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2010 WBC Report  

 2011 Status: pending December Membership Trial Vote

Robert Frisby, VA

2010 Champion

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Event History
1993    Mark Miklos

1994    Steve Packwood

1995    Steve Packwood

1996    Rod Coffey

1997    Steve Packwood

1998    Rob Beyma

1999    Steve Packwood

2000    Steve Packwood

2001    Steve Packwood

2002    Rob Beyma

2003    Steve Packwood     10
2004    Steve Packwood     15
2005    Steve Packwood     18
2006    Steve Packwood     11
2007     Steve Packwood     11
2008    Steve Packwood     17
2009    Rod Coffey     16
2010    Robert Frisby     11

PBeM Event History
2003    Jan Orband     20

  Rank Name             From  Year Total  
   1.  Steve Packwood    MN    10   166  
   2.  Robert Frisby     VA    10    74  
   3.  Rod Coffey        MD    09    57  
   4.  Matt Burkins      MD    08    34  
   5.  Jan Orband        bg    03    30  
   6.  Rob Beyma         MD    04    29  
   7.  David Dockter     MN    05    27  
   8.  Doug Pratto       MA    04    18  
   9.  Bob Jamelli       PA    09    16  
  10.  Greg Tanner       AZ    09    13  
  11.  Chuck Leonard     PA    08    12  
  12.  Jim Lawler        NY    07    12  
  13.  John Barrett      MN    05    12  
  14.  Stan Buck         MD    04    12  
  15.  Dave Metzger      NY    02    10  
  16.  Bruno Sinigaglio  AK    09     9  
  17.  Jim Engler        MD    04     9  
  18.  Mike Sincavage    VA    02     9  
  19.  Stu Bieber        WI    04     6  
  20.  Brad Frisby       MD    99     6  
  21.  Patrick Mirk      FL    10     4  
  22.  Greg Smith        FL    08     4  
  23.  Richard Beyma     VA    10     3  
  24.  Dale Long         NJ    06     3  
  25.  Phil Rennert      MD    05     3  
  26.  Mark Miklos       GA    03     3  
  27.  Gilbert Collins   on    10     2  
  28.  Frank Sinigaglio  NJ    08     2  

2010 Laurelists                                             Repeating Laurelists 

Steve Packwood, MN

Pat Mirk, FL

Richard Beyma, VA

Gilbert Collins, on


Past Winners

Mark Miklos, GA

Steve Packwood, MN
94-95, 97, 99-01, 03-08

Rod Coffey, MD
1996, 2009

Rob Beyma, MD
1998, 2002

Robert Frisby, VA

Ted Drozd (left) battles 12-time champ Steve Packwood. The only BPA black belt holder, Packwood's titles are both a testament to his skill and the nostalgic hold of the game on the membership's voters which will need to rescue it again in 2011. So is Bob Hamel more proud of being able to still wear that Avaloncon T-shirt or getting the drop on Steve Packwood with his Gangsters squirt gun? And is Packwood going to have apoplexy if his antique mapboard gets wet?

Packwood Denied Again ...

In 2010 there were only 11 entrants for 1776, down nearly a third from 2009, with an even larger 40% decrease in games played as the venerable moldy oldie slipped again from the Century ranks. As usual, the game took the form of the first nine turns of the Campaign Game, with players bidding to be the British. Three players contracted for 16 Strategic Towns at the end of the ninth turn with one actually making that bid. All other games had the British player trying for 15, half of them successfully.

In the Pat Mirk-Robert Frisby semi-final, Pat bid 15. In the second quarter, Pat mostly abandoned the South and the South-Center to concentrate on killing a big American army in New England. He managed to destroy that army, but doing so left him out of position to grab many Strategic Towns in the South during the third (and last) quarter, so he failed to get his 15 towns.

The black-belted Steve Packwood with a record 12 titles to his credit met the title-less (in 1776 anyway) Robert Frisby in the Final. Robert was on strange turf, having changed gears from Panzergruppe Guderian which he had won five times and which failed to make the cut in 2010 to 1776. Robert took the Americans vs a bid of 15. This time, the American fleet in February blocked a British transport fleet in Norfork. In March, the British landed Reinforcements A at Head of Elk with a second transport while two British Battle Fleets hit the American fleet. The yank fleet escaped and proceeded to blockade Head of Elk. In April, the British finally destroyed the pesky American fleet, but that meant that three of the four British fleets were at head of Elk, well away from where they wanted to be. The British May Reinforcements bateaued toward St. Johns. The June Reinforcements came on at Phily and one Transport and one Battle Fleet each took a load south.

In the north, the main American army kept within range of Boston, keeping the British from venturing out. In July, Robert put single CAs around Albany and in the path to Ft Stanwix. In August Steve dropped a load on the Americans inside Ft Ticonderoga. Robert responded by entrenching the units by Albany and Ft Sanwix, and moving the main American army eight movement points from Ticonderoga.

On the last turn, after the British and American Forced Marches, Steve occupied 18 Strategic Towns, with Robert attacking six of them. He needed to win four of the six battles; one at 2 to 1(-1), one at 1 to 2, and the rest at 3 to 2(-1). Robert did win his four battles and with them his first 1776 championship - marking the first time in 20 years that Steve Packwood had been denied the title in back-to-back years.

Patrick Mirk takes Boston against Robert Frisby in semi-final action.

Robert Frisby takes on the 12-time champ in the Final and wins!
 GM      Steve Packwood  [2nd Year]   2170 James St. Eagan, MN 55122
    sspackwood@comcast.net   NA

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