlike the previous year, turnout for the semi-final heat was very good, with 12 players competing on three tables. However, despite repeated verbal and written explanation, there were some disappointing misunderstandings over the tournament structure and advancement qualifications, leaving the GM to doubt his communication skills. The other surprise was the absence of two-time champion Patrick Maloney. Patrick, in part due to his helpful nature and free advice, finished no higher than third in either of his preliminary heats and thus was ineligible to advance. However, he was not alone as virtually all the eventual laurelists were new to the list.

The winners of those three semi-final games: Rob Seulowitz, Blair Morgen, and Michael Wojke, all advanced to the Final along with top runner-up Jean-Francois Gagne. "JF" introduced an extremely aggressive style of play, and all players needed to adjust. Imperial is a game that allows players many options, and it has been very interesting to see the strategies evolve over the last three years.

The Final began with Blair controlling Britain, France and Italy, Michael controlling Germany, and JF controlling Austria/Hungary and Russia. Rob opted to begin play with no flags. At one point, Blair controlled as many as four nations. This strategy paid off, and after a long and contentious game, Blair was victorious. Rob took second place, and Michael was awarded the third-place plaque.


Mike Wojke and Blair Morgen contemplate profits from world events in the Final ...

... while Rob Seulowitz and Jean-Francois Gagne take mirth in their solutions.

 GM      David Bohnenberger [3rd Year]  1560 Parklane Rd, Swarthmoe, PA 19081   215-380-1832

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