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2010 WBC Report    

 2011 Status: pending 2011 GM commitment

Paul Risner, FL

2010 Champion

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Event History
1992    Frank Alexander      32
1993    Kevin Combs      35
1994    Kevin Combs      32
1995    Paul Risner      31
1996    Robert Hamel      32
1997    Paul Risner      34
1998    Paul Weintraub      32
1999    William Burch     32
2000    John Conlon     29
2001    Jim LeVay     32
2002    Paul Risner     32
2003    William Rohrbeck     34
2004    Stephen Quirke     37
2005    Keith Hunsinger     36
2006    Paul Risner     39
2007    Dave Long     42
2008    Dan Dolan Sr     46
2009    Rich Moyer     47
2010    Paul Risner     66

Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Paul Risner        FL    10    271
  2.  Richard Moyer      MN    09    156
  3.  William Rohrbeck   NH    06    106
  4.  Keith Hunsinger    OH    05    100
  5.  Dan Dolan Sr       NJ    08     60
  6.  Dave Long          NC    07     60
  7.  Stephen Quirke     WI    04     56
  8.  Eric Stranger      OH    08     52
  9.  Judy Krauss        PA    02     42
 10.  Jim LeVay          MA    01     40
 11.  John Conlon        OK    00     40
 12.  Bill Beckman       SC    10     36
 13.  Chris Daly         SC    10     36
 14.  William Burch      MD    00     34
 15.  Tim Evinger        PA    10     31
 16.  Kevin Coombs       GA    07     28
 17.  Anthony Musella    VA    10     27
 18.  Joshua Vierheller  MD    10     24
 19.  Ruth Evinger       PA    09     24
 20.  Mike Windle        DE    09     24
 21.  Ken Richards       SC    08     24
 22.  Don Del Grande     CA    01     24
 23.  John Ellmann Sr    MD    00     24
 24.  Paul Weintraub     MD    09     22
 25.  David Gantt        SC    03     20
 26.  Jim Miller         TN    08     18
 27.  Bill LeVay         MA    01     16
 28.  John Poniske       PA    00     16
 29.  Roger Knowles      OH    04     15
 30.  Bruce Peckham      NY    07     12
 31.  Scott Pfeiffer     SC    06     12
 32.  Ralph Gleaton      SC    02     12
 33.  Rob Navolis        OH    01     12
 34.  Steve Sheldon      NY    00     12
 35.  Chris LeFevre      AZ    04     10
 36.  Michael Metcalf    NC    99      9
 37.  John Emery         SC    02      8
 38.  Joshua Dunn        VA    02      8
 39.  Michael Haley      NY    00      8
 40.  Steve Munchak      VA    08      6
 41.  Phil White         MD    09      6
 42.  Marty Musella      VA    06      6
 43.  Evan Hitchings     DE    04      5
 44.  John Poniske Jr    PA    05      5
 45.  Henry Richardson   VA    03      3

2010 Laurelists                                                 Repeating Laurelists 

Chris Daily, SC

Joshua Vierheller, MD

Bill Beckman, SC

Tony Musella, VA

Tim Evinger, PA

Past Winners

Kevin Coombs, GA

Paul Risner, TN
95, 97, 02, 06, 10

Robert Hamel, CT

Paul Weintraub, MD

William Burch, MD

John Conlon, OK

Jimmy Levay, MA

William Rohrbeck, NH

Stephen Quirke, WI

Keith Hunsinger, OH

Dave Long, NC

Dan Dolan Sr, NJ

Richard Moyer, MN

Past champs Paul Weintraub and Bill Burch head a wing (row) of B17's. The skies were full as WBC sent out the largest squadron ever in the 19-years of this event. It was the sixth straight year of rising attendance for the long-out-of-print game.

Dave Terry's event leads WBC in assorted peraphernalia for the nostalgic as B-17 knickknacks abound - spurred on by a prize exchange program that everyone contributes to at the After Action Meeting on Friday night.


The Greenville Mafia shows up with enough uniformed personnel to crew their own bomber - or at least man a row of tables in the packed Conestoga room.

Even the After Action Meeting is SRO as everyone waits their turn at the prizes donated by the fliers in their annual exchange of air war memorabilia.

Squadron Grows Again!

The 19th Annual B-17 Tournament Wrap Up:

Record Set as the Air War over Germany Intensifies!

Pity those poor Germans! Building upon a strong 2009 performance, B-17 again had a record turnout for the 19th year of the air war over Germany. The largest field ever, 66 daring pilots, turned out for the climax of 19 years of tournament planning, gaming and history! So large were the formations battering Hitler's Reich that Air Marshall Greenwood has relented and promised a bigger airfield in 2011.

Our three missions took us to the heart of Nazi Germany, delivering tons of ordnance to destroy the munitions, war materiel and war-fighting ability of the Third Reich. This year, our three missions focused on the raids to destroy the Luftwaffe production plants and aircraft assembly factories essential to fighter production.

Mission 55 took us to Emden, and gave the USAAF a chance to try out the new radar targeting system, the "Pathfinder," by attacking the target in heavy fog. Plane losses were extremely low, but bomb-run accuracy was equally low.

Mission 56 took the squadrons to Frankfurt, where losses were low but poor weather caused many of the bomb-runs to land off-target.

Mission 57 saw us take to the sky headed to Bremen, with the combination of bad weather and heavy flak causing severe losses and again, very poor bomb-runs.

After all was said and done, B-17 crowned a returning champion, with "Boardmaster" Paul Risner scoring his fifth win in 19 years to earn his blue belt. Three other veteran pilots added to their laurels while newcomers Chris Daly and Josh Vierheller scored their first. Only Risner, with his ever present ace tail gunner, managed to repeat as a laurelist from 2009.

On Friday night, all assembled at the Officers Club for our After Action Party featuring a debriefing, the awarding of medals and honors, a trip to the prize table and some refreshments. The Order of the Sandmen (in the form of founder David Docktor) appeared to personally induct Tim Evinger into the Order. Paul Weintraub received a long overdue Sportsmanship nomination for his work in making "period" dice roller control towers for the event - no small contribution in the burgeoning interest in the B-17 event whose squadron just keeps growing and growing. Those Germans had better watch out.

SPECIAL NOTE FOR NEXT YEAR: 2011 will be our 20th year, as a group, with the same GM and the same game system. We plan special celebrations for the squadron and invite all players, especially ALL FORMER CHAMPIONS to fly with us to mark the event. If you have ever won wood (especially the championship shield), bring it with you for the pictures!

As always, we owe a debt of gratitude to the "Command" structure:

"Col." David Terry, Gamemaster;
"Capt." Mike Lam, Assistant Gamemaster;
"Maj." Keith Hunsinger, Assistant Gamemaster;
"Capt." Mark Yoshikawa, Assistant Gamemaster;
"Maj." Paul Risner O-Club OIC; and...
...of course all the other B-17 players, our friends all, who are the supporting cast of fliers that make this such a fun experience each year.

At least the Mafia has changed their shirts for the After Action Meeting.

The newly laurelled winners assemble
with their newly won wood (and fez).
 GM      Dave Terry  [19th Year]  NA 
    david.terry@jhuapl.edu   NA

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